Antifa or Anti-First Amendment Group Wants to Give Their Monkeys Guns

by Don McDougal : Opinion

Antifa or Anti-First Amendment
Antifa or Anti-First Amendment
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( The Alt-Left is going to get somebody killed; and it looks like that is by design.

When you buy a gun it is with a reason or purpose. I got a new Match Ruger 100 for Silhouette competitions, the wife got a Weatherby XXII so she could join me.

The Anti free speech movement wants to buy guns too, but not for the same reasons you and I do. They want guns to instill fear in Trump supporters.

To quote their leadership. “Who do you think the fascist is more afraid of? People with only flags and bats or people with flag, bats and guns?”

Their purpose is clear they want guns to intimate people.

Every gun bag I own has a working knife in it. Used to clear a stuck case, or open a box of ammunition …etc. Every knife has a purpose. The custom knife once advertised on the Anti’s web page was specifically for “Slashing” trump supporters. Just like with firearms they to have a reason and purpose for this object, and it is solely to inflict harm on others. The knife was advertised as something you could hide and use to sneak into an event.

Antifa United Card Knife
Antifa United Card Knife

These groups have produced articles on their web pages about knife fighting. Their Facebook page calls for physical attacks on whites and calls on supporters to “get a gun”. They promote gun ownership in order to intimidate those they disagree with, they suggest buying a concealable knife to “slash” and attack those that disagree with them.

Suborning assaults and violence is the antithesis of the fascism they claim to be fighting. It is both illegal, is a disruptive element to society and immoral. Actions like theirs can be effective, might I suggest they read up on “The Night of Broken Glass” The Brown shirts seem to be their type of people.

Now Antifa wants to give guns to their followers or monkeys.

I know this will mostly fall on deaf ears, but for the Antifa – stop and think about the violence you’re asking for and planning on committing. Think about the lives that your actions will cost. Realize that the murders and assaults you plan on carrying out will change nothing in your favor. In preparing this article I did as much research as I could on your group, you have no core set of beliefs, you seem to be nothing but paid thugs. Think about those who lead you, always safe and warm and sheltered from the repercussions of the actions they promoted. If all you are is a tool don’t let that tool be a weapon.

As for the monkey analogy, it only seems harsh. So I’ll apologize in advance to the monkeys. As for the Antifa crowd, the best I can tell is you‘re just being used. Here have a banana.

To fellow gun owners (all 110 million of you) stay aware of your surrounding and watch your back. In Berkley and where there have been other assaults on free speech, the Antifa groups have not discriminated as to who they attack. Families and people walking by are fair game.

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 34 thoughts on “Antifa or Anti-First Amendment Group Wants to Give Their Monkeys Guns

    1. If you think we are some organization funded by your favorite liberal “boogeymen” Soros et al, then you clearly do not understand anything about ANTIFA. You will inevitably underestimate us as you assume that we are manufactured. This is ideology. This ideology to destroy fascists will never die. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the eradication of fascism anywhere it is present.

      1. @Antifa, I think that dying to destroy fascism is a worthy goal, but why are you against the First Amendment? The First Amendment enumerates several of our Civil Rights. Fascism is against Civil Rights, and you are against fascists. It makes no sense that you would be against Civil Rights.

      2. But you ARE the fascists. National SOCIALIST Workers Party. Mussolini was a communist. These past Fascists, such as Franco and Hitler … were battling for control of the left. Fidel wore a uniform, Mao wore a uniform, Pol POt wore a uniform. Fascists/Marxists all.

        History does not repeat but it often rhymes. You’re humming Duechland Uberalles

    2. Jeff when this all comes down how far will Soros back you? They won’t want their name tied in to murder. Your protest money will dry up. You will have a murder on your neck. The KKK was the military arm of the democratic party (you had to be a member of the democrats to join the KKK) google it ! Did those white hoods stop anyone from being prosecuted ? You will be hanging by yourself. Think about it.

    3. Jeff,
      If you have any influence with the leadership of your ALT-LEFT I wish you would tell them to bring it on. And make sure they wear their masks. I would love to punch several 0.45 inch air holes in them so they could easier breathe their last.

    4. Youbare absolute psycho and an idiot. Writing bs like this is dangerous and you are the one putting people at risk. You have no idea what you are talking about and this reads like a call to violence directed towards people even more ignorant and disturbed than yourself. Dont waste your time writing about antifa, nothing your limited mind can come up with is going to change anyone else’s mind.

      1. Kay, At one of your recent “rallies” three of your thugs approached a family. You were dressed in black and masked and verbally assaulted the couple. They were tourists, nothing more. The mother Lupe went to pull her baby out of a stroller to hold her close and two of your “friends” tried to snatch the child out of the mother’s arms. When the father stepped in between the THUGS and the his wife and child you struck him in the back of the head with a sign. At that point the father (who was in his late 40’s having started his family late in life) drew a pistol and your brave young social warriors called this black man and his Hispanic wife racists homophobes and ran off. Oh… fascists you called them that too. Had it been me and not him I’d have left you all on the pavement. How he kept his cool is beyond me.

