Proposed Illinois Legislation Could Force Your Favorite Gun Shop To Close

Don Harmon
Don Harmon

Illinois State Rifle Association

USA -( The Illinois Senate will be holding a floor vote on bill SB1657, sponsored by Senator Don Harmon and supported by Chicago Democrats. This demanding and unnecessary legislation seems intended to regulate gun dealers out of business in Illinois.

This bill would affect your ability to sell or refresh your own gun collection, by defining YOU as a gun dealer in Illinois. Never mind the weight of all the federal regulations that gun dealers and gun owners must deal with, you will have more Illinois regulations and fees now too.

Remember that the anti-gunners have tried repeatedly to force suburban firearms retailers to close by suing them, only to have those suits tossed out. They have tried to sue the towns that the stores are located in, only to have those suits dismissed as well.

Now they are attempting to change the law of the land, at least in Illinois, and make gun stores do business *their* way, which is no business at all.


What You Must Do To Preserve Your Gun Rights:

1. Contact your State Senator and politely tell him/her that you are a law-abiding gun owner and that you expect them to vote against SB1657. To verify who your State Senator is, use the lookup apps available at the Illinois State Board of Elections website. Even if you prefer email, also contact them at their Springfield and district offices. Email can be ignored, phones must be answered. Remember, the person who answers the phone is usually a state employee reporting to the senator, and is just doing their job.

2. Pass this alert on to all your friends and family and have them make calls too.

3. Post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards, and social media sites to which you belong.


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Big Bill

An attempt on Illinois’ part to blame other states for their failures.

Jim S

Ah… Illinois, California and New York, the triumvirate of stupidity, people control and tax and spend bureaucrats. They ignore the data that legal firearm use drives down shootings but they cannot fathom illegal use will never be regulated.


Providing even MORE of a “hunting ground” state for the criminals that will ALWAYS have guns and obey NO law… The voters keep voting the Dems and liberal anti gunners into office that are sacrificing THEM for Bloomberg and other anti gun monies for THEMSELVES… Hey Illinois voters, does thePied Piper ring a bell ?