This Week on America Outdoors Radio – April 29, 2017

America Outdoors Radio
America Outdoors Radio

America Outdoors Radio

USA -( We are going all over our great nation this weekend in an effort to bring you the best of the outdoors.

We’ll start off talking to Ken Maggiore from the Windy City of Chicago who caught not one, but two Illinois different state record fish in a single day!

After that Whit Fosbergh, the CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, grades President Donald Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on how well they are doing on the conservation front in comparison to President Roosevelt, who both men hold up as a role model in that regard.

We will take you from Washington DC to Northern New Mexico where Wayne Armacost, the Executive Director of the NRA Whittington Center, will tell you about the shooting, training and guided hunting available at a place like no other place for shooters and hunters in the United States.

We’ve got outdoor news about a mountain lion that snatched a pet off the bed of her sleeping owner in California and shine a light on the repercussioins caused by the ban on cougar hunting in the Golden State.

Finally, we’ll talk to Randy King, the “Chef in the Wild”, who has some great advice on prepping and cooking that wild turkey you are going to bag this spring!


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