Wilson Combat Shooting Team Clean Sweeps At Razorback Shootout

Wilson Combat Shooting Team at Razorback Shoot
Wilson Combat Shooting Team at Razorback Shoot

Wilson Combat

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Members of the Wilson Combat shooting team attended the Razorback Shootout on April 8, 2017. The tier 3 IDPA match was held at the CASA range in Perryville, Arkansas.

This was a very successful match for the team who took home the titles for all of the semi-automatic divisions, High Lady, High Industry and High Senior.

Greg Martin
CCP Division Champion and High Senior
CQB Commander Compact chambered in 9mm

“I shot my CQB Commander compact with my Wilson Combat adjuster paddle holster. I had a busy week leading into the match so I did not have much time to prepare for this event. I had to trust in all my previous training. Mental preparation and hard focus on the front sight was the key to my performance. There was a lot of shooting on the move at odd angles; those target arrays were the most difficult for me at this match.”

Eric Fuson
ESP Division Champion and High Industry
CQB Elite chambered in 9mm

“This particular match had some challenging stages. The flow of the stages seemed to accommodate the new IDPA fault line rules nicely. Match Director Mike Plato and staff did a great job.”

Jared Phillips
SSP Division Champion
Wilson Combat Brigadier Tactical

“I shot a balanced match and was able to bring home the SSP division. It felt good to be shooting my Brigadier again. As always, it ran like champ.”

Austin Proulx
CDP Division Champion
CQB Elite chambered in .45ACP

“Going into this match, I knew that I needed to focus on shooting accurately. I’m still, like many others, getting used to one second per point down. This means live fire practice, on small steel targets, at distance, under pressure. My live fire practice regimen involves a simple set of four steel targets, the exact size of the zero down zone on an IDPA target, two placed at ten yards and two at twenty. The main benefit of using steel targets of this size is that every hit is a down zero, and anything else does not count. This causes me to focus more on accurate shooting, and I believe it carries over into matches. At this match however, my preparation was lacking. I hadn’t done enough live fire, I had been slacking off and it showed in my match. All day I was shooting with a lot higher points down than I felt that I should have been. At the end of the day I was still able to edge out a CDP division champion win over my father and fellow team member, Walt Proulx. That being said, I know what I need to work on for the next match.”

Guy Joubert
2nd place ESP Expert
CQB Elite chambered in 9mm

“This was the first time I had shot the Razorback Shootout which was a very fun and competitive match. It was definitely a challenging match with several motion targets, several non-threats, and targets at substantial distances. It was great shooting with the other Team Wilson Combat members that were there along with our other squad mates. The new people you get to meet at every match is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Competitive Shooting, in my opinion.”

Walt Proulx
2nd CDP Master
CQB Elite chambered in .45ACP

“I had a fairly strong match and managed to finish 2nd place CDP Master behind my son and Wilson Combat team-mate Austin Proulx. In hindsight I would have gone into the match prepared a little differently.

As a shooter I stick to a fairly consistent practice regimen which is split between dry fire at the house and a system of live fire plate drills at the range. This is all good as far as the shooting and gear manipulation aspect of our sport goes but there is another (and as I get older increasingly important) aspect that I have been overlooking/neglecting. When taking off from a chair on a stage, I pulled a muscle in my right leg and It caused me pain for the rest of the day. Although it didn’t cause me to pull out of the match it definitely was on my mind and causing some discomfort on every stage after that. I now recognize that going forward I would be wise to stretch out and if possible to warm up to some degree to make these type of injuries less likely.”

Mandy Bachman
High Lady and 3rd ESP Master
CQB Elite chambered in 9mm

“Going into this match I knew that there would be some strong hand/support hand stages. I spent some time earlier in the week really focusing on those particular skills, which really paid off because the standards stage was really tough! It was the type of stage that could make or break your match. I ended up only 5 points down on standards and 8th overall on the stage!”


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