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Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Armed American RadioU.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Sometimes an epic show happens by accident. What makes a show legend, of course, is its guest lineup. This week, there were a couple of changes due to regular contributor AWR Hawkin’s travel schedule to an NSSF event in Washington, DC. That left the second hour open for a changeup this week.

Filling AWR’s shoes is no small task so I reached out to the one man I knew could step up, Dr.John R. Lott. Dr. Lott is, after all, the “go to” source for numbers and evidence that make us right. His work is irrefutable, which is why the left refuses to even show up on the same program with him. There is no arguing with the truth. Period.

Here’s the breakdown of the Sunday lineup. Hour one saw regular contributor Alan Gottlieb return to the program this week with a lesson on the Supreme Court. How they take cases, how the process works and what it means for us, was all discussed. In particular, we discussed the Peruta case and whether or not the decision to hear it will be made soon, or not. We want it heard. Alan, as always, brings great information to the table.

Following Alan, in hour one was the venerable Ernest Emerson of Emerson Knives who told the AAR audience exactly why this broadcaster has a fear of knives. Ernie is the world’s foremost expert on blade fighting and, well, you’ll hear why I am scared to death of the offensive use of a knife. Yeah, I would much rather be shot than cut.

Hour two, John R. Lott brings the numbers and facts. John was followed by Georgia Carry Executive Director, Jerry Henry. Jerry’s folksy ways make him a fan favorite, and as usual, he doesn’t disappoint.

Hour three saw the return of George “The Mad Ogre” Hill. As my longtime resident firearm expert and original partner of the Grilling While Armed segments, George paired up a couple of guns with two BBQ recipes we gave out on the air. Among other things, we also got his perspective on a pair of pistols and two famed shotguns. I think the comparison he makes between the Mossberg and the Remington 870 will leave you wanting to add another gun to your stable!

Enjoy the program, and I’ll see ya on the radio!

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

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Gil, You have provided interesting references, which I have read through, and concluded that your beliefs and mine continue to differ, in part because of the level of trust we each assign to our respective sources. Not being able to trust a source of information, be it about education, medicine, guns, or the weather turns informed decision making into guesswork. So, Gil, share with me your thoughts about why only one side of the discussion, the John Lott / NRA / GOA / CARPA, JPFO etc. groups, appear willing to sit down and have an open, public, unscripted talk, while… Read more »

The Revelator

Chuck!! That was mean. You know Rosie O’Don….. I mean Gil is online to hide his identity so he doesn’t have to use reputable honest sources…. I mean what good does paying for a study to say exactly what he wants, a predetermined proclamation defaming any and all who disagree with his views. Calling that into question, and even the lack of intestinal stability or fortitude for him to debate John Lott, the man who worked with the admittedly anti-firearm Gary Kleck when they began conducting their first studies on criminal behaviors and defensive use of firearms. I mean really,… Read more »


Nope. There are no two sides but either an assertion is true or it isn’t.