Remington Introduce Model 870 Tac-14 – Featuring 14in. Barrel No Tax Stamp Required

Remington Introduces Model 870 Tac-14 - Featuring 14-Inch Barrel No Tax Stamp Required
Remington Introduces Model 870 Tac-14 – Featuring 14-Inch Barrel No Tax Stamp Required

RemingtonHuntsville, AL-( Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) announced today America’s most trusted shotgun and best-selling shotgun of all time, the Model 870, is now available in a Non NFA 14-inch barrel configuration – the Model 870 Tac-14.

New for 2017, the Remington Model 870 Tac-14 features a Shockwave Raptor pistol grip, Magpul M-Lok fore-end, 14-inch cylinder bore barrel with bead sight, receiver milled from solid steel, black oxide finish, and 26.2-inch overall length.

The 870 Tac-14 was designed and manufactured by Remington as a “firearm” and is not governed by the National Firearms Act (NFA). No ATF NFA registration or tax stamp is required, but state and local laws may apply.

The Model 870 Tac-14 has a suggested retail price of $443.05 and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Order # 81230.

Stop by the Remington booth (# 2627) at the 2017 NRA Show in Atlanta to see the Tac-14 and other exciting new products.

About Remington Arms Company, LLC

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as solutions to the military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturer and continues to manufacture in its original plant located in Ilion, NY. Remington is a privately-held manufacturer of firearms, silencers, and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of ammunition, shotguns, and rifles. The Remington family of companies has 12 locations across 9 states employing over 3,500 people and distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in over 55 foreign countries.

More information about the Company can be found at Follow Remington!

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Steven Camplain

The TAC 14 does take a little bit of getting used to, I have had mine for only one week. The recoil seems a little bit snappy the first few times I fired it. But a little bit of adjustment of hand placement seems to have fixed that. I live in the country and I have found out that this thing ends Cotton Mouth problems very quickly. I have fired some bird shot and some Steel T Shot through it. recoil with the T shot was manageable , I will soon try 00 Buckshot. I waited for the 870 over… Read more »


both gunsour great 50 rounds in both nice used 3,, bird shoot number 8 the way to go

David Fenske

Tell me what makes it legal since the barrel is 14 inches. What’s the catch. Educate me please

Remington 870 Shooter

Actually, there are lots of the alternative pistol grips available:


Black Aces tactical puts VFG on theirs.
Why didn’t Remington? Why don’t other PGO makers put VFG on their iteration?

Col BullSigh

RAY FORKEL SR–You’re not talking to the NRA–you’re talking with individual gun owners and a few gunsmiths and experts. Besides, I don’t really think that even a New Jerk or New Jerkey trooper would have a problem with ANY KIND of firearm that’s legal today, 35 YEARS AGO! Are you sure you have your dates straight???

Col BullSigh

That would not be prudent to spend $450 for this thing, them buy a 18″ barrell for another $120, when you can buy 18″ 870’s all day long on Armslist for $225.




I did answer it i dont know what part you dont get. It has a barrel longer than 18 inches and 0verall length of 26 inches then its legal nothing about caliber or stocks matter. If its 26 inches long barrel length doesnt matter as long as it has a virgin reciever and it doesnt have a shoulder stock its cosidered a pistol grip firearm otherwise its a short barrel shotgun if it started life from factory with a shoulder stock on it or if shorter than 26 inches overall length. Those are the 2 magic numbers 18 inch barrel… Read more »

Robert Cox

If your 20 gauge is not longer than 26″ overall, it is an AOW(Any Other Weapon) or SBS (Short Barrel Shotgun), according to Federal law. But, you live in NY, so you may be violating some State law, and unless you have the receipt of 30+ years ago, you’ll have a hard time proving ownership, which will be your responsibility, if a “new” law has made your shotty illegal.


i own a 20 gage pistol grip shotgun purchased at a gun store 38 years ago ,i had it up state new york at a shooting range a state trooper saw the shotgun and told me if i didn’t want to go to jail put the gun away.its a ZABALA HNUS S.R.C.-EJBAR-MADE IN SPAIN,20 GAGE 3″MAGUM SHELLS-M&F .SOLD BY EAGLE ARMS NEW YORK . IT HAS AN 18.50 INCH BARRELL FROM BARREL END THE OTHER END WHERE IT LOCKS INTO DOUBLE TRIGGER PISTOLSTOCK WITH HAS AN ADDITIONAL PIECE OF THE BEGINING OF PART OF A FULL STOCK , ORIGINAL BOUGHT… Read more »


