The Ignorance, Intolerance & Violence Behind Climate Change

Using junk science marches, ignorant professors, resistance and violence to drive public policy
by Paul Driessen ; Opinion

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The Ignorance, Intolerance & Violence Behind Climate Change
Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen

USA – -(  Recent science and climate marches demonstrated how misinformed, indoctrinated, politicized and anti-Trump these activists are – and how indifferent about condemning millions in industrialized nations and billions in developing countries to green energy poverty. Amid it all, University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole helped illustrate how the marchers became so ignorant, insensitive and intolerant.

It’s always amazed me how frequently academics, journalists, politicians and students confuse poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) with plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide (CO2). But Professor Cole’s April 17 article in The Nation presents unfathomable ignorance from the intellectual class that is “educating” our young people, while displaying and teaching intolerance toward countervailing facts and viewpoints.

Bashar al Assad’s sarin gas attack “consumed the world’s attention,” Prof. Cole intones, but President Trump is committed to releasing hundreds of thousands of tons a day “of a far more deadly gas – carbon dioxide.” Even CO2 that is washed out of the atmosphere “typically goes straight into the oceans,” he continues, “where it turns them acidic,” threatening a “mass die-off of marine life.”

Cole’s polemical nonsense is too extensive to address in full. But these two claims require rebuttal.

A deadly gas? Carbon dioxide is the Miracle Molecule that enables plants to grow and makes all life on Earth possible. Plants absorb CO2 exhaled by humans and animals, and emitted by burning wood, dung, fossil fuels and biofuels – and then release oxygen that people and wildlife need to survive.

University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole
University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole’s polemical nonsense is too extensive to address in full. (Twitter )

Hundreds of studies demonstrate how slightly higher atmospheric CO2 levels (rising from 0.03% a century ago to 0.04% today) are making crop, forest and grassland plants more drought resistant, helping them grow faster and better, and “greening” vast areas that had been brown and barren. Claims that CO2 has replaced the solar and other powerful natural forces that have always controlled Earth’s climate, and is now causing “dangerous manmade climate change,” are not supported by actual planetary evidence.

Marine life thrived when CO2 levels were many times higher during past geologic eras. Far from being or becoming acidic, the oceans are mildly alkaline, and their vast volumes of water will not become acidic from human fossil fuel use: that is, to drop from their current pH of 8.1 into the acidic realm below 7.0 on this logarithmic scale. Oceans may become slightly less alkaline with another century or two of human carbon dioxide emissions, but most marine organisms will be unaffected; others will adapt or evolve.

The science marchers forget that President Trump’s actions are in response to eight Obama years of “highly politicized so-called research on climate,” under grants that “anticipated particular scientific outcomes before funding was provided,” Princeton University physicist Dr. Will Happer told me.

Real science “is not based on political agendas, belief systems or computer models. It’s based on evidence – and actual observations have found normal icecap fluctuations, seas rising a foot or less per century, drought cycles little different from the twentieth century, and a decline in major landfalling hurricanes.”

These inconvenient truths contradict the dominant narratives in college classrooms and political circles.

Climate alarmists thus demand that they be vilified, banned and silenced, through vile, even violent confrontations if need be – along with other conservative speech on and beyond too many campuses.

It’s as if reality, truth, discussion and debate have become irrelevant where feelings, leftist dogma, climate science or public policies are involved. Even more troubling, it’s as if our culture, education and public forums have been taken over by jack-booted fascists, Mao’s Red Guards, Maduro thugs, and “heroes” like Pavlik Morozov, memorialized by Stalin for betraying his father to the secret police.

Some intolerant protesters may be delicate snowflakes, too easily intimidated, offended or made to feel “unsafe” by conservative or other contrarian thought. However, the near-constant intimidation and threats of expulsion or violence have become a deliberate tactic, used repeatedly to impose speech codes and political agendas – and too often ignored, acquiesced in or supported by professors, administrators and politicians who welcome the silencing of opposition voices or lack the courage to confront  it. During Science March weekend in Huntsville, Alabama, shots were fired into the offices where reality-based climatologist John Christy works. “Mainstream media” and academia coverage was minimal.

They demand diversity of race, language, handicaps, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status and sexual self-identification. They cannot tolerate diversity of thought, speech or faculty and student ideology.

