Obamas’ Parting Gifts

Art by A.F. Branco

Obama Foreign Policy
Obama Foreign Policy
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Obamas' Parting Gifts.

An Obama parting gift to Trump is a foreign policy of disaster, especially in relation to Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs.

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About A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor.

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  • 42 thoughts on “Obamas’ Parting Gifts

    1. obama was the biggest POS we have ever had leading any nation. His own history (read the two books) proves he hated the USA and the UK. He was the son of a whore and a communist muslim. He has lied about 99% of his background and hung around with a homosexual Black communist who was doing his mother while he growing up. If the anti American media would release the true info on his background even the democrats would have to admit they elected a POS. Face it the people who voted for him were so misinformed they would have elected Karl Marx and even then they came damn close.

      1. JerkCircle8, you are subnormal, so I wont engage you in a debate. You believe what you want to believe and are full of bile and hate. You can die in your own stew for all I care. F8ck you and every azzhat like you.

      2. They were “so misinformed” because they wanted to believe a lie. People lie to themselves all the time. Some more than others. Take TS for example, he is either a willing idiot or an accomplice to the far left. Or, perhaps a little of both. The results are the same. An examination of his life would be, I suspect, interesting. It is unfortunate; but, the saying, “There’s no telling about some people and their kids.” is true. I thank God for my parents often.

          1. Wow, that is some serious mental gymnastics for your fossilized brain. Did you come up with that all by yourself, Old Bill? You are such an easy target.

            1. @TS Idiot, Oh, I am wounded! It is not so deep as a well, nor as wide as church door, but it will do. It will do!

    2. @TriteSpeak, First, none of what you just wrote is clear. What you wrote is completely contradictory in the same sentence! Second, you know nothing of my soul, so you jump to conclusions, and extrapolate from there. Third, credit is not measured by the ounce. Fourth, who is “he”? You need an antecedent for your pronoun. Finally, the real problem is that you have no intellectual training.

    3. TS, you are obviously blinded by your ideology. Go fight in a war that puts you face to face with those who wish to destroy everything that you hold dear for your faith and your country. Maybe you will learn to despise those who have killed your brothers in arms and appreciate the steadfast defenders of the free country that allows you to express your opinion, no matter how misguided you are.

      1. You have no clue what my ideology is. What the F7cK are you talking about? I asked you about your illogical hate for Obama, and you start banging on about how going to fight in a war will make me appreciate who? You??
        I appreciate everyone who has ever fought for this country, but that does not mean that YOU are not a stone cold idiot when it comes to politics. Again, what “ulterior motives” did Obama have or is it simply that you hate him because he is black?

        1. TotallyStupid – One word in your rant shows your lack of understanding. You state ‘your illogical hate of Obama’, it is not illogical and base in the fact that he almost destroyed this country. If you don’t see that then you don’t have a ideology, you have programming!!

          1. Thinks Shallow lies when he writes, “I appreciate everyone who has ever fought for this country…”. He does not even know the meaning of the words or he would not call a vet a “stone cold idiot…”
            And what a pathetic use of the race card. We hate you and you are not black. That pretty much proves the matter. As to Barry Soetoro, he is no longer in a position to harm our beloved country and nation, so we have no feelings about him, whatsoever.
            Finally, you have no clue what your ideology is either. Having an ideology is the product of deep thought, contemplation of original research and real world experience. You have none of those.

            1. Let me be clear, Old filthy rich Bill, YOU are an I-D-I-O-T. Not every vet is an idiot, but you are, and there are plenty of others like you. That clear enough for you?
              Deep down in your redneck soul, you hate Obama because he is not like you. You won’t say it, but that is the truth for many, many people on the right. So, not an ounce of credit for him, for anything, ever. So now you have got your wish, let’s see where your clown in chief takes us. He is out of his depth, as are you.

              The real problem with you F7cks is that you have no intellectual honesty.

            2. No, the only thing you have to offer your community is rivers of drool, you incontinent Old oxygen thief.

          2. With no facts whatsoever. A colored man was President and gave support to those who aren’t automatically White, Christian men hence he must be bad. President Trump is going to put White, Christian men back in charge, right?

            1. @Gil, Colored man?! So that is how you really think! And how does one get to be “… automatically White…”? If I were not “automatically White” how would I get that way… Gil?

