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USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Armed American Radio with Mark Walters – From the Crossbreed Holster Studios this week on Armed American Radio, the airwaves lit up with a huge lineup.

Opening the program with remarks about domestic abuse victims who work in our schools, I ask again, if those teachers and staff who are suffering from documented and ongoing domestic violence, should be allowed in our school classrooms?

The conversation, while controversial is absolutely legitimate and needs to be answered. I think you’ll enjoy the opening remarks. Following that segment, Jerry Henry of Georgia Carry jumped in for about ten minutes to give us his take on national reciprocity by intentionally confusing you, the listener, with a convoluted story about GA-VA reciprocity agreements.

It’s tough to follow but the ending remarks make it perfectly clear. You’ll see!

The second half of the hour saw my special guest Bruce LeVelle,who is running to hold the GA US Congressional District 6 seat vacated by Republican Tom Price, now working in the administration for the Trump team. The crazy, lunatic fringe, progressive, nut cases are trying to flip the seat and spending millions to do so. They will fail, according to Mr.LeVelle, who has the endorsement of this host and this radio program.

Hour two: Regular contributor and award winning journalist AWR Hawkins from Breitbart News. AWR covers his weekly columns about our RKBA and tells us comforting happy ending stories of self-defense by lawfully armed Americans. Nuff said!

Hour three was Law of Self Defense author, self-defense attorney, speaker and trainer Andrew Branca. Covering the things all gun owners and CCW holders must know to stay out of trouble, these “legalese” segments as I refer to them, are quickly becoming fan favorite segments. Listening to Andrew will make it clear why you must understand this part of the conversation when it comes to carrying your gun for self-defense. Trust me on this one, you do not want to miss these conversations!

I’ll see ya on the radio!

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