OKC Releases New Fire Axe/Halligan/Hydrant-Wrench Developed For Firefighters

OKC Fire Axe, Halligan, Hydrant-Wrench
OKC Fire Axe, Halligan, Hydrant-Wrench

Ontario Knife Company

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Firefighters trust their tools. They have to because it’s not just their lives on the line. That is why Ontario Knife Company (OKC) worked with veteran firefighters to design the all-new patent-pending Fire SPAX, a combination fire axe/Halligan and pry bar multi-tool as part of the Fire, Law Enforcement, EMTs and Training (FLEET) Program.

The new OKC Fire SPAX measures an overall length of 22.19-inches and features a tough 48-52 HRC 1075 high-carbon steel blade that holds a true edge, making it sharp and strong enough for first responders to cut through the toughest emergency situations like breaking through doorways or pulling window frames.

The blade is completely covered with a protective powder coating for extreme durability to withstand the harshest elements and perform a long life of service.

Its ergonomic handle is made from water and heat resistant stabilized hardwood for outstanding purchase when in use, and can accommodate a solid two-fisted grip for extra leverage.

Whether for firefighters, law enforcement, military, or civilian rescue units; they need a tough, multi-use tool that can cut through, pry open or smash into the way to safety for those involved in a dangerous situation.

Purpose-built as an overall versatile first responder’s tool, the OKC Fire SPAX also incorporates the wrench-hole featured in the SP-16 SPAX that is perfect for opening and closing fire hydrants or gas valves. Incorporating the axe, pry bar, and wrench features into one tool can save precious pounds and seconds in an emergency.

“Firefighters use their axes for everything from breeching doors to sweeping the handle through smoke-filled rooms to probe for unconscious people. We partnered with veteran firefighters to incorporate key features into the Fire SPAX including recommendations on weight distribution, rig mounting, and material selection based on heat conductivity,” said Deneb Pirrone, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for OKC. “At the end of the day, the Fire SPAX is designed to save lives.”

The OKC Fire SPAX is proudly made in the U.S.A. and has a MSRP of $275. Special pricing is available for first responders through OKC’s FLEET program.


About Ontario Knife Company:

Founded in 1889, the Ontario Knife Company is an award-winning knife, cutlery, and tool manufacturer operating out of Upstate New York for over 125 years. OKC produces a wide range of tools, including cutlery and kitchenware, hunting and fishing knives, machetes, survival and rescue equipment, science and medical tools, and tactical knives. OKC has a long tradition of building knives and tools for the U.S. military, producing high quality equipment that has seen continuous service since WWII. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, OKC leverages a network of distributors, dealers, and major commercial retailers to sell its products nationwide and internationally to over 35 countries. OKC’s custom manufacturing division Jericho Tool, advances capabilities including a broad-spectrum of injection molding, tool and die, and machining operations to provide white label and OEM manufacturing services for consumer and industrial goods. Collectively OKC’s product lines and manufacturing services reach the house wares, sporting goods, tactical, security, law enforcement & first responders, education, science & medical, and industrial & agricultural industries.

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