How To Take Down & Destroy A United States President

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

Constitutional Crisis
How To Take Down & Destroy A United States President
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(  Several Congressional Democrats, along with their fellow travelers in the mainstream media, have claimed, in recent months, that our Nation faces a “Constitutional crisis.”

That is the phrase they use: serious to contemplate, surely, and dangerous in its implications.

They are correct, but not in the way they think and, so, not in the way they present their claim to the American people.

The claim they present to the American public is based on the notion that our President has no legitimate claim to the U.S. Presidency and that, as long as he retains the Presidency, our Nation suffers Constitutional crisis. The notion is absurd, of course.

Our President, Donald Trump, has campaigned vigorously and fairly in a difficult election and the American people have elected Trump in strict accordance with our system of laws.

Yet these Democrats, along with journalists of the liberal mainstream media, assert, nonetheless, that Trump is not the legitimate U.S. President, and, therefore, must go.

You would think that politicians who have the audacity to make the assertion would explain what they mean by it. But they prefer to presume Americans will accept their claim on faith as self-evident, when of course it is not. Some Americans, surprisingly, do accept the claim on faith. Most, though, do not. Those who do not accept the claim on faith insist on an explanation for it. They will never receive one. If pressed, politicians will grow irritated. They become upset because no discernible, concrete facts support the claim they have made. They are dumbfounded that a person would dare question them. They are flummoxed if one persists; if one insists on an answer.

With casual, familiar bluster, ignoring remonstrations from Americans who do not accept the pompous empty claim made—that Donald Trump and his Administration are illegitimate pretenders—these politicians simply reiterate their empty, hollow, baseless claim, and the mainstream media callously echoes the sentiment.

If one looks for independent confirmation of the empty claim, they will find none. For, no discernible, concrete facts support the claim asserted. It is pointedly ludicrous. But, it makes for good theater, as the bald claim shocks both the consciousness and the conscience of Americans, as it was meant to do.

Wrinkled Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton : The idea that she, rather than Trump, would better serve the American people is laughable to consider; yet, the reality would be no laughing matter. It would be horrific.

Congressional investigations are called to support the claim of the illegitimacy of the Trump Presidency. The conclusion is predicated on an assumption: that Trump’s “legitimate” victory is impossible. So, then, how did it happen? There must be an answer. Politicians chase, hither and yon, after ghosts—Russians, WikiLeaks, Comey, Flynn; this one and that one; assorted denizens of fevered imaginations: unicorns and centaurs; fairies and elves; Martians and Venusians. Take your pick! But all this comes at public expense—costing the taxpayers millions of dollars—looking for a reason, a rationale, a scapegoat, however dubious, however implausible, however unlikely or however nonsensical—something, anything, to support, to give credence to, to account for a Trump inauguration, rather than a Clinton coronation. Meanwhile Congress does not do the business of Government, as the real business of Congress, serving the American people, languishes as Congress traipses, aimlessly, looking for bugaboos in the bushes.

Unfortunately, this “theatrical display” of hypocritical righteousness and sanctimonious indignation comes with tangible and substantial cost, wholly apart from the monetary outlay; for, a real threat to the preservation of our Nation as a free Republic and to our Constitution, as the foundation of that Free Republic, does exist and has existed for some time. We have seen this threat played out in the actions of the previous U.S. President, Barack Obama, as he slowly dismantled our Bill of Rights through Executive fiat, predicating his actions, defiantly, presumptuously, on a private notion of morality that he thinks more fitting than the profound wisdom of the founders of our Nation; the framers of our Constitution. But, the Press raised nary an eyebrow.

Make no mistake: the threat to the preservation of our Nation as a free Republic and the threat to the underpinnings of our Constitution would have continued with a Clinton Presidency. To begin, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a criminal. Of that, there is no doubt. Her crimes are both serious and legion. The idea that she, rather than Trump, would better serve the American people is laughable to consider; yet, the reality would be no laughing matter. It would be horrific.

A Clinton Presidency would be an affront to the dignity of the Office of the Chief Executive of our Nation; a sacrilege to the rule of law that our public servants claim, mendaciously, to adhere to; an assault against our Constitution and against our sacred Bill of Rights; and a jagged knife thrust into the chest of common decency and moral propriety.