George Mason University economics professor Walter Williams calls it “a spreading cancer,” a re-emerging mentality that gave us loyalty oaths, which today come in the form of demands that faculty members sign “diversity statements, especially as part of hiring and promotion procedures…. The last thing diversity hustlers want is diversity of ideas.” The goal is “political conformity among the faculty indoctrinating our impressionable, intellectually immature young people,” Williams says.

As far-left protest marches, window smashing, limousine burning and physical assaults in Berkeley, Portland, Washington, DC and other cities attest, the cancer is metastasizing – particularly when movements and political groups believe their money, power, influence and control are threatened.

On the climate front, at stake are $100 billion a year in reparation funds for poor countries, $7 trillion a year for companies that want to build “sustainable low-carbon” energy systems, and boundless power for politicians and bureaucrats who want to control economic growth, livelihoods and living standards. They cannot tolerate “climate deniers,” even those who merely question the extent of human influences, the degree and impact of temperature and climate changes, whether changes will all be bad, or the supposed inability of wildlife and wealthy, technologically advanced societies to adapt to future changes.

Members of this activist, governing and corporate elite also excel at inflating trivial risks and dismissing easy solutions, to advance their agendas and self-interests. For example, as President Trump revises many Obama era environmental rules, activist groups are using other tactics to continue their war on coal.

Dry ash from coal-fired power plants can be used in wallboard and to partially replace sand in high-strength concrete for bridges, roads and buildings. However, regulations, engineering considerations and other factors limited that option and resulted in most wet and dry ash being sent to impoundments that can leak barely detectable pollutants into surface and ground water. Studies have shown that these levels of chromium and other metals pose little risk to humans, but scare campaigns are creating pressure to force utility companies to spend billions of dollars relocating the ash and closing more power plants.

The best solution is likely to leave the ash in place, shore up the coffer dams, put solid clay seals over the deposits, and let them dry out, locking the metals in place. Radical groups demand relocation and seek to bankrupt the utilities – after which they intend to intensify their attacks on natural gas-fired power plants, drilling, fracking, and the factories, petrochemical plants and other industries that use fossil fuels.

In essence, they have brilliantly established a mantra that can ensure victory in every campaign. Whatever they support is safe, sustainable, climate-friendly environmental justice; whatever they oppose is dangerous, unsustainable, ecologically destructive and unjust. End of discussion.

In the process, they are unwilling or unable to recognize two facts. One, cheap, reliable energy improves living standards, saves lives, and supports new technologies and opportunities, with poor families benefitting most. Policies that make energy less accessible and affordable harm the poorest most of all.

Two, fossil fuels have undeniable environmental impacts, but allow us to produce vast amounts of cheap energy from relatively few acres. Replacing those fuels with wind, solar and biofuel energy would require hundreds of millions of acres worldwide that are now cropland or wildlife habitats. Those “eco-friendly” alternatives are actually our least sustainable, most ecologically destructive energy options.

The stakes are too high to let intolerant ideologues continue to control energy policy decisions.


About the Author:

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death. © February 2016

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    1. David Oster,
      I could not agree more. The science is not an opinion, this article is. You don’t have to be a scientist (I know, it sounds like a dirty word) to follow it’s principles and come to a logical conclusion. And yes, using a history professor’s somewhat hyperbolic opinions to try and prove the whole concept of global warming to be a “hoax” is downright dirty imo. Btw, I don’t think he meant to say that CO2 was more deadly gas that sarin, he was trying to convey it been more dangerous on a global scale because of the amount and the overall impact.
      Macofjack – what exactly in your opinion is brilliance? or you just use a go to phrase when someone’s views misalign with yours?
      And for the rest of you – please ask yourself one question “Do I want the exhaust pipe to be routed into my child’s bedroom?” If the answer is yes, you already negated all your previous comments, proceed.

      1. @NotGil, The hacked emails between and among the global warming grantees discussing need to change the data to fit their models so that they could continue to get more and bigger grant checks is not opinion either. It is evidence of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. You should ask your self one question: do I want science based upon fraud and peer group pressure?

      2. NotGill – Brilliance is NotGil when he finds out all the BS he has believed all his life is WRONG!

      3. @NotGill, the other question that you should be asking yourself is “Am I sure that I am not gil?”

    2. Hey David; Even a “History Professor” can recognize the absolute asinine stupidity of the global warming/climate change crowd; especially when spewed by a moron with a fake film that only wanted to line his own pockets and FAILED at almost everything he tried including divinity school.
      You don’t sound all that bright either and it IS a fact that a “university degree” proves nothing other than you managed fool some dumb professors and not get kicked out .
      GENUS does NOT require a degree, nor does common sense and intelligence.