        I’ll say it again, you’re going to get someone killed.

      2. Kay …. who the heck are you referring to? “Youbare absolute psycho ….. ” makes no sense. Please use spell check; it’s a free service for the less than educated left.

      3. Kay Kay Kay …. you sound all riled up about nothing. Why don’t you go get a massage or a hot toddy and unwind? You have disclosed yourself as a hippy dippy dope freak commie finko fag bedwetter by using the “psycho and idiot” mantra. Don’t you liberal weenies know anything other than reversion to insult? Come on Cupcake …. you can do better than that!

    5. Here is the problem. At some point even peaceful people get tired of being pushed around and NOT fighting back. Trump supporters were incited to bring out their “natural” gun totting instinct towards people who were against his racist , terrorism evoking language during his campaign. Trumpsters provoked violence and now they have begat violence as “protection” & “deterrence” to more of it against the left. The right harbores, EVIL, & now their leader is in charge. People are NOT going to tolerate the evil against them that comes from such rhetoric that Trumpsters seem to LOVE, or at least are indifferent to for the sake of LIES about better economics (money). And the Reagan- like tall old fart white guy daddy they always WORSHIP. If you people on the right love “your” guns while the left is fighting AGAINST violence against our loved ones and children, but you INSIST on being armed to the teeth for a WAR that isn’t even happening (in the minds of the LEFT: Then that LEFT wants to be READY FOR YOU with an ALT-LEFT. Peaceful people are tired of being “victims” of right wing DEVILS who “HIDE” their EVIL nature behind those old white farts dead guys who gave then “this AMENDMENT” or “that” with WHITE-MALES ONLY in their minds when the gave it, & yours white male low-lifes want to VIOLENTLY “retain” such “exclusive” power to make EVERYONE else in the world “a mere COMMODITY” for your GREED & VIOLENCE.

      1. I take it that you are an IDIOT zombified member of the loosely controlled communist group called ‘antifa’ or anti-first amendment or anti-American. You better WAKE-UP. Look what happened to the “Brown Shirts” that assisted Hitler. In the end Hitler DISPOSED of the “Brown Shirts”. Believe me ‘g.soros’ and his co-conspirators will do the same with you when they no longer need your BRAIN DEAD IDIOTIC assistance.

      2. Sorry, Jeff, BLM still won’t like you and Antifa is too stupid to know who is on the right side of society. Might want to keep those ideas to yourself if you go to a rally, us old white guys might be willing to confront you.

      3. Dear; Jeff
        You are full of more crap, than a Christmas Turkey. The few weapons that had ever been pulled, were in self-protect and the videos prove that fact. People, were and are tired of being attacked,and bludgeoned with bats,glass bottles and whetever else the commies were using. The very loud, crimminals of the left that attack law abiding citizens, and destroy public and private property, are going to awaken a far greater majority of people than they could ever imagine.
        It is not going to be in their favor either. The pendulum of the system is coming back to even, after eight very long years of the crimminal lawless reign of the commy muslim e chief. He too will soon be arrested. In short as admiral Yamamoto once said ” I am affraid we have awokend a sleeping giant”, we the majority have been silent way too long. We have let you cry babies, have your oh my feelings hurt moment. Your liberal indoctrination in schools have failed. Your commy system/nazi system has failed. My advice to you all since you don’t like it here. Pick a Country you might like and move. What you crap heads are going to start here, you are not going to like and it sure isn’t going to be pleasant, for you all. You may be blind to the facts but true Americans our side, come in all races, there are but only so very few of you commies / fascist pigs. You’ve had your way for far too long, we’ve tried to get along with you, let you throw your childish tantrums for far too long. Get over yourselves, learn to get along, learn this is America not some european country, not a commy or fascist country. Play right children or you will not be playing at all. You don’t like it here renounce your citizenship, leave your passport at the border, airport or wherever you leave from. Take hollywood folks with you, your baby killing selves are not needed here. Go change your diapers you smell of the crap you all have been spewing. Don’t have a nice day, hope your feelings are hurt. In boot camp, both I attended, neither taught me to care about feelings of the enemy. I was trained way before political correctness crap was even considered. My oath was to defend America from enemies both foreign and domestict, do yourselves a favor go to your rooms and sulk, play with yourselves or whatever you do to eachother. Don’t start no crap and you will not get your crap handed back to you the hard way.
        Semper Fi!
        God, Family, Country and the Corps

      4. Jeff, wow, your world is a dark, dreadful place. I am glad I live in the real world. You should try it some time. So you believe that words are equivalent to violence? That is why it is acceptable for “progressives” to randomly attack people and attack peaceful people that might have different views? I thought “progressives” were supposedly open-minded and valued differences.

