Will Christianity Perish in Its Birthplace?

By Pat Buchanan

Catholic Cross Replaced with the Black Flag of ISIS
Catholic Cross Replaced with the Black Flag of ISIS
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)-  “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?)”

Those are among Jesus' last words on the Cross that first Good Friday.

It was a cry of agony, but not despair. The dying Christ, to rise again in three days, was repeating the first words of the 22nd Psalm.

And today, in lands where Christ lived and taught and beyond where the Christian faith was born and nourished, the words echo. For it is in the birthplace of Christianity that Christians face the greatest of persecutions and martyrdoms since the time of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.

President Donald Trump, outraged by pictures of infants and children who had perished in the nerve gas attack in Syria, ordered missile strikes on the air base from which the war crime came.

Two days later, Palm Sunday, 44 Coptic Christians celebrating Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem were martyred in terrorist attacks in Egypt. The first bombing was at St. George's Church in Tanta, the second at St. Mark's in Alexandria, where the Coptic Pope Tawadros II was at Mass.

The pope was unhurt, but 100 Christians were injured in the attacks. At St. George's, one witness described the scene after the bomb exploded near the altar: “I saw pieces of body parts. … There was so much blood everywhere. Some people had half of their bodies missing.”

The Islamic State group claims credit for the murders, and the pictures of dead children from those churches were surely as horrific as the pictures the president saw after the gas attack.

Copts are among the earliest Christians, dating to the first century A.D., when St. Mark, one of the Twelve Apostles, established the first church outside the Holy Land and became bishop of Alexandria.

The Copts make up 10 percent of Egypt's population. They have been especially targeted for terrorist attacks since the 2013 overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi, who had been elected president after the ouster of longtime U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak.

In the subsequent struggle between Egypt's Islamists, whose base is in Sinai, and the Cairo regime of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who was welcomed to the White House in March, the Copts are seen as soft-target allies of Gen. el-Sissi's and hated for their faith.

Whatever they did for democracy, the U.S. interventions in the Middle East and the vaunted Arab Spring have proved to be pure hell for Arab Christians.

In Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Christians were left alone if they did not interfere in politics. Indeed, they prospered as doctors, lawyers, journalists, academics, engineers, businessmen. A Christian, Tariq Aziz, was Saddam's foreign minister who negotiated with Secretary of State James Baker to try to prevent what became the Gulf War.

Before 2003, there were still 800,000 Christians in Iraq. But after a decade of church bombings and murders of priests, their numbers have plummeted. When the Islamic State seized a third of Iraq, Christians under the group's rule had to convert to Islam and pay a tax or face beheading.

On Dec. 26, St. Stephen's Day, which honors the first martyr, Pope Francis hailed the Iraqi Christians lately liberated from Islamic State rule, noting, “They are our martyrs of today, and there are so many we can say that they are more numerous than in the first centuries.”

In 2016, an estimated 90,000 more Christians worldwide died for their faith.

Under Syria's dictator Hafez al-Assad and son Bashar, Christians have been 10 percent of the population and protected by the regime. They thus have sided with Assad against the terrorists of the Islamic State and al-Qaida, whose victory would mean their expulsion or death.

Of the 10 nations deemed by Christianity Today to be the most hateful and hostile toward Christianity, eight are majority-Muslim nations, with the Middle East being the site of the worst of today's persecutions.

Afghanistan, which we “liberated” in 2001, is listed as the third-most hostile nation toward Christians. The punishment for baptism there is death. A decade ago, a Christian convert had to flee his country to avoid beheading.

Consider. Christianity, whose greatest feast day we celebrate Sunday, is the cradle faith of the culture and the civilization of the West. And in our secularized world, Christianity remains the predominant faith.

A millennium ago, Christendom mounted crusades to ensure that its pilgrims would not lose the right to visit the Holy Land in peace.

Now, a decade and a half after we launched invasions and occupations of the Muslim world in Afghanistan and then Iraq to bring the blessings of democracy, the people there who profess that Christian faith are being persecuted as horribly as they were under the Romans in Nero's time.