      1. Colonial,
        You are correct, I am not that bright. The more I learn, the less I find that I know. Unfortunately, the inverse seems to hold true, the less education one seems to have, the more they are convinced they “know”. The beauty of science is that it isn’t opinion. The amount of energy required to heat one gram of pure water one degree Celsius is one calorie (4.18J). Since modeling both the origination and implications of the energy absorbed requires inputs that are estimates, the output varies. The fact that the energy is being absorbed is incontrovertible. The fact that geologic history has scant evidence of rapid energy absorption outside of extinction events is incontrovertible. Predicting what will happen is beyond me, but if I were a betting man, I would put my money on the sniper school graduate to group the 600 yard shot, and not the guy that watched Shooter a couple times, if you know what I mean. Pick up a copy of Science (AAAS publication) and read through a published paper at the back.
        The peer review process is a formidable gauntlet.
        I will leave it to you to multiply the rise in temperature by grams of ocean water and correct for salinity. It is approximately one “shitload” of energy…
        I think you meant “genius”, or abitrary measure of intelligence, and not “genus”, or taxonomic level of classification.

        1. “Professor”, would You please elaborate on that ancient unit of measurement the “s***load”? If my calculations are correct, this blog has reached critical mass. LOL

        2. David Oster – sounds like techno babble to me. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bulls**t!

        3. David, just like the incontrovertible evidence in the 70s that we were headed into another ice age? When every time the wind blows or doesn’t, the sun shines or not, or every time there is a storm or not, the global warming alarmists tell us that is “proof” of global warming is the reason normal people scoff at them.

          1. Call-up – Guess the snow storm in Denver that screwed up their march was evidence of global warming too!!! LOL

          2. The only few actual scientists who were talking of a new ice age meant in thousands of years. It was the media who portrayed it occurring tens of years time. But deniers ignore the majority of scientists who were and have been worried abut the effects of GHGs and global warming.

            1. Gil, were you even around in the 70s? You are clueless. Did I state that they said tahe ice age warning meant it was coming in the next decade? No, I didn’t. Also consider that the current Martian global warming is attributed to the sun, but Earth’s global warming is supposedly mostly anthropomorphic.

              Please cut and paste your next rely as you did your last one. It’s amazing how ignorant you are in the Internet Age, where knowledge is just a few clicks away. You must relish being kept in the dark mentally. I can’t imagine what your life must be like for you to be the way you are on this site. I almost feel sorry for you.

            2. Please Gil, please brush up your resume before George Soros sees some of your written work or someone mistakes you for a mushroom.

    3. Paul,
      I love the Constitution, shooting, and science. I did
      my combat time before earning my second and third
      college degrees. Like your article says “science is
      based on evidence”. Using a history professor to
      denounce the incontrovertible body of evidence
      supporting the historically rapid absorption of
      energy by the surface of the earth is propaganda
      at best. CO2? We need water, too, but too much
      is called drowning. This is not the forum for a
      discussion of CFD, thermodynamics, or energy
      density and how they pertain to global challenges
      and potential solutions, but be assured there are
      some science nerds that are putting 6.8 Creedmore
      downrange and dirtying up an Osprey or two. I don’t
      try to “educate” the gunny on hazards in the field,
      maybe you shouldn’t stray too far from politics and
      the rapid oxidation of gun powder…

    4. funny thing the clinate dweebs fail to mention: when any plant life dies and lies on the ground. it begins to rot. Insects and fungi, woulds, yeasts, etc, process the carbon based plant matter and release more of the “dreaded” carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is known that if a tree fallls and is broken down this wau, it releases three times the CO2 compared to the amount released when the same tree is burned as fuel. Thus, by heating with wood I am saving the planet by reducing the “carbon footprint” of that tree to a third of what it would be if it were left there to rot, or chippped and spread out at the site.

      Does anyone else remember learning the “carbon cycle” in their dixth grade biology class” These emviroweenies must have flunked that one. Or they are so bought and paid for they set aside that basic biological principle.

      1. Yes I was under the impression C02 was good and necessary for photosynthesis, now I maybe confused or have they changed that science also?

        1. Gil, you then must be one of those organisms that converts CO2 to oxygen, the element that we humans need to have in the air that we breathe. You clearly enjoy being the fool, since you never post anything serious.

          1. @Heed, that is a great and well timed retort! Gil the VPC office plant! I almost fell off of my chair.