      5. @Jeff McLaughlin, You may fool someone, but most of us saw and heard that democrat operative on Hillary’s staff on the news that admitted that he paid people to go to the Trump rallies and try to start fights. That cat is out of the bag.

      6. I can’t think of a single time in history when thugs hiding behind masks and assaulting people with differing opinions were the good guys.
        That hasn’t changed.
        And you say “Reagan like tall old fart white guy” and call me a racist??? You’re not only racist,you’re ageist and sexist. You made a triple play of discrimination in one idiotic rant. Well done useful idiot!

      7. Jeff you are absolutely correct up to the second period . After that you and the rest of the VPC demonstrate exactly what is being taught at Berkley. Perhaps president Trump can do something about removing all federal funding from those universities along with the sanctuary cities.

      8. McLaughlin….!!!

        YOU HAVE OUR PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY……find Gil, and take him with you, holding hands will help both of your insecurities.

      9. your first sentence bears some semblance of truth. following on, however, you miss the mark entirely.

        YOU and your ilk uttterly fail to realise that the REASON Trump now lives on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC is that “Trump supporters were incited to bring out their “natural” gun totting instinct towards people who were against his racist , terrorism evoking language during his campaign” never happened… he is there BECAUSE he already holds, and has lived by, the same values we who put him there hold. WE did not fall into line with Trump, HE represents and works toward the values we already hold.

        As to your claims of racism, terrorism, mysogynism, zenophobia, are fantasy…… he is far less “racist” than the kinyun former fraud. He opposes the terrorism you advocate, and the antifa idiots as well. You want mysogynism, have a close look at the Clintons, He and She. And zenophobic? Good grief, man, to WHOM is he married?

      10. Wow … what a hilariously ludicrous and misguided comment. I like your liberal use of the caps key. It’s the blogging equivalent of shouting down anyone with whom you do not share a view. I’m not sure how one can represent a mask and black ninja outfit in their comments, but I’m sure you can figure it out. Looking forward to your next rant!

      11. Jeffy … what do you mean “peaceful people”? You cannot be referring to the hired thugs that are so peaceful in Portland and UCB. Maybe you are and I just “missed” the peaceful part. Ask mommy to bake you some cookies to ease your pain and go down to your basement room to play video games. Leave the saving of America to those of us with more sense. OK Cupcake?

      12. If you don’t like our “Amendments” and freedoms, including your right to spout idiocy, GO AWAY. Go to any of the other 195 countries in the world and see how fast they shut you down.
        Only morons who watched the hard left liars at CNN believe the right started any violence. NO factual evidence, just talking heads crying because they have paid to have Hillary in their pockets and she lost. The Left is the side promoting violence by enabling criminals… strong gun restrictions = high crime. The strict gun laws the criminals break are usually waved and not enforced when they get to court. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Baltimore mayor is crying murder rates are out of control while they make sure the law abiding citizens don’t have a way to protect them selves. Chicago is the same. Go to some gun control utopia like England or Australia where murder rates went way up after they started taking away the guns.
        Since you have such a hard on for white males, you must not realize that industrial society was primarily built by them. Go iive in the third world without the comforts we created. Crap in a ditch outside your house while dirt farming without a tractor or electricity. There are great people from every race, but the society you live in is due to white anglo-saxon Christian values. Go to your snowflake safe place, and start planning to move.
        Oh, and if you start rioting in my neighborhood, everyone in my house will be armed. We don’t tolerate that here.

      1. Gil, as Reagan would have said, there you go, again. The author in no way implied that. As a citizen, one has the right to self-defense, your idea is to commit a felony. It is amazing how you can read the stories on this site and not learn anything and always arrive at the wrong conclusion.

      2. No Gil, It should read: “To fellow gun owners (all 110 million of you) they are about to cross the line so get ready to RETURN fire at will

        1. Actually, you are NOT required by law (leastwise where I live) to return fire. I was taught the acronym AOJ (mnemonic: administration of justice) Ability, Opportunity and Jeopardy. If someone visibly has the Ability to give me a mortal wound and he is positioned so as to have the Opportunity to do so (i.e. the weapon is unholstered or easily so or unslung, then as soon as he approaches me sufficiently closely such that I am now within the “kill zone” of his weapon I am in Jeopardy and therefor justified in shooting first. Once you are in the other fellow’s kill zone (and the kill zone for a knife is 7 yards/meters), if you are not ALREADY ready to fire then he can kill you at will. That is not to say that I will not have warned him multiple times to keep his distance. But if his weapon is at a low ready, as soon as he crosses the line I am going to fire. I will NOT be shooting to kill. I have no desire to end anyone’s life. I will, however be aiming center of mass in an attempt to stop him. The old 12 versus 6 rule would come into play here.

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