Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Seek Comments on National Monument Review

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Backcountry Hunters and AnglersUSA -( The Antiquities Act and National Monument designations are essential to the conservation of public lands and waters.

On April 26, however, President Donald Trump signed an executive order mandating the review of 27 national monuments nationwide launching an unprecedented review by the Interior Department.

The president’s action set in motion a process that could directly impact the future management of 11.3 million acres of public lands and waters – places currently withdrawn from harmful development.

Many monuments provide high quality hunting and angling opportunities and support important tracts of habitat that support robust fish and wildlife populations.

Through locally driven collaborative efforts, BHA members have worked to advance the designation of many of these landscapes, including the Rio Grande del Norte and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in New Mexico, Berryessa Snow Mountain in California, Upper Missouri River Breaks in Montana, and Basin and Range in Nevada.

As highlighted in our Sportsmen’s Perspective report, when used judiciously the Antiquities Act is an important tool for conserving landscapes like these.

Citizens have the opportunity to provide public comment during the review. Now is the time to make our voices heard on behalf of our wild public lands and waters, fish and wildlife, and hunting and angling traditions.

The hard work by sportsmen and women to protect hunting and fishing in national monuments could be undone if we don’t speak up.

Please join us in urging the Trump administration to maintain quality habitat protections for these important landscapes and uphold the integrity of the Antiquities Act as a tool for ensuring the permanent conservation of public lands and waters valued by Americans and critical to our fish and wildlife populations.

Submit your comment to the administration using the comment field provided here.

Thanks for taking action on behalf of our nation’s public lands and waters and outdoor legacy.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is the sportsmen’s voice for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.


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Anyone here hunts anything? I came looking for a hunters organization and all I can find is Socialist folks “All for the government” type. The land belongs to the states the feds have no business telling the people how to manage their natural heritage from their cozy offices thousands of miles away.

Anthony Canales

A problem for the Right To Keep and Bear Arms movement is that groups like BackCountry Hunters and Anglers are placing the public land transfer issue ahead of RKBA. If a pro-RKBA politician who votes for the Second Amendment also votes his or her conscience on smaller monument designations, or habitat being transferred back to the states for the management of apex predators like wolves, mountain lions and grizzly bears, BCHA and other sportsmen organizations will campaign against them in future elections. Given that 50-60 million non-hunting shooters pay the same excise taxes for firearms and ammunition that the nation’s… Read more »


This is a real shame. What am I referring to? Simply that I’m put in the position of refusing to comment in favor on any issue you folks bring up because you are a false flag organization and receive funding from anti-gun/anti-hunting groups like the Tides Foundation, to name just one and most likely have an ulterior motive. This casts a pale on everything you do and makes everything you say suspect. To date you have never, let me repeat that so everyone reading this can let it sink in, you have NEVER, explained your funding sources or the jaded… Read more »


Use the link to comment AGAINST what these clowns want. Those lands belong to the states in whcih they are situate, per the US COnstitutioin.

EVERY ONE of the “National Monumants” needs to be delisted…. and returned to the states. These are nothing but a fedGov land grab. Illegal, unconstitutioinal, and immoral. SO MANY of these monuments have been unlawfully closed to ALL traffic and use…. return them ALL to their respective states, and let the LOCALS determine how best to manage them.


OOOOooops. my bad. Just went to do thatvery thing, and it links to THEIR website, and the ONLY option is to use their preprinted comment in favour of…..

must go to the FedGov site……


We’ve discussed this ad nauseum and one of the problems with an “all in” strategy is that you’ll have States who will see the dollar signs in commercialization and what the sporting community wants be damned. Once it’s gone you can vote them out of office but you’ll never get the land back. Despite our disgust at many of the things the Fed does, if it’s going to transfer ownership back to the States there has to be restrictions put in place to make sure the States don’t use that land as a cash cow.