Yet, politicians of all stripes, Democrats, of course, but some Republicans, too, and bureaucrats hiding within the Deep State, along with the ubiquitous mainstream media, and Hollywood moguls and performers; and members of the Bilderberg Group and of similar secretive groups conclaves, were “all in” for Clinton. Yet, she lost the election as the American public wasn’t buying any of the nonsense that spouted from her mouth and from that of her surrogates.

It was Clinton, the false voices of Democracy wanted, and it was Clinton they would have had, but for the fact that millions of American voters thought otherwise—that and the mechanism the framers perceptively and propitiously cemented in our Constitution—the Electoral College—protected the rights of smaller States to have a voice in our Presidential elections and helped protect the Country from seating a tyrant in the White House.

In the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, the Electoral College did operate as a fortunate “fail-safe” device to what otherwise would have resulted in a Clinton Presidency—and the seating of an actual tyrant in the White House. But, there are those in Congress who would much prefer having the tyrant, Hillary Clinton, as U.S. President. And, if they cannot, they intend to destroy a man who seeks to set things right with this Nation—who seeks no less than to place this Nation back on a sound footing, making certain that this Nation’s needs and concerns take precedence over those of all other Nations or groups of Nations, and that the laws governing our Nation remain supreme, not subject to subordination to those of any other Nation or international tribunal.

This is as the founders of our Nation had intended. This is as they established. This, however, is in contradistinction to what Hillary Clinton had planned for this Nation had she succeeded Obama, as she would have continued his policies: undermining the Constitution; erasing our rights and liberties; and subordinating our Nation’s needs, concerns, and laws to those of internationalists, pan-nationalists, and to those espousing multiculturalism, globalization, multilateral trade agreements, historical revisionism, and the removal of all immigration barriers–the vehicles for and harbingers of the eventual dismantling of our Sovereign Nation State and the disassembling of, the disintegration of the very idea of what it means to be an American qua citizen who is not, at once, merely a “citizen of the world,” not aligned with or to any particular Country: but a serf of the New World Order

So, then, a true threat to our Nation, in the form of a Constitutional crisis, does exist, but that threat does not lie with Trump or with his Administration. No such threat to our Nation ever existed that can be pinned on our President or laid at his feet.

A threat does exist but it has nothing to do with a Trump Presidency. The threat to our Nation lurks in the shadows. It rests in devious, insidious and utterly false challenges to the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency—challenges that arose in the planning stages immediately after the 2016 U.S Presidential election went decidedly and decisively to Trump—and challenges that had commenced immediately after Trump took the oath of Office. Yet these challenges have no tenable legal basis. Why, then, do we see these challenges to the Presidency of Donald Trump?

John McCain
Pseudo defender of our Republic, U.S. Senator John McCainJohn McCain

There are forces at work both in this Country, and outside it—forces operating to undermine the Trump Presidency. These forces are extraordinarily wealthy, immensely powerful, extremely adept, inordinately secretive, ruthless in the extreme, assiduous and resolute in their efforts to bring down Donald Trump and his Presidency.

These forces are livid over Donald Trump’s electoral success in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. For, here is a man who has made clear his intent to raise the United States to preeminent status among Nations, a goal manifest in his campaign slogan, “America First.”

Donald Trump means to take head-on the destroyers of our Nation State—those forces that seek to undercut our Nation as an independent, sovereign Nation; those forces that seek to rewrite our Constitution; those forces that seek to erase our Bill of Rights; those forces that seek—in the unabashed words of one of their principal spokesmen and pseudo defender of our Republic, U.S. Senator John McCain—to undercut our Democratic Republic through the creation of “a new world order.” John McCain did not elaborate on his use of the phrase when he repeated it over and over one Sunday afternoon on Meet the Press.

Yet, Chuck Todd, host of the Sunday news program, did not ask McCain what McCain meant by use of the phrase—even as McCain repeated it, emphatically, several times.

The expression alludes clearly and unmistakably to the destruction of our Country as an independent, sovereign Nation; the dismantling of our Constitution, its system of laws, and its jurisprudence; and the obliteration, the eradication of the very idea that the American people have natural rights and liberties that cannot be lawfully taken away by Governmental edict or by force of arms.

