Knife Rights’ Texas “Illegal Knife” Repeal Bill Passed Unanimously by Committee

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“Western Heritage” Bowie Knife & Hand-Tooled Sheath would be legal in Texas with the passage of HB 1935.

Gilbert, AZ –-( Knife Rights' bipartisan Texas Knife Law Reform Bill, HB 1935, that would repeal the ban on all “illegal knives” in Texas statutes, has passed out of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee by a unanimous vote and is now headed to the Calendars Committee.

HB 790, the other knife law reform bill that only repeals the ban on daggers, also passed out of the Committee.

Thanks to everyone who called or emailed the Committee Members. Your calls and emails make a difference.

As soon as HB 1935 is scheduled for a floor vote, we'll let you know to call or email your Representative.

Sponsored by Rep. John Frullo with co-sponsor Rep. Harold Dutton, HB 1935 would complete Knife Rights' efforts to bring knife freedom to Texas by removing entirely the definition of “illegal knife” in Section 46.01(6) of the Penal Code.

This includes the prohibition on double edge blades, Bowie knives and the 5.5-inch carry limit.

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  • 5 thoughts on “Knife Rights’ Texas “Illegal Knife” Repeal Bill Passed Unanimously by Committee

    1. Actually, it looks like ISIS types DO chooser to use knives preferentially. Could be a cultural thing, or maybe because it’s so much easier to decapitate their victims with a knife than to do it with a gun (and suicide vests tend not only to decapitate, but to totally “de-carnate” the victim).
      Although, as I remember it, “Dirty Harry Callaghan” seemed to think the .44 Magnum would do the job just as effectively. You may remember the line about how it “would take your head clean off” at point blank range. Apparently I never loaded mine “hot” enough, to do that, but who am I to argue with “Dirty Harry?”
      And then there’s the old “Highlander” technique using a Katana (sword), but those are pretty hard to carry around concealed, although apparently Duncan McLeod (of the Clan McLeod, that is) managed it. I confess, I always wondered where he kept his sword when he wasn’t wearing a duster or long coat. And when he WAS wearing a long coat, how the heck did he manage to sit behind the wheel of his car with a katana down his back?!
      Maybe I’ve just been watching too much late night TV…

    2. Not being from Texas, I didn’t know Texas outlawed Bowie Knives. Don’t they know Jim Bowie died at the Alamo!

      1. Yep, we currently outlaw knives with a blade over 5 inches long or any length with a double edged blade (ie a “dagger”), and, for what must be even stupider reasons, we also outlaw Nunchakus (Maybe our legislature watched too many Bruce Lee movies?) and even Shuriken (“throwing Stars”). “Clubs” are out too.

    3. If someone is intent on evil, a knife would not be their
      First choice. So I believe the current knife laws in today’s age are obsolete.

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