GLOCK Announces Special Pistol Production for Summer


GLOCK, Inc.SMYRNA, GA.-( GLOCK, Inc., manufacturer of the world’s most popular pistol, announces a special production run of pistols for the summer. Each GLOCK pistol included in the special production run was designed and engineered to respond directly to the needs of our customers. Some models have a specific purpose, while others serve a broader range of uses and interests.

The special summer pistols feature models that are enhanced for consumer application and enthusiast appeal and will be available at dealers beginning June 1, 2017.

The most unique pistols of the summer specials are the G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4 with front serrations, steel sights, and extended controls.

“GLOCK strives to provide perfection in all of our products and these special production pistols provide additional enhancements. The front serrations and extended controls make it easier to conduct handgun press checks and enable faster disassembly and easier manipulation of the slide” stated Bob Radecki, National Sales Manager at GLOCK.

The G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4 with front serrations are suitable for people with varying levels of shooting experience.

Also among the pistols produced for the summer are the G17C Gen4 and the G19C Gen4, which offer compensated slides, the G24 Gen3 and the G17L Gen3, and various Olive Drab “OD” models including the G17, G19, G26 and G34 in Gen3 and Gen4 along with the G43. All pistol models included in this special production run will deliver on the GLOCK promise of safety, reliability, and simple operation, all at an affordable price.

In addition to the summer specials, GLOCK, Inc. will also begin production of pistols with factory-installed night sights. Night sights are a self-luminous, three dot sight that enhance low light shooting capabilities. The models available with factory-installed night sights are the G17 Gen4, G19 Gen4, G42 and G43.

For more information about the GLOCK special production pistols for summer, contact GLOCK, Inc., or go to

About GLOCK, Inc.

GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms. The simple, safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite among military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and among pistol owners. In 2016, GLOCK celebrated its 30th Anniversary in the United States. Renowned for featuring three safeties, GLOCK pistols offer users of every lifestyle confidence they can rely on. GLOCK, Inc. is based in Smyrna, Georgia. For more information, please visit

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I think glock is far from perfection, and yes I oen a few of them including my gen 1 g17 so dont fire up the flamethrowers just yet. I just think at their inception they were a big step forward but in todays world, without much change and offerings from other manufacturers, glock has become another fish in the sea. And, like Subaru, since moving production to the US they have went downhill in my book. To show you that I still like, and spend my hard earned money on a glock the last one I bought was last June,… Read more »

Retired now

I also reside in the same Communist State but buy my magazines elsewhere and bring them home. Problem solved.


No pictures of front slide serrations? And factory night sights are FINALLY available, but on special edition limited prod models? I think Glock is having trouble selling pistols like the other mfgs: I think we will see alot more of this.

D. Murphy

Glock should install steel sights on all their pistols. Night sights and steel sights with the same profile as their stock plastic sights are offered for sale by Glock as an aftermarket addition.