Distributed Security Becomes An NAEMT Training Center

Distributed Security Becomes An NAEMT Training Center
Distributed Security Becomes An NAEMT Training Center

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CHICAGO, Ill. -(Ammoland.com)- Distributed Security, Inc. (DSI) (formerly Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc.) announced today that it has become an NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians) Training center with four locations; Davenport, Iowa, Mt. Carroll, Illinois, and two in Toledo, Ohio.

An NAEMT TRAINING CENTER is an organization that provides initial and/or continuing education to EMS practitioners and other pre-hospital healthcare providers that has been approved to conduct NAEMT courses.

The company will initially offer four courses including; Bleeding Control, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and Law Enforcement and First/Responder Tactical Casualty Care.

Mike Smock, CEO of DSI said:

“This is another example of our dedication to being the most comprehensive source of private security solutions for individuals, businesses, churches and communities. These courses are combined with DSI’s existing Combative Firearms, Individual Tactics and Team Tactics courses and integrate with both our on-range and on-line training resources. Private citizens, businesses, churches and schools will now be able to learn the life-saving lessons pioneered during our Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.”

Dr. Chuck Gbur, VP Tactical Medicine, leads the development of DSI’s tactical medicine practice including content development and on-range instruction. He retired after 25 years as Battalion Surgeon and is currently an interventional cardiologist in Toledo, Ohio.

He served as a medical officer in the United States Navy and during most of his career served with the Fleet Marine Force holding positions including Battalion Surgeon, Marine Rear Area Operation Group Surgeon, Regimental Surgeon, and Advisor to The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps at HQMC and company Commander of a Marine Corps surgical company.

Additionally, Dr. Gbur was a graduate of the Naval War College and Joint Forces Staff College as well as numerous other classes and course.

For more information on DSI’s tactical medicine offering please visit their website.

About Distributed Security, Inc.:

Distributed Security Inc. (formerly Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc.) is a private security firm. They train and mobilize individuals, businesses, churches and schools to defend life and property. DSI offers integrated on-line, on-site and on-range training packages for its members, students and clients. The firm was founded by Ron Danielowski, a former active duty Marine and security consultant operating in the Middle East, and Mike Smock, a competitive strategist and expert on maneuver theory.