BIG&J Attractants Release Two Irresistible, New Products

BIG&J Attractant
BIG&J Attractant

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USA -( BIG&J, makers of the world’s most effective long-range attractants and supplements, has taken their proven formula for attracting deer and applied it to the pig market with two irresistible products, PIGS-DIG-IT and HOGS-HAMMER-IT.

PIGS-DIG-IT is a granular attractant that can be poured directly on the ground to create an instant hunting hotspot.

With a super-stinky old cheese smell that hogs can’t resist, PIGS-DIG-IT will draw activity from long range, and without a long discovery time. If they move anywhere downwind of PIGS-DIG-IT, hogs will come running.

HOGS-HAMMER-IT is BIG&J’s liquid version of the world’s nastiest stink bomb – the perfect aroma to attract pigs from long distance. A proprietary refining process creates the HOGS-HAMMER-IT stinky old cheese smell that is so strong even humans can smell it from far away.

And if you can smell it from long distance, imagine how far it will be detected by a hog’s sensitive nose!

Pour HOGS-HAMMER-IT on the ground, or apply it to a stump or feed pile to create a long-lasting attraction site.

Like all BIG&J products, PIGS-DIG-IT and HOGS-HAMMER-IT are made with the finest ingredients – yes, even these nasty-smelling lures are made with care to ensure the health of the animals they’re designed to attract.

PIGS-DIG-IT is available in 5-pound bags, and HOGS-HAMMER-IT comes in a half-gallon container. While you might not dig the smell of these great products, you’ll be grinning when you put the hammer down on the wild pigs they bring in.

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