This Week on “Guns & Gear” – The LiNQ from Crimson Trace

Glock 17 with Crimson Trace red GLS-630
Glock 17 with Crimson Trace red GLS-630

Crimson Trace

MANDEVILLE, La. -( This week on Guns & Gear, it’s Crimson Trace’s LiNQ wireless laser and light system for your AR!

Plus, we’ll check out the Freedom Carry holster from CrossBreed Holsters, dive into new colors and calibers in Springfield Armory’s XD-S line, and find out how Liberty Safe’s Franklin 50 stands up to another Guns & Gear torture test!

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  • One thought on “This Week on “Guns & Gear” – The LiNQ from Crimson Trace

    1. The price is absurd. Your paying 500 dollars extra for it to be wireless? I guess if I could afford waste this amount of money I ould buy it. But if spending 500 dollars to eliminate a small cable seems like a poor way to spend your money, then this purchase would be very difficult to justify.

      Additionally, the button looks like the type that is always on when you are gripping the grip. With the ability to mount the button via cable to where you naturally place your thumb of your off-hand, you can instantly turn on the laser when you want with the cable, and not be forced to waste battery every time you handle the grip.

      Also the laser portion is going to have always be monitoring for a signal when you are using the laser. I imagine this means you have to turn it off when you put the gun away, and turn it on when you get it out for use. And even when your not using the laser, its going to waste battery monitoring for a signal that you broadcast from the button on the grip. What would be better is if they sold the handle/grip with the laser, but gave the option to connect the two with a small wire you could affix to the bottom or side of your riffle. Then, if you really like how the grip activation works, you wouldn’t have turn the laser/receiver on every time you want to use it on demand via the grip-button; an d you wouldn’t have to waste battery when handling the weapon but not using the laser. With a small wire it would act like their “Laser Guards” they make that are activated when you ring finger tightly grips the handle of the handgun; the only difference would be the small wire you would run from the laser to the custom grip.

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