The Battle for Public Lands: Field & Stream’s May 2017 Issue

The May 2017 issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad now.

The Battle for Public Lands: Field & Stream's May 2017 Issue
The Battle for Public Lands: Field & Stream’s May 2017 Issue
Field & Stream
Field & Stream

USA – -( This Land WAS Your Land. The future of hunting and fishing is under attack. States are trying to wrench control of public lands from the federal government in order to drill, mine, sell off and–ultimately–steal our national sporting heritage.

This special report explains why public lands must remain in public hands, and why the future of hunters’ most valuable resource is at stake in the battle. Page 40

A Dog in the Hunt: Every April, after dark, hunters and hounds descend on the woods and hollows of Decatur County, Tennessee, for the world’s largest raccoon hunt. They don’t come for the cash or the prizes, but for bragging rights, charity, and to take part in an ancient ritual. Page 46

Carry On: Just a decade ago, it was illegal in many states for a bowhunter to carry a handgun to the stand. The rationale was that if a deer walked by, the hunter couldn’t be trusted not to shoot it with a pistol and then stick an arrow into it to cover his tracks. Times have changed. There are plenty of reasons to carry a handgun afield—but these guns are here to serve a purpose: protection against a small, but real, set of dangerous people you could encounter in the woods. Page 52

Wild Chef: Wild Turkey Tonnato Vitello tonnato is a classic dish from Italy’s Piedmont region that, frankly, sounds patently insane: veal slices dressed in creamy sauce made from canned tuna and capers. The brain may say no, but the taste buds know the truth. In Field & Stream’s version, braised wild turkey breast stands in for the veal, upping the flavor ante that much further. Page 20

Trophy Bass: Tips Every bass angler dreams of landing a double-digit largemouth. Field & Stream asked the pros how to make that dream a reality—whether you want to travel for the trophy or try hooking that monster fish close to home. To maximize your chances for a 10-pounder, they’ve found the best lakes in the world for double-digit bass right now. Page 30

Field Test: Hot Rods 2017 Field & Stream put a boatload of new fishing rods to the ultimate test, checking out casting with weights; the components of each (including handle material, guides and insets, reel seats, and more); sensitivity, blank quality, and overall feel and finish. Which ones landed for performance and value? Page 59

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Steven S.Baum

I was totally in love with the last page article. A Sportsmans Life” I will be 70 this year and it hit home REALLY hard, as all my friends are as long in the tooth and as ‘fit’ as I. I actually work out many days a week [ so I can get out of bed ] and I do hunt and play as hard as I dare. GREAT READ,and sadly it will not reach the youngsters that could make something out of it. Wish I had read,AND swallowed that knowledge about 30 years ago. THANK YOU. Not a fisherman,but… Read more »


What a load of lefty poppycock.
The Federal governmnet has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own this land;
Return it to the states NOW !!
Ammo land; QUIT spewing this idiotic nonsense.