Every Burglary Suspect Is Extremely Dangerous

By John Farnam

Long Knife in Hand Knives
Every Burglary Suspect Is Extremely Dangerous
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Safe” places and “safe” Neighborhoods!

Earlier this month, two prominent physicians, living in the “high-rent district” of Boston, MA, were victims of a home invasion.

Both were tied-up by a single, armed burglary suspect. Then, while thus helpless, both had their throats slit and subsequently bled to death!

One of them, prior to dying, sent a pitiable text massage to friends, pleading for help.

None arrived!

This is similar to the Bataclan Theater attack in Paris, France in 2015, where innocent theater-goers, being held hostage by Islamic terrorists, tweeted desperate messages pleading for police to come and save them.

None arrived there either. All hostages were murdered, many in hideous ways!

Back in Boston, the single suspect was arrested shortly after the double-murder, but not before a brief shootout with police. Suspect was wounded, but not fatally. No police were injured.


  1. Affluence, education, intellect, high-end employment, political connections, status, personal prestige, residence in an ostensibly “safe,” high-end, high-rise with lots of “security” in place. All wonderful, but none of that will not stop, scarcely even deter, violent criminals, as we see!
  2. Every burglary suspect is extremely dangerous! Never regard criminals, even petty ones, as “amateurish,” nor “harmless.”
  3. The closest to “safety” any of us will ever get is continuous, split-second access to loaded guns, as well as having undergone requisite training in their serious use. Either go armed, with a firm, righteous plan for personal victory, or be comfortable in your chosen status of “voluntary victim,” and then be prepared to wittingly accept the consequences. Don’t cry “unfair,” when you’re unprepared (not that it will matter)!
  4. Never surrender to criminals. Never let them tie you up. Be ever committed, and fully prepared, to fight to the death – effectively and decisively!

Personal preparation and commitment are literally the difference between life and death.

Confront these facts honestly, while you still can!


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www.defense-training.com

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Alas Clark Kent u r most likely correct. Gil and xx/ ts have theirheads in a place that is very dark ans smelly!


Reading Gil’s ridiculous posts really makes me feel good about myself! What a loon. Mr ex wifes family was just like him until some bad men came out of nowhere and robbed and beat them in their home. Now they all own guns and have been well trained in self defense. They admit they were lucky to have survived to gain this wisdom. Hope you get wise someday Gil.

Clark Kent

Don’t hold your breath. Gil is clueless that it is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS if an individual prepares for avoiding the possibility of becoming a victim.

The Revelator

Not that he isn’t skilled oldvet, just that he doesn’t punch one ragged hole. He did say he is quite proficient at placing rounds center mass within 15 yards, which is much longer than the straightest path in his house. Most lasers will emit light at the source, the laser diode itself, which if not pointed at the eyes of a target with the intent to blind and disorient in the dark can give away your position just like a flashlight. It’s not the beam, it is the light at the front of the laser. Besides, the biggest problem in… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OV, That Tony sounds like a nice young American.


To save your family from harm and need to use deadly force,
the criminal forfeited their life, you did not take a life.

Dave in Fairfax

@Oldvet No laser necessary or wanted. Lights give away your position. I walk up to people all the time without them knowing I’m there. I suspect that you may have been trained to do the same. Last time I caught a burglar in my house I stuck a .357 in his ear and cocked it. Then I made him clean the floor before he went away. As for you Gil, your silly comments tell me that you know squat about weapons and killing. Shotguns don’t cut people in half. That takes a machete or something much like it. I’ve been… Read more »


Last fall my video doorbell caught a rather large young man testing our door knob at ~1:30am. My home has a camera, an alarm system with a sign, a dog, upgraded locks-latches, motion lights and a pistol full of hollow points with a flashlight locked to the rail. I also have a wife and a young son <1yr. I'm no expert marksman nor do I claim to be, but I have no problem with emptying the mag into the vitals of a sillhouete at 15yards (longer than the longest straight stretch of my home). I don't want to kill someone,… Read more »


I have to wonder how many criminals Gil has met. If you think they think like you think, you are right, because they don’t think much. The criminals I have known have a thought process as bizarre as a Democrats. The Man is oppressing them, they are too good to work like the rest of us, the strong have a right to take from the weak, et cetera. Crime is the culmination of years of errant thought processes. Crime is not microwave popcorn, crime is a long slow stew. no words you say to a criminal will alter or affect… Read more »


I would think the same about the readers when they can’t wait for the time they’re going to cut someone else in half with a shotgun – probably none.

