Exporting Islamic Violence

By John Farnam

Coptic Christian Bus Attack In Egypt
Coptic Christian Bus Attack In Egypt
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “We have cleansed and purged the world. Now, we must build.

Build plenty of coffins

… that's all you'll need!” ~ Dialog between Neville (played by Charlton Heston) and Matthias (played by Anthony Zerbe) from the 1971 feature film, “Omega man.” A 2007 remake (“ I am Legend”) starred Will Smith.

Buried in today’s news, because it is hardly “news” anymore, is the report that two dozen Coptic (the word means “Egyptian”) Christians were murdered as they were being transported on a bus somewhere south of Cairo, Egypt. Many of the dead and maimed are minor children.

Several vehicles full of gunmen in “military uniforms,” and with faces covered, pulled up alongside and began firing AKs into the bus.

Of course, no arrests have been made, nor are any likely.

In Egypt, as in all Moslem-dominated countries, the Christian minority has been politically marginalized and has essentially no representation, nor do they enjoy the protection of law, as we see.

Of course, in Moslem-dominated countries, Muslims themselves don’t fare much better!

Isn’t it interesting that Muslim refugees, fleeing Syria and other countries, shun Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and all other Moslem nations. No, they curiously all flock to Christian nations, like Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and USA, where they know they will enjoy the protection of law, vigorous political representation, a generous-to-a-fault welfare system, and no pressure to assimilate, nor to be productive in any way. And, as if all that weren’t enough, they are showered with a never-ending plethora of “special privileges” by cynical leftist politicians, all in and effort to maintain their status as a permanent, self-isolating underclass, and thus “purchase” their votes political support.

Leftists are all alike, no matter where you find them!

And, when Moslems arrive in Christian nations, they display no more tolerance for Christians and Jews than they did in nations from whence they came!

For one, I’d rather they just said, “Thank you,” and left it at that!

So, while exporting their excess population, Moslem nations are simultaneously exporting violent crime and violent intolerance.

And in the West, our leftist/liberal politicians just can’t get enough of it!

“A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to the threat of extinction.” ~ JG Ballard


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  • 9 thoughts on “Exporting Islamic Violence

    1. John – to paraphrase Clark, do some thorough research before you post. Coptic actually is “an Afro-Asiatic language descended from ancient Egyptian and used as the liturgical language of the Coptic church.” Thanks to Merriam-Webster.

      1. BobD, instead of trashing someone, you might want research your comment more thoroughly. The word Coptic isn’t just the name of the language or religion, it does mean Egyptian. The online dictionary you used apparently did not provide you with the derivation of the word. In word usage, derivation matters.

        Word origin of ‘Coptic’
        ModL Coptus, earlier Cophtus < Ar Quft, Qift, the Copts < Coptic Gyptios < Gr Aigyptios, Egyptian

      2. you rely upon Merriam Webster, that liberal bent politically correct word-shifting “resource”?

        How bout finding an old huge hard copy of Noah Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary from about 1900, or maybe even the 1828 version?

        Was this version an online one, or a “collegiate” one? Even more suspect.

    2. Rather it’s the equivalent of European migration 200 years – in the days in spite of heavy migration the Europe nations (except Ireland) still saw large population growth. In other words Muslim countries are the few countries nowadays with a fast growing population that there’s a huge surplus of young people looking elsewhere. Combine that with the declining, aging Western populations and there you go.

        1. Muslim populations are growing fast and their surplus is going to Europe where populations are falling. Maybe in the West where the average age is early-middle age it’s hard to imagine countries where the average age is young.

          1. your foundatinal assumptions are pathetic. These people are ex-migrating for the express purpose of spreading their death and subjugation to other areas of the world, the main premise of these rotten people being that there is not enough of their preferred types of villence to suit them, so they must create more of it…. thus Manchester, Charlie Hebdo, Fort Hood, Boko Haram massacres and slavery imported to Nigeria…..

          2. Forty years ago the liberals talked everyone into having no more than two children to avoid over population. Now, moslems are using just numbers to overcome the legitimate populations of Europe. Liberals want the same in the US. Moslems take over countries that allow liberals to flourish. Moslems kill off everyone not moslem. Then moslems own the world and commence killing each other. Nice world that the libs are arranging.

            1. A certain guy said “give me one generation and I’ll change the world!” So those who didn’t make babies lose their control of society to those who did. Then again the greater reason is the West has made raising a huge financial burden.

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