Big Book of Ballistics , by Phil Massaro, Presented by Gun Digest Media

Big Book of Ballistics
Big Book of Ballistics

Zephyr Cove, Nevada  – In Big Book of Ballistics, the newest release from Gun Digest Books, author Phil Massaro takes on the daunting task of explaining the physics of firearms and ammunition. The result is ballistics explained in plain language for anyone who wants to understand the science behind what it takes to achieve superior shooting performance. The book is available now at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major and specialty retailers.

In Big Book of Ballistics, Massaro takes the reader on a journey that starts inside the cartridge case and ends on the other side of a blasted-out target. Inside the book:

  • The terminology of ballistics in plain language
  • How to choose the best ammunition
  • Successful long-range shooting principles
  • Terminal ballistics of hunting, target and self-defense bullets
  • Illustrated comparisons between bullet shapes, trajectories and wind drift

Not a dry technical manual, Big Book of Ballistics relies on Massaro’s worldwide pursuit of small, medium and dangerous game adventure in heart-pounding stories that make the science of ballistics as real as it gets.

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Big Book of Ballistics by Philip P. Massaro

Published by Gun Digest Media

ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-4711-8 Price: $39.99 Paperback: 8.25 x 10.875 336 Pages

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About the Author PHILIP P. MASSARO is the founder and president of Massaro Ballistic Laboratories, which creates custom handloaded ammunition. In addition to his ballistics work, Massaro is the author of Gun Digest Shooters Guide to ReloadingHandloader’s Digest, and Understanding Ballistics: Complete Guide to Bullet Selection. He is a contributor to Cartridges of the World, 15th Edition and Gun Digest the Magazine.