As long as barrel is 18 inches long and overall gun length is 26 its legal. These 14inch barrel guns use a workaround and are firearms not shotguns. If the receiver was never a shotgun you can make it legal with a 14 inch barrel as long as its 26 inches in overall length and uses a non shoulder fire stock. Thats why they use the different style grip or the forearm stock to keep it over 26. You could put a 2 inch barrel on it as long as whatever stock used is not made to be shouldered, is… Read more »


It’s considered a pistol and not a rifle, what’s so hard about that. Plain & Simple


It is not a pistol. It is not a rifle. It is not a shotgun. It is a non-NFA firearm, typed as “other” on the 4473.

Steven Camplain

How much does the Remington 870 TAC 14 weigh? How much does the Mossberg Shockwave weigh?

Vince B

Is the 870 tac 14 legal in Illinois? Thanks


I wonder if Horiuchi was cheesed off because the shot that killed Mrs Weaver missed Elisheba. He coulda had a twofer with extra points for a baby.

Wild Bill

and Fla John, Yes, and long past time for this corrupt law enforcement agency to go.


Rany Weaver of “Ruby Ridge” got into trouble with an FBI “uncover” rat by cutting off the “agents” shotgun bbl to less than 16″!!!!, Thus 16″ is the “legal” limit for a long gun/rifle/shotgun…

Wild Bill

, I am pretty sure that it was a BATFE snitch, who did not have anything to snitch about. So the snitch talked Randy Weaver into cutting off the shotgun barrel. Thus the crime was born in the mind of a BATFE operative. The BATFE got the U.S. Marshals involved, and they killed Weaver’s dog and shot at his little boy. Then the Fat Boy Institute sniper shot Weaver’s wife while she held her baby, but no other weapon. The BATFE has a long history of dishonesty, and is not trusted by the public or other federal agencies.

Florida John

Pretty good summary. Weaver modified a shotgun, and then the “undercover” argued for cutting it down further (thus the crime). The whole deal was to charge Weaver and then force him to testify against some militia folks. When he didn’t comply, the Feds sent in the macho guys with to much testosterone and to little sense in my opinion.


Feds say 16” for rifle, 18” for shotgun. These are the minimum lengths. less would be a SBR or SBS, requiring a $200 tax stamp and registration with Treasury/BATFE. Also minimum overall length to consider. This remington will not require Federal Tax stamp, but will not be legal in all states/cities. These regulations and dimensions are all spelled out at Treasury and BATFE web site. If you buy this remington, you will not be able to change the buttstock to a full stock. It would then become a SBS. Front handguard has absolutely nothing to do with overall length or… Read more »


Bought a Mossberg Shockwave (Mossberg 500, same config as this basically) a couple weeks ago, fired it the first time on Friday. With 2 1/2″ (old-timer’s call them ‘low brass’) loads, not too bad. With 3″ (‘high brass’) significantly more kick. I had two issues……….. First, the grip is a bit slick, and so my hand slid up the tang and the safety (sliding button atop the tang) lightly bit the web of my right hand. Solution: I had some grip tape (rubbery stretchy tape used to wrap the handles of tools) and wrapped the grip completely. I’ve not fired… Read more »


I have a Mossberg Mariner JIC, 12 ga, Pistol Grip, 20 in barrel. If you fire from the hip with both hands on the gun recoil isn’t bad. If you try to brace the recoil, expect a bruised palm. Good defense weapon, we keep it on the boat in it’s PVC tube. I have a folding stock for it, but it won’t fit in the storage tube with the folding stock. If we think we may need the shotgun offshore we install the folding stock before we leave the dock. We keep it loaded with 00 and slugs and it… Read more »


WRONG! Oldvet. If you put a full stock on it, it then becomes a “shotgun” (currently it is a “firearm” but NOT a “shotgun”). A Shotgun with that barrel would be a Short Barrel Shotgun which makes is a NFA Class III weapon.


WRONG! TomC. It would be a class ll firearm. Not a class lll.

Michael Harper

Mossberg Shockwave may be better it holds 5+1

Wild Bill

President Trump could, on his own authority, fire the BATFE heads down to the GS-14 level, take away the government owned cars (GOVs), order OPM to cease all BATFE hiring, take out the telephones, order the agency to turn off all electric lights and appliances, gather up all BATFE issued employee credit cards, and distribute all office supplies to other agencies. The remaining employees would come to “work” and sit in the dark.


