Gunfight In South La Market Leaves Immigrant Store Owner & One Robber Dead

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Gunfight In South La Market Leaves Immigrant Store Owner & One Robber Dead
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( My News reported 05-09-2017 a 61-year-old store owner was shot to death inside a market in South Los Angeles when he came to the aid of one of his workers and exchanged gunfire with two robbery suspects.

News reports identified the store owner as an immigrant from El Salvador.

About 8 p.m. Sunday, he had come from the back of Martinez Market at 6565 South Normandie Ave. to help a female employee who had been confronted by two masked men who ordered her to empty the cash register, according to police and reports from the scene.

The owner exchanged gunfire with the suspects but was struck multiple times and killed. The robbers fled and one of them later died at a hospital, according to the LAPD. His name and age were not immediately released.

Another suspect was arrested Monday morning and police are now looking for a third suspect, a Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief said although it wasn’t immediately clear how the third suspect was involved.


There is no real solution here. The murderous thugs that haunt our streets put no value on anyone’s life.

I’m obligated to say, harden the target with bullet resistant counters & glass. Add double doors with a man trap and buzzers. Use cover, have a plan and practice likely tactics needed.

In truth the longer term solution is to turn the police loose to do their job. Raise the standards for police complaints with the Agencies and individual Officers being allowed to sue over unfounded or dismissed complaints. No immunity for lawyers bringing frivolous law suits. Loser pays laws can eliminate frivolous lawsuits.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Roy D.

Here is a news story with additional facts about this case. It wasn’t his first rodeo.

Wild Bill

Hey, the 6000 block of South Normandie Ave., I know where that is. Take Jefferson east out past Crenshaw and Western until you hit Normandie. A crappy industrial kind of area. Funny that anyone could get insurance to run a store in that part of town.


Wild Bill I used to be all up around L. A. Back in 80s cruising Whittier Blvd. Going over to Hollywood hanging out at Whiskey a go go or Troubadour, Rainbow. I know South side real good I used to deliver cafeteria food to all the schools in L. A. Jordan Star High in Watts was a favorite. I gave the kids from the projects free ice cream and punch and they guarded my truck. Lol.

Wild Bill

@Rkn, I hope that you made it out of there.


Yeah back then in some parts of South Central at night you probably know if a light turned red you don’t stop, lol. I had fun stomping around L. A. I never had any problems with the Cholo’s I used to cruise with them in their Impala’s that had hydrolics bouncing up and down, lol and I was and still am a Heavy Metal Head banger. Used to cruise all over El Monte, City of Industry, everywhere. I live in the free country of Indiana now. I would hate Commifornia now with the stupid gun laws and anti free speech… Read more »


When you come from the back of a store and you know a robbery is in process make sure you have a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot. Much more effective in close quarters. Specially for those who don’t practice with a handgun.


the perfect solution to protect the life of his female employee, standing there face to face with an armed thug…… NOTTTTT!!!! No, the best one can hope for in such a situation is to duck out of sight, get a good line on the perp who is focussed on his target, and release one well-placed round where it counts…. then cover and dispatch the accomplices.

But, that mostly only works in the movies….. we were not there, do not know the specifics of the place where all this happened.


Makes me wonder why anyone would have a public, cash business in any major city. Maybe you just want to be self-employed, or a particular business is all you know how to do. But you’re still a target for punks and thugs. Some might say the best thing to do is cooperate, hand over the money, even if you have a firearm available. Some will say “nobody pulls a gun on me.” The thing is, there is no way of knowing if cooperation is a guarantee of life. Guys that rob small businesses aren’t “professional” crooks. They’re kids, thugs, punks,… Read more »


I’ll give you 5:1 odds that rhetoric dead VCA was an illegal alien. If you find out, please let us readers know.

Jim S

Given it is LA you are correct.