Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle Update

By JJ Sutton, C.P.S., C.M.A.S..

Witt Machine & Tool Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifles
Witt Machine & Tool Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifles

Witt Machine

U.S.A.-( Considerable buzz was created when Witt Machine & Tool announced and showed the world their modifications of the stock factory Ruger Precision Rifle (either .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor); turning it into an Integrally Suppressed wonder. It has now officially went from a Prototype/Proof of Concept to reality & production.

Complete Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifles are in production and available for purchase. Witt Machine had previously announced that they are working with Machine Gun Tours as the Distributor for their Integrally Suppressed RPRs.

The first dozen or so of .308 Integrally Suppressed RPRs have been delivered and the first batch of 6.5 Creedmoors are in the finishing stages and waiting for Form 3 Transfers back to Machine Gun Tours now along with the first Integrally Suppressed RPR in 5.56 caliber. Be sure to get yours spoken for by calling Machine Gun Tours.

Machine Gun Tours has been blown away with the capabilities and the accuracy of their Demo Rifle. The entire first delivery of Integrally Suppressed RPRs in .308 have been spoken for they told me recently and some of this next 6.5Creedmoors are already being spoken for before they make it back. All good news and the buzz about how incredibly quiet these beauties are is filtering thru the masses.

Replacement / Upgrade Integrally Suppressed Barrel Kits

Many current or new Ruger Precision Rifle owners where slack jawed when they saw videos or heard about this modification from Witt Machine. Not wanting to purchase a second Rifle many asked about Replacement or Upgrade barrels for their current favorite rifle. Machine Gun Tours spent considerable time and effort putting this option together. MGT chose to work with Proof Research and requested an initial run of barrels to start offering the Replacement / Upgrade kits with. So far here is what they have in the custom kits available for current RPR owners. More options coming soon. Please contact them if you have more questions.

The Replacement / Upgrade Kits include:

  • 1x Proof Research Stainless Steel Barrel 
(Chamberings: .308 or 6.5C Length Options: .308 in 20” only, 6.5C in 20” or 24” choices)
  • 1x Suppression System. Includes a specialized one piece 8” Stainless Steel monocore added to barrel length, with Titanium oversleeve and sealing caps. Adds only 20.5 ounces to the factory barrel weight and because of the suppression system design creates Bull Barrel benefits without the weight.
  • 1x Dedicated Hand Guard set up. The kits come with a dedicated handguard. Options includes the 15” PHNX HexGuard, 18” Suppressor Compatible MLok by MidWest Industries, or 24” Carbon Fiber Option from Carbon Arms. Dedicated means the barrel nut is installed prior to assembly and once installed are in place permanent until it’s time to replace the barrel. (additional barrel replacements do NOT change the NFA serial)
  • 1x Color – Color options for the Titanium over sleeve at no extra cost include: Polished Titanium, Flat Dark Earth, or Graphite Black

This is a KIT (3 in 1), not just a barrel. Choose your Caliber, Choose your Hand Guard, Choose your Color and make it official – Buy it !

 Proof Research Stainless Steel Barrel 
(Chamberings: .308 or 6.5C Length Options: .308 in 20” only, 6.5C in 20” or 24” choices)
Proof Research Stainless Steel Barrel 
(Chamberings: .308 or 6.5C Length Options: .308 in 20” only, 6.5C in 20” or 24” choices) Proof Research Stainless Steel Barrel 
(Chamberings: .308 or 6.5C Length Options: .308 in 20” only, 6.5C in 20” or 24” choices)

Proof Research is WELL known for their premium quality barrels and even though the RPRs are shooting incredibly well out of the box this is about the only way a current RPR owner can affordably upgrade their rifle and benefit from Witt Machine’s super quiet Integrally Suppressed design. For what is received in this 3+ piece kit, its priced pretty decent ($500+ Premium Quality Barrel, Compare MSRP Price of any Quality Direct Thread Suppressor System (Surefire/TBAC) – but you still can’t compare how much more considerably quiet Integrally Suppressed is, Plus a Hand Guard). This IS a dedicated rifle set up but in reality you won’t enjoy another rifle as much as you will enjoy shooting this one.

The Process

Witt Machines Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle
Witt Machines Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle

This is not yet an over the counter item – all NFA / Suppressor Rules apply and they are only legal and shipped to Legal-To-Own States not ran by ignorant politicians. Customers first purchase the Replacement / Upgrade Kits directly from Machine Gun Tours. If not local to MGT, they will need a local SOT – FFL in their City/State to handle the Form 3 Transfer so that they can then have it transferred from MGT to the local Dealer who will be handling you’re in person Form 4 application and hold it until approval. (see our thoughts on the HPA previously published by Ammoland). Current RPR owners can continue to enjoy and shoot their RPR as much as they wish while waiting on the process and final transfer of their new Replacement / Upgrade Kits. The wait and the process is WELL worth it and the improvements will spoil you.

Frank Galli from Snipers Hide LLC who had some insight into the design of the Ruger Precision Rifle said this was the natural progression and evolution of where the RPR needed to develop. Machine Gun Tours will be working with him to also produce a video of how to swap out the factory or regular barrel set up and install your Replacement / Upgrade Kit. Frank / Snipers Hide has already done an initial video and his first impression thoughts about the IS-RPR…. LTC Robert K. Brown Founder of Soldier of Fortune Magazine and NRA Board of Directors Member & his associate Editor have also done first impression Videos as well about the IS-RPR with their thoughts as well. The word is spreading pretty quickly. Don’t be left out HPA or not, current RPR Owner or not, this simply is an amazingly quiet suppressed rifle design that’s flooring people everywhere right out of the box.


JJ Sutton, CPS, CMAS. Writes and contributes on numerous other topics but this cause is near and dear to his heart. JJ grew up on a remote SW Colorado multi-generational ranch which leads him to have a great respect for horses and the benefits they bring to a Ranch, a Farm, and for recreation. It’s painful to watch and see feral horses being caught in the middle of desperate mismanagement. Read more from JJ at ARHunters .

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Scotty Cox

This is a great article with a bunch of information that I had no idea was being worked on. I shoot the 6mm Creedmoor did they mention if that would be addressed after the 6.5 Creedmoor?

Robert Austin

How can I place order?


Generally its as hard as a google search. But hey, we can’t all internet.

Heart of TEXAS

Again, is it so hard to post the MSRP when doing these articles??

Jim S