This Week on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots: Bows & Bullets

Master Gunfighter Cisko races bows and bullets this week on Shooting USA's Impossible Shots on Sportsman Channel.
Impossible Shots!
Shooting USA's Impossible Shots!

USA – -( Master Gunfighter, Cisko is racing bullets and arrows. Cisko must draw and shoot his six-gun at a steel target while the arrow rips through the air toward a bale of hay. It’s a remarkable demonstration of fast draw and accuracy.

Then, it’s a triple-card shot from the Master of the Longbow. Byron Ferguson attempts to split three playing cards with one broadhead.  Tune in Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to Sportsman Channel!

Shooting USA's Impossible Shots:


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Master of the Longbow, Byron Ferguson aims for a triple card shot on Shooting USA's Impossible Shots.

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  • 8 thoughts on “This Week on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots: Bows & Bullets

      1. Unfortunately, Bob passed away just before Christmas 2013, I think that it was. Bob’s record was draw and shoot accurately ,45LC (full charge ammo) in .13 seconds, It takes .15 seconds to blink the human eye,

        1. I would have loved to see this competition……I’d still bet on Bob. And I put my money where my mouth is….I own #4 of 100, of his first series, the Widowmaker.

          1. @Paladin, I have #13 of his last series. The one with the imitation Wells and Fargo strong box made out of oak. He was a nice man to talk to over the phone.

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