            2. Here is another excellent Gillism: “…those who are not automatically White…”! Apparently there automatic whites and manual whites. Or maybe there are automatic whites and sun bleached whites! Could it be automatic whites and revolver whites? I don’t think that the George Soros funded VPC is getting their money’s worth from this one.

    4. Political correctness aside, if you really believe that I feel sorry for you. Why would he “do everything he could to leave this country in a mess”? Give me a real answer and not some conspiracy theory.

      1. @TS, Subguy has already given you the real answer, which is: “I still doubt that he had the United States’ best interest at heart. Either he has ulterior motives, or he is the most inept official I can imagine.” You are stuck with that. You are not in a position to feel sorry for anyone, nor are you in a position to demand an answer that suits you.

        1. Don’t be more of useless tool than you already are, Old filthy rich Bill. Are you his uncle or something? Let him answer the damn question and piss off and get a job. Clearly you have to much time on your hands. You are not required to inject your useless squawking on every effin single thread. Silly old twat.

          1. @Teen Snot, First, your insults remain juvenile and boring. Your thought processes are worse. The more that you try to push the envelope, you are still stationary. Second, you are not in a position to give orders. And finally, I do not need a job. I own a ranch. People work for me.

            1. My insults get to you, Old filthy rich Bill, and they fit you perfectly. I’m glad the bunny ranch is working out for you, and has made you the rich old pimp that you are, but employing whores is a sinful pastime. Get thee to church you degenerate old swine.

            2. @TS, You should know about a whore’s employment. You Tamed Shrew!
              You three inch fool!
              You whoreson, beetle-headed, flap-ear’d knave!
              You heedless, joltheaded, unmannered slave!

            3. haha. Somehow, you and Shakespeare just do not go together. You are getting above yourself there third grade education. At best, you should be quoting George Carlin at me, you silly, uppity old fart.

            4. @Tricklespeare, I don’t see any poetic wisdom in your writings. Maybe you should read some Shakespeare rather than Geo. Carlin. Actually, any education beyond high school would be good for you. Maybe you could develop something other than jealousy in your fast passing subterranean life. Get an MOS, earn some money, go see the world, be part of some thing bigger than yourself.

            5. Wild Bill – As I told TotallyStupid his opinion is not worth the cost of typing it in. Put another way he is an important as water off a ducks back! Take care!

            6. Maybe I should start calling you Boring Old Bill. You are sooo sooo monumentally boring. You should hire yourself out to people who can’t sleep. You are that effing boring. Now I’m off to drink Old Fashioneds and listen to Frank Sinatra, so don’t bother replying–even though I know you can’t help yourself.

            7. @Twerp Slurp,
              Ah, yes, drink, drink up!
              Talk smart to all the women,
              then drive home… alone.

            8. @Third Stooge, I have given you Shakespeare, Hiaku, and English nursery rhyme. All you can come up with is old.
              Drink up your booze.
              You insulting stooge,
              your life and money drain equally.

            1. Erm, guess that told me, Mackofjackoff. Your reply is duller than anything, anywhere, anytime, in the history of the freakin universe. Why even bother?

            2. @Macofjack, notice how tot snot read your post and had the word dull on his mind. So then he used it because he could not come up with any other word. Then he could not think of a specific example so he used vague references (anything). Then rather than starting over he just kept adding vagaries (anywhere, anytime in the history of the universe).
              Do you think that he is old enough to take it if I called him a short, fat, pimply, bag of yellow civilian puss?

            3. @Third Stooge, I have given you Shakespeare, Hiaku, and English nursery rhyme. All you can come up with is old. Yet, you say that I am boring.
              Drink up your booze
              you insulting stooge,
              your life and money drain equally.

            4. Double post dipsh^t, in your unrestrained zeal to respond (and to attempt to appear smart). You still don’t get it, do you, Old, Filthy Rich, Boring Bill. I have you by the short and curlies, me old China.

              You have given me Shakespeare? lol. Really, I laughed long and hard at that.
              I, on the other hand, have given your remaining life meaning, you miserable OLD OLD tool.

    5. Obama did everything he could to leave this country in a mess. Even if it is politically incorrect, I still doubt that he had the United States’ best interest at heart. Either he has ulterior motives, or he is the most inept official I can imagine.

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