Time To Stop an Anti-Gun New Hampshire Fish and Game Commissioner

David Patch ; AP Photo/Jim Cole
David Patch ; AP Photo/Jim Cole
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

USA -(Ammoland.com)- I know that I have been emailing you a lot this week. But, there are many firearms issues that we need to address. NHFC will never email you just to say hello, our emails contain action items.

After I sent my email about the Fish and Game Department, I received notes from several NHFC Members telling me about how they have been entrapped or forced to admit to alleged hunting violations by overly aggressive, anti-gun Conservation Officers.

I was really sad when I heard how deep the problems run at the anti-gun New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. If you feel that you have been mistreated by the Fish and Game Department please reply to this email. If you want to remain anonymous we will respect your wishes but we need your true stories.

I simply do not understand how opposing good, solid, pro-gun reform bills like Constitutional Carry helps to “guard the state's fish, wildlife and marine resources.”

In fact, the activities of the Fish and Game Department and the Fish and Game Commission are becoming more and more anti-gun and they have done nothing to address the current laws that potentially set up sportsmen for entrapment.

We want to fix the problems. We don't expect Fish and Game to be pro-gun leaders, but we also don't expect them to work against your civil right to be armed.

I just learned that we have another opportunity to fight back. On March 8, Governor Sununu renominated anti-gun Fish and Game Commissioner David Patch for another 5 year term as a Fish and Game Commissioner.

Just how anti-gun is David Patch?

Well, he seconded the motions made by anti-gun Commissioner Walter Morse to oppose SB 12, Constitutional Carry and HB 84, which will repeal the gun possession is a crime law.

Don't be fooled, David Patch is definitely part of the problem at New Hampshire Fish and Game. While we support a study of the Department as called for in SB 48, you can click here to read the testimony that we submitted to the House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee; we also support replacing the anti-gun members of the Commission as an important step to changing the culture of the Fish and Game Department.

Here is what you can do to help:

First contact Governor Sununu and demand that he withdraw the nomination of anti-gun David Patch and instead nominate someone who understands what the duties of the Fish and Game Commission are.

Click here to read R.S.A. 206:4-a, Duties.

Duties that include: Establishment of positions on proposed legislation that affects fish, wildlife, and marine resources and the overall management of the fish and game department. Nowhere in R.S.A. 206:4-a does it say that a Fish and Game Commissioner should attack the Second Amendment.

You can call the Governors Office at (603) 271-2121 or click here to use his email contact form. Remember to politely tell Governor Sununu to replace Commissioner Patch with someone who will not attack the Second Amendment.

Second, the Executive Council is expected to vote on the Patch renomination on Wednesday, April 19. Those of you who are history buffs are no doubt aware that on April 19, 1775 is when “the shot heard 'round the world” was fired in the battle of Lexington and Concord.

I hope that on April 19, 2017, the Executive Council defeats anti-gun David Patch. I need your help to make that happen, please contact your Executive Councilor and urge him to vote NO on the confirmation vote for David Patch.

Click here for contact and district information for all 5 Executive Councilors.

Remember to be polite but firm when you tell your Executive Councilor that you expect the renomination of David Patch to be defeated.

Finally, I would also like you to please call Commissioner David Patch and tell him to withdraw his name from consideration. Inform Mr. Patch that anti-gun activism has no place and will not be tolerated on the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission. Let him know that you are deeply disappointed in his behavior and he is disqualified to serve on the Commission. You can reach David Patch at (603) 387-3771. Or if you prefer, you can email him: [email protected]

Please remember to be polite.


Thanks for your support!

Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

P.S.: Have you ever received a ticket for a loaded firearm in a vehicle? Were you ever told by a Conservation Officer that if you are observed carrying a loaded firearm in the woods, at any time, it is presumed you are poaching? Have you ever been forced to take a Conservation Officer back to the area where you harvested wild game and then been subjected to an endless barrage of questions, then, after answering those questions truthfully, your reward for cooperation was a ticket for maybe being a little to close to the road or to close to building even though no one was harmed? I have been credibly informed that most Conservation Officers cannot prove such cases without an admission and they rarely read people their rights. Never, ever lie, but remember, no one can ever be forced to talk. Silence is golden!

We want to hear your stories, please let us know. We intend to use every legal means at our disposal to show how utterly out of control and rogue the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has become. We refuse to sit idly by and allow the department to continue to push gun control.

If anything like this has ever happened to you please reply to this email. If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect your wishes, but we need your true stories to stop the anti-gun activism at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Remember, the majority of fish and game offenses are violations. In New Hampshire, someone convicted of a violation does not face jail time. These are very low level offenses.

P.P.S.: The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is working tirelessly to keep gun owners like you up-to-date on as many gun issues as possible — please consider contributing to the effort by chipping in $15 or $20.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Time To Stop an Anti-Gun New Hampshire Fish and Game Commissioner

    1. What an ugly old sourpuss patch Patch looks like; Maybe Viagra wont work for him or his wife just keeps saying “NO”.
      He looks like that face is frozen into that frown and any attempt to smile would result in his head cracking to pieces.
      With that face he definitely DOES NOT belong on ANY government agency.

    2. Im not sure if these people fail to get into regular law enforcement or not, but many of the Fish and Game officers seem to have a chip on their shoulders when dealing with hunters or others carrying firearms. They badger and bully trying to get you to say something they will use against you. It doesnt matter if your case is dismissed because you have been inconvienenced already with the court costs and time off work. They view that as a win.
      It was so bad here, the sheriff finally revoked all forest officers ability to cite for state laws. He definitely got a thrill from it.

    3. “We don’t expect Fish and Game to be pro-gun leaders”. Really? And exactly why not? All law enforcement, from the cop on the street to Federal LEO’s to Fish and Game should be at the forefront of upholding the Constitution, and the Second Amendment is right there at the top of the list.

      All LEO’s should be pro-gun and any that have an “only ones” (only they should have the right to carry) attitude should be taken off the street, given a refresher course in the Constitution and history of our country and understand that THEY are no better than anyone else. If their attitudes don’t change they have no business being a LEO, period. That applies from the very top of the department on down.

      In this case, by taking the position “We don’t expect Fish and Game to be pro-gun leaders”, we become our own worst enemies. Let’s change our own attitudes and start demanding a lot more from those who enforce the laws then maybe they’ll get the idea to clean up their own house. If not, we clean it up for them through the judicial end electoral process.

      1. Don’t hold back, tell us what you really think!

        “All law enforcement, from the cop on the street to Federal LEO’s to Fish and Game should be at the forefront of upholding the Constitution, and the Second Amendment is right there at the top of the list.”

        I don’t disagree with you at all, I am actually kind of annoyed that we, the “pro-gun” community should have been demanding that a long time ago. Why don’t we demand that every day? Thanks for the wake-up call!

        1. Mark: As a retired LEO I get really annoyed when I see other LEO’s take the attitude of “we’re special and we don’t trust civilians to own or carry guns”. It drives me nuts. I’ve been fighting this battle for more than 45 years and as Wild Bill knows I’m in favor of repealing every single gun law there is.

          Oh, by the way, that’s how I really feel! 🙂

      1. The truth is out! Walter is actually modeled after David Patch! Which is appropriate since he is kind of a dummy! I wonder if David Patch can copyright himself? I’m going to stop with the dummy jokes but it is so tempting! After all, it’s fun to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man! Okay, this time I will really stop! 🙂 🙂

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