Those forces that desire to crush our Nation and its People into submission have mechanisms at their disposal. There is impeachment, of course—a political process. In that, we see Centrist Republicans playing into the hands of the Democrats—setting up Committees, engaging in a fishing expedition, in a naked, illicit attempt to bring down a U.S. President simply because the forces that would crush this Nation will not abide a U.S. President who is not their puppet.

Donald Trump is not “their boy.” Donald Trump had not been bought and cannot be bought. Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the other hand, has been bought; and,  for her blind obedience to these puppet masters, Clinton and her husband were paid handsomely; and they were paid in full. The forces that crush feel cheated. They require their quid pro quo for their investment. No less than destruction of the Trump Presidency and reassembling of Order, their notion of Order,  will do to set things right—to set matters back on track.

But an effete and effeminate Congress, alone, cannot, defeat Trump. Independent Counsel, operating secretly, with full prosecutorial powers can. Appointment of private counsel, with full powers of the Department of Justice, presents a tangible threat to the Trump Presidency. We explain why that is and how that is in the next article.

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Some of these ignominous replies are just too easy to rip apart. So, as usual, Arbalest Quarrel nails it on the head. Altho I will say this for those here whom seem to have lost their way……you all might want to bend over, pull your thinker out and get yourselves some fresh air!! There is a new sheriff in town, and his deputies outnumber you mutants.
Gents, keep your powder dry!!

M Reyna

The right person Donald J Trump is the president for the times we are in. This country was being destroyed by the the left wingers and so called progressives along with the fake news media. His goal is America First which is the right goal. When we have local home town football games how many of us cheer for the opposing team?


I hope the hell your being sarcastic.

Charles Clarke

The last time we had a economic increase of over 3%(3.8%) was when a Clinton ran the white house. Hillary Clinton served on the board of Walmart for 6 years. We all know how that turned out. Hillary Clinton saved lives in Benghazi with her fast reaction time and covert operations. There is no better candidate for president of the United States period. The email scandal was a plant by Russians. Fake emails abound. You are a deplorable and extremely dimwitted.


she “saved lives’ by ordering the rescue team in Italy to stand down, rather tha go extract OUR guys? She “saved lives” by running an illegal arms handling operation out of embassy property?

She won this past election by losing it? She will “serve” America by destroying her?

I finallly “get it” now… you’rs stick on “opposite day”. thanks…. for the clarity. NOTTTTT


Over 100 million heavily armed Americans might say otherwise. I hope these spoilers realize they might be twisting the Tigers tail.


The liberal progressives are too naive to realize that IF they succeed in bringing down a legitimately elected president (Trump) that there will be open season on them. And, by open season, I mean that the patriotic Americans, of which there are about 100 million, will take them out like swatting a fly.


Yeah right! If Trump is impeached Conservatives are shooting on a mass shooting spree? Pull the other one.


we are not talking about a legitimate lawful impeachment of Trump. No, there IS a subtle quiet coup underway. If they succeed, there WILL be a Second Revolution. And yes, gill, there is likely to be some shooting in that ,as there was in the First. And it won’t be a “mass shooting spree”, no it will be carefully aimed fire at the operatives who are attempting to bring and end to the greatest nation on the earth. Just as the last time. READ your history. And practice your comprehension.. you obviously learned little during your stint in the gummit… Read more »

Wild Bill

First, Mas N. Gil, professional shill, what does “…shooting on a mass shooting spree…” mean? Could you, please, arrange to be there on that day? Stand next to that goofy, homely twit from SF, what’s her name, if you can.

William Edwards

Hillary, president? Preposterous !


Quite simply, by trying to delegitimize and ultimately remove Trump from office, the Democrats, most of the legacy media, and even a number of establishment Republicans are trying to engineer a coup, turning the USA into some kind of banana republic.


A very powerful and well written column. Very true, too.
Thank you.


Like the MAN said, AMERICA FIRST!! The Dems’ and the libtards are just afraid they just might have to take a real job to make a living, instead of just giving our country away.