St. Louis Homeowner Fatally Shoots Man Trying To Break Into Car

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

Police Line Tape
Police Line Tape
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports this week 03-21-2017, Police believe a homeowner who saw a man who may have been trying to break into a car and acting suspiciously, fatally shot him after confronting him just before 4 a.m.

Police say the shooter, a 53-year-old resident lives nearby in the 1900 block of Switzer is in custody and charges have not been filed against him.

The prowler, also age 53, lived in the 8500 block of Dianthus Lane.

St. Louis County Police Officer Benjamin Granda said the prowler had been shot twice in the upper body. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police do not believe the two men knew each other. Police say the shooter is cooperating with detectives.


Co-operation with investigators is nice, but from the brief description of the events, this shooter really needs an attorney!

Apparently he went out to confront the prowler. As the party who supplied the force to bring the combatants together, he could face voluntary manslaughter or even a murder charge.

Tell investigators who you are, provide identification and then ask for a lawyer before any statements!

A really tough case………………….

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Wild Bill

Craash420, First, I have not seen you comment before, so, welcome to the site! The problem with commenting on Irwin’s shooting stories is that those stories come from many jurisdictions and it is just impossible to know the statutory and case law for all those jurisdictions. And the complete facts are difficult to gather by his deadline.
As to Gil, he is a paid staffer from Violence Policy Center. He invites everything that he gets. It would be impolite not to accept!


Last time I looked even Stand Your Grand laws still had an imminent threat test. Then again “paid staffer?” Seriously I presume that’s your way to try to answer Conservapedia’s “how can non-Conservatives even exist?”

Wild Bill

Gee Gil, why don’t you go somewhere and “Stand Your Grand”!

Wild Bill

I note that Gil does not deny working for the VPC.


The cheesy reflex “what, are you a cop?!” reply where you assume everyone else outside your small circle is supposedly a government agent.


No I don’t. Happy? Or does it terrify you that people don’t share you views just because?


@ Wild Bill, Thanks for the welcome, I’ve only commented once or twice before but I pay attention when I can. @ Gil The “threat test” varies state by state, I can tell you that in FL breaking and entering an occupied home is seen as willful intent of malice and it doesn’t matter if the intruder is armed or not he is considered a threat. @ Everyone, Gil might be a knucklehead that works for knuckleheads but here right now that isn’t the point. The fact of the matter is this gent went outside and confronted and shot a… Read more »


While I disagree with most of what I’ve seen Gil post I can’t believe so many choose to attack him instead of addressing the issue as the author did; a man allegedly saw someone outside messing with his car so he went outside with a firearm to deal with the intrusion. That doesn’t sound like “Stand your ground” or “Castle Doctrine” to me, that sounds like someone who gives anti-gunners plenty to talk about.


Gil has proven itself to NOT have much of a brain and to LACK a great deal of intelligence ;
All this in addition to being and Anti-Gun idiot and moron.


So killing people in assumed property defense is now legal? Honor killings are going to be legal in no time.


You are a clown and all of the bull$hit you post on these sites…YOu are obviously very anti-gun and love Barry Hussein NoPooper and Crooked Hillary and all of the rest of the worthless cunt$.

Wild Bill

@Gi, In most of the world and in many states the property is deemed more valuable than a person that would destroy or steel one’s property. Only in a few leftist states are scum bag criminals deemed more valuable than property, as that is a modern and fallacious concept. Ok, you have dropped your Violence Policy Center slogan for the day. Time to go else where.


Usually Middle-Eastern and African countries where a high place is placed on personal honor. The West traditionally hasn’t had the death penalty for theft for a few centuries now. Even the article saying the guy might have been trying to break the car and opposed to blatantly trying to get into the car.

Wild Bill

Not the death sentence, but the sentencing was not any part of the issue. Property defense was the issue that you yourself framed. I see that once again Gil has to shift desperately looking for a way to be right. Oh, and what does “… a high place is placed on personal honor.” mean


No sale. Some readers are already of the “if I see someone I think is possibly trying is to steal my car I’ll shoot him dead on the spot.”

Wild Bill

@Gil, No sale? I am not trying to convince you. I am merely exposing your Violence Policy Center incantations for what they are.


“So killing people in assumed property defense is now legal?” Where did you read that?? I certainly didn’t read that. You are reading INTO it what you want to read, or believe. It reads to me like they are looking into the matter. That does not mean the guy is getting away with anything. Like all anti’s, you ASSume that the gun guy will “get away” with it. How about trying something new…let it all come out in the investigation! The police will look at details that none of us will be privy to. It takes time. This story is… Read more »

Just Me

TOUCHE’ Cea !!


Yes absolutely, he saw someone he thought was breaking into his car so he confronted and shot him dead. Sure enough people are already saying he was just defending his property.


Sir, your leap from what may or may not be a justifiable use of deadly force, an investigation will ultimately decide this, to the legalization of the absurdity of “honor killing” is suspicious at best and very revealing of your “mindset”. Is that wishful thinking on your part?Are you secretly a “closet” Islamist ? Or is it just a case of plan old fashioned stupidity?


Islamist like Christianists here believe in gunning people down who offend their pride and honor.

Wild Bill

So now Gil speaks for what all Christians believe. How omnicompetent of him.


What exactly is a “Christianist”? What planet are you from? What I see is that you do nothing more than continually make assumptions about an incident where very little information is provided. With you moron libturd outhouse trolls, it’s always guilty without hearing all of the evidence or a trial.