Heed the Call-up

Old Vet, that may have already occurred, but we will never know, nor care, other than that we would want the perpetrator(s) caught so he/she couldn’t do the same to us.

Gil, what posters ever stated “Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2017/05/burglary-suspect-extremely-dangerous/#ixzz4i0j63CdW
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they can’t wait for the time they’re going to cut someone else in half with a shotgun”? Oh, that’s right, none.


gil, stop and consider, if indeed you are capable of such activity, the MESS I’d have to deal with should I ever “cut someone else in half with a shotgun”…….. grow up and get real.

Wild Bill

@Mas N. Gil, Violence Policy Center shill, cutting someone in half would be a chain saw. A shotgun just pokes a lot of little holes in them.


Perhaps a bit of time in a Latin American country where police are either non-existent or bought off (only serving those of certain socioeconomic status and political connexion) either of which make them useless when needed. Nearly everyone have cell phones, but the coppers don’t seem to ever be on the other end of them. Thus, home security rests squarely upon the shoulders of THE PEOPLE. That being the case, homes are pretty well protected by heavy solid iron grates, gates, high fences with smooth outer sides, sharp objects such as broken glass, concertina wire, sometimes charged, and razor wire,… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Home invasions always involve armed perpetrators who have planned to confront, restrain and kill with rape and arson possible. Few homes are so hardened that invasion is not possible. Most homes have sliding glass doors in one or more sides of the home. I a matter of a few seconds a brick or baseball bat will admit several violent criminals. You may be asleep and groggy or in the shower, but even if you’re wide awake a gun in a lock-box might as well be a mile away. You need a loaded gun on your person or perhaps on the… Read more »


Inevitably you have to go for the rare and statistically unlikely event to romance about gunning down people. Unfortunately most people don’t yet see gunning down others over throwing popcorn is seen as legal (yet).

HMLA-167 Warrior

Throwing popcorn in a theater has what exactly to do with home invasion? Typical of your posts… You bring up some unrelated topic in a failed attempt to support your point. You are a lucky individual. You seem to have never been the victim of a violent crime, have never had your home broken into particularly while you were there, have never been robbed or mugged or raped. Hopefully, for your sake, those odds will stay in your favor. But if it ever does happen that you are the victim of a violent act, please come back here and share… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

@HMLA-167 Warrior
Don’t bother feeding the troll. It’s GIL, fer cryin’ out loud.
Anyone who could write something like:
“Unfortunately most people don’t yet see gunning down others over throwing popcorn is seen as legal (yet).”
shouldn’t be taken seriously. It might be worthwhile if Gil did have to undergo an attitude adjustment by a criminal. Remember the old saw about a Republican being a Democrat who’s been mugged.


I am one of those, changes your life upside down FOR EVER after you’ve been mugged, maybe just maybe my friend (who was black) saved my life, the 3 assailants were “young black males” they didn’t even take his money, he pled with them to “leave me alone” eventually they ran. Happened so quick it was a blur – this was in England 30 years ago.

Heed the Call-up

Gil, so their deaths are acceptable to you because you don’t believe anyone should have the right to self-defense? Would your parents and other relatives feel the same way if you met the same fate? The author’s fourth point was not specific to use of firearms, but self-defense in anyway possible: “Never surrender to criminals. Never let them tie you up. Be ever committed, and fully prepared, to fight to the death – effectively and decisively!” Is that wrong? Would you be a willing victim as these two unfortunate souls were? It’s unlikely that I will have a house fire,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Heed, His parents and other relatives would probably aid the criminal in Gil’s victimization, and then give him cab fare to where ever he wanted to go; divide up Gil’s stuff; sell his body to science; go to lunch; and then call the police.


No more than you see accidental and purpose gun deaths acceptable losses. It’s simply a case of everyone fear shark attacks, no one fears heart attacks.

Heed the Call-up

Gil, “accidental” firearms deaths are extremely rare, by many orders of magnitude compared to burglaries and home invasions. As far as “purposeful” deaths, that’s called murder and is already illegal, regardless of method or weapon used. No one fears heart attacks? They are vastly more common than”accidental” shootings. Automatic defibrillators are common in many public places because of the risk of heart attack. They are even on most commercial aircraft. Fire extinguishers are ubiquitous and are required by law in all public buildings. Self-defense is not about fear, it’s about being prepared, just like when I go hiking I take… Read more »

The Revelator

The real question there is does Gil carry a spare tire and a jack in his car? Or, does he have a car? Maybe he still lives in mommy’s basement and only gets around on a tricycle. We don’t know for sure, but something tells me he may be the guy staring in the recent Liberty Mutual insurance commercials of the young guys stuck in the middle of no where with a flat tire, calling daddy.