There’s the NFA tape measure law making a criminal out of a person that has harmed no one. You are in trouble with the BATF for violating a NUMBER on a tape measure? Sounds reasonable right? Just trying to figure this logic out here…

Wild Bill

@Me, Sounds like one of those victimless crimes, the libs are always trying to get rid of. Maybe…


From experience a pistol gripped 12 gauge is much more brutal than a raptor type grip. With the Raptor grip you don’t get the pounding into your palm or wrist.


Folks, this is not a shotgun because it is not designed as one, it has a POG from factory so it is a weapon,
not NFA class weapon.

You can not put a regular stock on the firearm, it will become a SBS and that is not a good thing.

This is not a new BATF&E rule or law, it has been on the books for years and years.

Be sure to keep that hand on the front grip otherwise you WILL have a hand problem sooner then later.


My understanding of why its a firearm and not a shotgun or shortbarreled shotgun is because the receiver never had a shoulder stock attached to it so it was manufactured and made a firearm reciever. If you put a shoulder stock on it now you have made a short barrel shotgun because it can be shouldered and now its nfa. You could put a forearm stock on it and you are good. A few companies like black aces? I think thats the name and i think fostech is the other that are using the forearm stocks to keep from being… Read more »


I will keep an eye out for the lost comment. I dont understand why some go right thru and others seem to get lost in space.. The NFA stuff is so hard to keep track of and there are so many contradictions. The biggest being i can have an 8 inch long semi auto pistol chambered in 45 but my shotgun has to be over 2feet long. Yea thats logical…


I think everyone uses the 18.5 to allow for the barrel slip fitting 1/2 inch into the reciever so overall length of 26 inches won’t be affected and when measuring barrel length while assembled it will not be short. If memory is correct both remington and mossberg recievers the barrel slips in about 1/2 inch. If you use the 14 inch barrel the only ways to keep it over 26 inch overall length rule is to use the stock shown or the forearm stocks used on ar15 pistols. The pistol grip stock and 14 inch barrel combined won’t get you… Read more »


The Mossberg pistol grip, with a 20″ barrel, comes with a full length mag tube. It was the first firearm that I purchased, over 30 years ago and I still own it. One never knows.

BillyBob Texas

If you’ve never shot one of these types….it AIN’T FUN. 🙂 🙂
it’s a Business weapon….not a “let’s-go-out-in-the-woods-and-shoot-a-bunch-for-fun” type.

David R Priest

I would really like to see this in a 20 gauge. It will be much more controllable and shooting buckshot ( # 3 load is 20 pellets of .25 caliber buckshot ) it will stop anything I am shooting at as long as I make a good hit.


Not necessarily. Try one of the 12 gauge Eight Pellet 00B LE Tactical loads. These have a lighter payload, (400 grains)’ at a slightly lower velocity than 20 gauge 20 pellet #3B. Further, the pattern spread can be controled from the Cylinder bore barrel by the Wad Type use in different brands of 12 gauge 8 x 00B Tactical loads. Federal LE Tactical have the revolutionary Flite Control Wad that builds the “choke” into the wad.


NONSENSE, BillyBob! This style is MUCH more comfortable to shoot than a PGO shotgun (which is probably what you are thinking of). Really no different than firing a full stocked shotgun from the hip.

Col BullSigh

I think if I had one, I’d put a adjustable type stock/vertical grip on it with a Sig Brace instead of the adjustable stock. That “bird beak” stock looks more like a “bull tool” to me, and I’m not sure it would give much grip using high recoil loads.
I nearly broke my middle finger firing a 12 Ga. one-handed one time and the grip area on this stock is identical. If I can’t shoulder the damned thing, I want a vertical pistol grip.


have fun in federal prison

Ron Gilbert

Remington, slick- Got’a first see how reliable this action functions w/ Mini-Shells off the shelf or w/ modified feed parts…? Have a Breacher barrel available?

David R Priest

If Mini shells work in your regular 870, they should work on this. I think the action is the same.


It’s odd. I’ve got two 870’s and one likes the Aguila Mini-shells and the other doesn’t. Never bothered to chase it down as the one they work in is the one I wanted to use them in. I guess I should spend some quality time with the other and figure out why.