South Dakota GFP Law Enforcement Officers Now Equipped with Body Cameras

Cop Body Cameras
Cop Body Cameras

South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks

PIERRE, S.D. -( South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) law enforcement officers will now be equipped with body cameras to increase transparency and enhance officer safety.

“Our officers already do a tremendous job,” said GFP department secretary Kelly Hepler. “It is our hope that the implementation of body cameras will ultimately make their jobs easier, and the work they do to serve and protect our natural resources as well as the public’s safety even better.”

Due to the nature of wildlife and park law enforcement, in-car video cameras are oftentimes not beneficial.

Recent advancements in body-worn video cameras have given GFP officers another option.

In addition, video documentation can assist with criminal prosecutions and improve protection against false allegations.

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Oh yes, because cameras are the answer…. morons. I would love to see the footage of you at work. You should be recorded too right? What’s good for the goose ya know.


Hope this stops all the BS on police inappropriate actions (or stops the ones that are out of line)!

robert penny

some turn them off, then what?

JorgeNorberto Pedace