    5. Gil: Re-insert your head in your anus, and check the hemorrhoids for signs of brain matter! Certainly, one or two of those cells survived the long, arduous journey through your pathetic body..

    6. Mr. Gil, You have made a big leap from this concise and rational article into a cesspool of ignorance. You should really thank Wild Bill and Heed the Call-up for throwing You a “life preserver”. It’s up to You , though, to get a grip.

    7. Next up Conservatives will try to reintroduce saying it’s time-tested and supported by the Bible. People didn’t enslave others because they were mean but because it more profitable to do it than not to do it. Since profit equals wealth creation slavery must be good and to ban slavery affects the poorest in society.

      1. @Gil, the article is not about slavery. So what are you blabbering about. Must we next read Gil trash about the unsafe state of the traditional tricycle?

        1. Because both groups see the government interfering with their right to make a profit. Business leaders aren’t used to hearing news they don’t like let alone anything that cuts into their profits.

          1. Gil, there is still slavery in the world, mostly in Africa. Please go there and fight the injustice. Berkley has shown us that “progressives” have a penchant for violence. After you have solved that crisis, go to China and destroy all there coal-fired electric plants, to save the world. Have you not read about the severe smog problems they have due to using coal. You could save over one billion people. Isn’t that a noble cause?

          2. @Gil when I say something stupid I feel like an arss, but damm man you make a habit out of it.

      2. Gil, I know you are not smart enough to go look it up, but the earth’s climate has been changing for as far back as records have been kept (long than that, but you SHOULD get the point). We warm, then cool, then warm. NO information can come out to prove that man has had any impact on that cycle. I have notice that the liberal elite love to fly their private jets to the events, telling everyone to stop putting carbon in the air. Hippocrats every one!!!!

        1. Horse crap. Climate change does occur naturally but humans are speeding it up and will push it past whatever the natural limit would be. The science is in and it is correct.

          1. Yeah, when I was a kid, in Minnesota, it used to snow there right up till the fourth of July. Now, it only snows there until 1 May.

            1. I would love to hear you speak Minnesota/Texas accent. Love it
              We had snow here, staring about 50 miles west, last weekend. Out by Garden city 14 inches.

            2. Hey, OldV that is what my Mom said. Where are you from Mankato? What city are you near?

            3. Around 70 miles north used to go through all the time in the truck, and Mankato as well. Have friends from Salina. I get a kick out of listening to people talk. Many people would pronounce it Saleeena. And Eldorahdo amd of course when I run into Texans when I say Wichita , they say Wichita Falls?

            4. @ Wild Bill We get distribution transformers up from Lerado via Haney truck lines about once a month.

            5. Antarctica is the world’s largest desert because more cold does not equal more precipitation. Then again by Conservatives’ reasoning hail can only in winter time.

            6. Gil, well, I am beginning to understand you better. Your knowledge, reasoning, and logic abilities are about those of a third or fourth grade student. I learned your fact about Antarctica back in elementary school, decades ago. You really are a sad, pathetic individual. It is even more pitiable that you have such a great need for any attention that you post nonsense on this site, just to get that attention, even though it is negative.

            7. Gil, science is not a field. And I don’t believe science is nonsense, only anthropomorphic global warming is nonsense. When it gets hot, cold, snows, rains, doesn’t snow, doesn’t rain, etc., is all due to “global warming”. Yes, like you, that is nonsense.

      3. Dear; gil
        Are you that ignorant of plain english, or is it your second language? Do you have no comprehension of the language?
        No where is slavery mentioned. You must be one of the thousands, that have been made brain dead, and automatonistic by the left loons, like your heros, pelosi, gore, clinton and an untold number of on the public dole college idiot supposed teachers, oh let us not forget commy/muslim obama. That you would come to a forum like this a spout your stupid crap, I would say ignorant but, I am sure you’ve had a chance to learn you must be stupid.
        You want to blame someone for slavery, go blame the Africans and the Muslims, they’re still taking slaves today, and have been for thousands of years.
        America has done more to advance all minorities, in all aspects of life than the whole of europe and even home countries of all minorities.
        Don’t have a nice day, go hug yourself .
        We the majority are tired of you lefty, pc, commy, fascist, crack heads. If you don’t like America leave, renounce your citizenship, leave your passport wherever you leave here from, and don’t come back.

        1. I’m making the point that when slavery was the norm in the West the abolitionists were the hippies of the day telling the government and business leaders to change the status quo. Slavers didn’t enslave others because they were mean because that’s how economies were run throughout history hence the Bible doesn’t condemn slavery. The abolitionists were using unprecedented new philosophies against old-fashioned Conservative values.

