Stalker Shot, Killed By Ex-Girlfriend’s Brother During Home Invasion ~ VIDEO

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Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( Click on Detroit reports this week, 03-22-2017, Police sources say just after 8 a.m. Tuesday, a 21-year-old armed man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home by kicking in the door. The apparent home invasion took place in the 3900 block of Wabash Street on Detroit’s west side.

Neighbors said the woman hasn’t lived at the apartment for long, but her garage door and window already have scratches and dents caused last week by her ex-boyfriend.

The neighbor reported the 21 year old intruder had been stalking his ex-girlfriend.

“I have seen him come over, breaking up the property, disturbing the neighbors, and beating on her. We had to call the police several times.”

The 31-year-old female resident had her 32-year-old brother staying at the apartment. With the door being kick in, he retrieved a gun and then shot the intruder multiple times in the chest.

Police recovered both guns from the scene.


Stalking his ex-girlfriend, another jerk! Domestic violence is a huge problem in our modern world. Don’t plan be a helpless victim! Acquire a firearm, get training in its use and then practice, practice, practice.

Join a ladies group at a local range if possible. Most shooting ranges nowadays have ladies shooting clubs. Call and ask them for contact information.

Stalker Shot, Killed By Ex-Girlfriend's Brother During Home Invasion
Stalker Shot, Killed By Ex-Girlfriend’s Brother During Home Invasion

If you just can’t bring yourself to getting a firearm, get a Taser, a big pepper spray or large dog. (Or have your older brother move in.)

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Buy a 12ga shotgun and have #4 shot, kick is manageable for a woman and young teenager if they need to use it.

Take defensive shotgun class and practice, practice practice for the day you hope never comes.


I somewhat agree, but if the person doesn’t want to kill anyone, I suggest they load up with bean bag rounds. They have a heck of a punch at close range and would deter most persons. However, a drugged up person might not respond, so the second round should be the #4’s like you suggest.


Is that you Joe Biden?


Thank God for the brother. There are still a few responsible real men out there. He probably saved others down the line of time some grief too. Well done.

Jim S

Most of the democratically controlled states and cities will have you do nothing except call for law enforcement. We see over and over the bad guy kills everyone else while they all wait for the police to arrive. None of the liberal managed cities/states will actively publish to the non-firearm crowd statements to protect yourself. The media is right there with them.


Worse. I live on Long Island where a lovely young woman was shot by responding police during a hostage situation. The old oxymoronic “friendly fire.” Now, I am not suggesting that this outcome would have necessarily changed if someone in the home had been armed BUT shouldn’t free people be allowed to make that choice for themselves.(rhetorical) I have no doubt that the cop who fired the fatal shot wishes every day that he could put that round back in the chamber BUT he can’t. An armed and trained resident in her home might have changed the story to one… Read more »


I remember that sad incident. Bad police shooting.

Why do I even bother anymore

But, that is the price they must pay to live in a civil, nonviolent society. The exalted ones have deemed it so.


Good! One less nut job to worry about in civil society folks.