#Gil’s Life, #Working without tools


As said heart disease is the #1 killer of people so do people put down the cheeseburger and whiskey? Nope, plenty of people such as you eat garbage but stock up of guns for the time when a gang of terrorists kick down your front door and try to murder you.

Heed the Call-up

Gil, if they are like me, they eat healthily. I also don’t”stock up of guns for the time when a gang of terrorists kick down your front door and try to murder you.” You’re 0 for two, want to play again? And I thought doubling-down on stupid was just an expression.


The analogy here would those who want a huge collection of extra fancy spare tire and jacks that would impractical for a standard flat tire but can change spare tires of military-grade trucks in the event of a government gone rogue.

Heed the Call-up

Gil, again you are 0 for two. If this were baseball, you’d have a losing season, with no hits, runs or walks. I own fewer firearms than I do kitchen knives, but using your logic it must be because I want to be ready for kitchen apocalypse, when the food starts attacking and I have to prepare and cook it before I am overcome.

The Revelator

Once again, Gil manages to skip right past reality while leaping headlong into delusion. There is a reason it is #Working without tools, and no that is not referencing what is kept in the trunk. It’s also why I don’t directly respond to him Heed the Call-Up. The amorphous vacuum created by his cranial rectal insertion tends to have a similar effect on braincells to that of a singularity on light. Being void, it sucks them in and they are never seen nor heard from again. We know who and what he is. We know his favorite people to defend… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

The Revelator, awesome post. You had me literally ROTFLMAO.


HtCu you & co. are romancing about shooting up criminals gangs up and taken down the U.S. government thanks to your trusty guns. Far from hoping to never use them you’re just waiting for the go ahead.

Heed the Call-up

Gil, please back-up that claim with facts. No post I have read on this site has ever stated anything close to that, with the exception of some stupidity that you post.

The Revelator

Heed the Call, He can’t. That’s because individuals like you and myself have been advocating legality. Lawful Action. Responsibility. The only person here who seems to “Fantasize” about people getting shot by others is in fact Gil him/her self. Remember, he lives in his delusional fantasy land where he does not have to provide factual evidence for his claims because in his mind(the void) he believes that the end justifies the means. But, you can bet he will be the biggest crybaby in the room if he is ever in court for a criminal offense. “I didn’t do it!! You… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Gil, “Acceptable losses” is a military term and has no place in civilian society. Your silly propaganda will fool no one here.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill
The sad part is that Gil’s “reality” is even more over the top and absurd than just about any satire I post, like the other reply up above.


Gil the shill. The creep that shot that man in the Tampa theater was a retired cop, moron. Also, the theater was posted No Weapons Allowed.


Yet that villain weaponized a bag of popcorn.


maybe you need to go back and reread the popcorn theatre reports….. seems the creep who got shot is the one who weaponised popcorn. Using it to assault someone in a public place, which someone had done no harm to anyone. The shooter merely returned the favour of assault, but happened to use a more lethal weapon than popcorn.

Get your story straight. It will help make you more believeable. Oh wait, you’re already so unbelievable it won’t make any difference.
Blather on

Heed the CAll-up

Old vet, you had me ROTFLMAO with that comment. Gil is a pathetic, sad person.

2nd Amender

Gil, is obviously short for Gilligan, who was famously short on intellect!
Please, do not feed the Gilligan.

Heed the Call-up

2nd Amender, that’s an insult to Gilligan who was kind, affable, and meant well, unlike Gil.

2nd Amender

but he didn’t “THWART” your rescue, on a weekly basis!

The Revelator

So Gil’s biggest dilemma is that he has no Skipper to swoop in and save him? We can fix that in a hurry! Anybody feel like volunteering?



Maybe not.

Wild Bill

That is funny!

The Revelator

Glad I could make you laugh and bring a little joy into your life today Bill.

Be safe, and be well.


sorry to disagree here but Gil is obviously the last name, first name and middle initial – Mas, N.

Wild Bill

@TonyYork, My hat is off to you and Mas N. Gil’s mask is off to the world. Well done, brother.