Where are the gains for religious freedom and human rights to justify all the bombings, invasions and wars we have conducted in the lands from Libya to Pakistan — to justify the losses we have endured and the death and suffering we have inflicted?

Truth be told, it is in part because of us that Christianity is on its way to being exterminated in its cradle.

Happy Easter!


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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            1. He will return because HE says so.
              “If I go I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am you will be also”. He’s coming!!!!
              Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!

        1. This is the day that everyone else celebrates Easter. Gil, the Violence Policy Center shill, celebrates the discovery of lysergic acid compounds. Yes, this is the day in 1943 that a Swiss chemist discovered LSD-25. Guess how Gil celebrates by thanking more than his usual dose.

            1. @Gil, You’re a poopy pants. ( I hope that everyone else will forgive me for descending to the babyish level of insult that Gil comes up with, but I could not refrain from underlining infantile nature of his post. My apologies.)

    1. In John chapter 16 vs 2 Christ Jesus tells His disciples ” They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.”

      Also, Matthew 24:6-9 Christ Jesus said to His disciples “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pains. Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name.”

      Finally may I suggest you read chapter 16 in the book of John.

    2. This is a good article and well written by Pat. The problem is that the killing of Christians does not stop there. We know they are infiltrating many Christian nations for the sake carrying out the same teachings. Notably, killing Christians. That could happen to a neighbor or even yourself. I guess if you are a snowflake they will leave you alone so it is o.k. to shoot down Trump’s ban on open borders. Snowflakes seem to think the more the merrier.


    4. Well many an American Christian self-appointed hero can put this boasting to the test – form a militia, go out to fight those who would kill their fellow Christians. Or the Christians could hire Muslims – Muslims seem to be better fighters. Or they could appeal to the supposed all-powerful, all-good man in the sky. However what Christians won’t be allowed to do is turn the West’s military forces into a Christian police force.

      1. Well Gil, as we sit in our easy chairs in the middle of our (largely) isolated country, it’s easy to miss the sub-text. Read the story again with this in mind: contrary to what some may say, ISIS is not some rabid off-shoot of Islam, but is, in fact, the ultimate expression of the faith. They are doing exactly what their holy book tells them to do, and they are doing it in the exact same manner as their originator did all those years ago. Christians and Jews are just the most evident, visible targets. But make no mistake, no belief, NOTHING that deviated from Islam (including what you believe, Gil) is acceptable. And believing anything else, or simply not believing in Islam, makes you an infidel and worthy of death. I can only hope there are those around who care when you and your family are beheaded simply for what you believe.
        Have a happy Easter.

        1. You have to read the Quran in historical context to really understand it. What ISIS and others practice today is not what it was like in its first centuries. Those early believers never practiced what ISIS does today.

            1. The Dr is quite right Islam was violent when Mohammad was alive, and got even more violent after he died w/o a named successor. The fight was between the followers of Ali (Mohammad’s nephew) and the followers of Abu Baker (Mohammad’s earliest supporter, pius, and wise in the ways of Islam). The followers are called Sunni and Shiite, today. Each calls the other apostate and worthy of killing.
              It was Umar Ibl al-Kattab (the most strong and decisive of Mohammad’s followers) that believed Moslems should not be killing each other, but killing all non-believers in the struggle make everyone in the world a Moslem. That was 635 AD. The Moslems have been converting people at the point of a sword ever since and have made over 500 attempted invasions of Europe.

        2. To paraphrase Ayn Rand: there’s nothing stopping you from doing something about it. If you think Muslims invaders will cut off your head if you do nothing then you should be training to be a fighter and meeting them in the battlefield. You know – better to die on your feet than on your knees.

            1. @Gil, It is all how one time line overlaps another. How about you? What period of your life did you spend in defense of the nation?

            2. If you’re “fighting the good fight against Islam” then you shouldn’t be back here. More likely you were more like a MASH character – drunk half the time you were there.

            3. @Gil the VPC shill, Probably would be except that one is required, by law, to retire after a certain period of time. I think that it is your turn, rather than trying to manipulate others into shouldering your obligation. You have no more direction than a puppy dog.
              You are also unaware of General Order No. 1 (often called the “No fun rule) which forbids the use of alcohol.

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