Ammo, Inc. Announces New Agreement with Famed Motorcycle Builder Jesse James

Jesse James
Jesse James

Ammo Inc.SCOTTSDALE, AZ-( AMMO, Inc., one of the premier American made and manufactured munitions companies, today announced its new management team and unique line of licensed of bullets with motorcycle designer and builder Jesse James.

The company will be led by CEO and President Fred W. Wagenhals. AMMO, Inc. has also enlisted Jay Grdina to help AMMO, Inc. in its marketing efforts and global expansion. Grdina has more than 25 years of marketing and management experience and he will oversee the licensing and branding process at AMMO, Inc.

“AMMO, Inc. has an opportunity to really energize the munitions industry in the coming years through the execution of a lifestyle based brand,” said Grdina. “There is a very real movement and energy in the firearms industry that can be capitalized on with quality licensing, event marketing and communications that puts personality and excitement front and center. I look forward to charting a path that not only grows our revenues at AMMO, Inc., but also helps to expand the entire category.”

AMMO, Inc. will introduce a superior line of licensed munitions, accessories and products designed to enhance the firearms enthusiasts’ experience. The first in a series of announcements in the AMMO, Inc. licensed munitions line, AMMO, Inc. will work with renowned motorcycle designer and builder Jesse James to create the Jesse James line of branded bullets. AMMO, Inc. seeks to elevate both the quality of their products as well as the shooters’ overall experience, while enjoying the firearms lifestyle.

“When putting my name on a box of Ammo I am only interested in three things. That it’s the absolute highest quality, most accurate, and best value for the customer. Jesse James Ammunition is all three” said Jesse James. “I am so proud to be partnering with AMMO Inc. The stars have truly aligned for a successful company. AMMO, Inc. CEO Fred Wagenhals and myself have a partnership going back almost two decades. We both are focused and determined to create the best product possible. Also bring a new approach to the ammunition industry.”

AMMO, Inc. will also continue to offer superior munitions that serve the practice and protect consumer, the law enforcement community, large and small game-hunting consumer and specialty product.

AMMO’s current Payson, AZ, facility is producing 25,000,000 rounds of high-end ammunition annually with the ability to scale to more than 150,000,000 rounds per year. Their superior design, rigorous testing and quality control processes help put AMMO, Inc.’s ammunitions in the forefront of performance for the industry.

“At AMMO, we take pride in our American heritage,” said Wagenhals “We proudly proclaim our products to be made in America by U.S. citizens. From the outset. We strive to be the leading innovator of center-fire ammunition for our customers, the military, law enforcement, sportsmen and civilians. Every load is developed for a specific purpose with a focus on consistency, accuracy and even, in some cases, felt recoil. Each round is designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged to bring a superior shooting experience and the confidence to dominate downrange.”

About AMMO, Inc. Munitions Company

AMMO, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, designs and manufactures products for law enforcement, military, hunting, sport shooting and self-defense. Founded in 2009, AMMO, Inc. was started by the Antich father and son team with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the complacent munitions industry. AMMO, Inc. promotes branded munitions including the Jesse James line of munitions and accessories, the OPS (One Perfect Shot) line of munitions. More information can be found on AMMO, Inc. at

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I don’t believe having Jesse James be a part of the gun business is a bad idea at all. Jesse is a brilliant mechanic if any of you remember monster garage I have never seen anyone pull off the engineering feats he did on that show. I can only imagine what he has in store for the arms business. He is a business man, with interests just like any normal human being, I’m sure anything that comes from him will be top notch and worth the money.


All you guys doggin jesse whats the big deal? Get over it! His affair didn’t have any impact on your life. You all want to label him because he covered in tats and used to build bikes and had a very public affair & divorce. Which he came out and took full responsibility for. The guy is building high end custom firearms and suppresors now. Instead of labelling and judging why don’t you look at the work he’s doing now and how he’s being a voice for law abiding gun owners. At least he’s out there helping to fight the… Read more »


I could care less about his affair I’m am judging his future ammo quality based on his previous motorcycle builds I have worked on. I was at a shop whose owner had between 6 and 10 of his Westcoast choppers built at the height if his career. They were overpriced unreliable bikes that couldn’t be ridden without breaking them. I could have built exact duplicates of any of his bikes for $20,000 or less in most cases and he was selling them for $80,000 or more. For that price I expect a reliable bike that can be ridden without parts… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Old Vet, Yeah, if Dana Leosch were selling horse apples on a stick, at the county fair, I buy a dozen of them!

Wild Bill

I’d never miss and episode, and always miss what she said.


So if they are like his motorcycles they will have all kinds of pointy parts and wings welded on and then painted all sorts of easteregg like colors to make them better then the plain old factory box of ammo. I can see it now bullets with flame paint jobs,tribal engraving,chrome and gold plated bullets and they must be called old skool and custom to justify the probably double price they will cost


I forgot he will also hand hammer/forge each bullet and case one at a time so get in line now


Added to the list of companies I don’t give my money to.

Wild Bill

Note to self: Do not buy Ammo, Inc products until they eliminate costs directly attributable to celebrity spokes persons.

Jim S

So Im supposed to pay extra for ammunition with Jesse’s name on it so I can give Jesse royalty and licensing dollars? What has he ever done for our sport? Many Americans already think we are criminals, having Jesse involved will reaffirm that in their minds.
No thanks, peace, out


Well, it’s sorta Brilliant! Bullets purpose is to PENETRATE, and that is an Adulterer’s entire purpose also in life !


Great, an adulterer as a corporate representative. They should go hire Tiger too. Surround yourself with dishonorable people, and everyone will think you are too. What a moronic move.


An Adulterer….

Are you kidding?


You have nothing better to do than throw rocks from your glass house?