          By the same token scientists are showing unprecedented warming and Conservatives are sticking their heads in the sand. If a warmer climate were supposedly beneficial then why couldn’t European colonize the equatorial regions? Turns out tropical climates are hotbeds of pests and diseases. So no a warmer isn’t automatically beneficial.

          1. Gill,
            You are still full of more crap than a Christmas Turkey. The Earth goes through cyclic climatic change, as it always has. A real scientist from 1900s, has already proven that. All your boy gore, the clintons and the rest have you fear mongering idiots, in a thither about man made global warming. So they can make a dollar off you brain dead idiots with carbon credit crap.. Now in the 70s the left wing nuts were telling us, the earth was going to go into another ice age, due to the sasme crap. Remember not long ago the ones calling themselves scientists were caught admitting to lying to push their man made global warming crap.
            Now let’s see, you believe some greedy bastard flying around in his jet plane, that spews so much exhaust, that his carbon foot print alone, is the size of Texas, along with all the others, obama, clinton and don’t forget hollywood. All your heros out jet setting around, driving or being driven in large cars, while you, wipe your butt with one square of tollet paper to save trees, drive your prius or electric car all cramped up, probably drinking your own urine to save the water. Come on gill, get with the real world, now we should take care of our planet, but let me enlighten you. Corperations, cleaned up the Chesapeake bay back in the day, not government and so on. Oh yes why is it when you left wing nuts have a rally, the ground is trashed, garbage everywhere, don’t you craps care about mother earth and the animals, the fish in the sea. You people are so hypocritical. Your still lack the grasp of common sense. Go find a pier near the ocean, toss yourself in and feed the sharks and crabs.

            1. The Earth goes slow long-term cycles but now there unprecedented warming. Conservatives unsurprising show their anti-science streak by ignoring science they don’t like to hear. Then again they think scientists should be like their lawyers and accountants – give them the answers they expect because that’s what they pay them for.

          2. Gil, there were and are people living in tropical and equatorial parts of the world. If what you are stating is true, then wouldn’t “progressives” be supporting “global warming”, since they seem to hate Americans of European descent. By your reasoning, that would force us out of the country and further North, solving all your problems.

          3. Gil – guess your logic says that the snow storm in Denver was caused by global warming too. BS!

          4. @Gil, the VPC shill, I applaud your mental ability to jump from one unrelated subject to another, in mid conversation. Medical people used to call it schizophrenia, but I like it. Hey, what about the plight of underprivileged bath tubs!

          5. Gil Slavery happened in the south and the east, by the time the population moved west slavery was all but abolished.

          6. @Gil, those holier than thou, abolitionists made fortunes off of the labor of indentured white servants. There were more white indentured servants in the history of the United States than black slaves. New England merchants did not indenture people because they were mean, they indentured other white people because that is how economies were run, historically.

            1. Gil, you are the only one discussing Bible passages. We do not own any slaves. The only ones that own slaves at this time are Africans and Muslims. Please be a good little violent “progressive” and go to Africa to fight against slavery. We don’t own any slaves, nor want them.

              You seem to have difficulty discerning between history and current times. Back when slaves were used in the Americas, it was a common practice in the world. As we modernized, both in farming techniques and machinery, slaves became less profitable. The same happened in the North in the “sweat shops”, where machinery replaced people in the factories.

              Most plantations that owned slaves were operating in the red. Slavery was already on its way out. It was just a matter of time. Even the Southerners knew that. Jefferson Davis even stated that. He just wanted time to prepare the Southern economy that relied on that labor, and time to educate the slaves before freeing them, knowing how devastating to their economy it would be to unleash masses of people unable to be productive in modern society. Even Lincoln knew that, and his solution was to ship them back to Africa.

            2. You know I made the analogy that those who thought like you folk hated the abolitionists of the day because they too were against the status quo and dared to use government to end slavery whereas folks like you would have argued slavery should have been left to run its course via the free market.

            3. Gil, those that thought like me? Those that don’t believe in slavery would be against abolitionists? I wasn’t there at that time, but it’s history, so what I might have believed if I lived during that time is irrelevant. We can only discuss what *did* occur.

              Most countries ended slavery in the 1800s, some before the USA, and other after. However, there is still slavery ongoing in African and Muslim-controlled countries. You need to go to Africa and fight the good fight. You will be revered and admired forever, if you are successful.

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