Law and Odor

Art by A.F. Branco

Clinton Law and Odor
Clinton Law and Odor

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USA –-( Law and Odor.

Speaking of timing, What does the firing of Comey mean for Hillary and all her scandals in the near future?

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A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor.

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  • 40 thoughts on “Law and Odor

        1. @Macofjack, That’s the site I had had on the old pc on windows vista under a nooa address . When I got the lap top with windows 10 I could not find the old address thanks again

      1. @ Maco- Thanks loads Growing hay for horses I was always watching weather came to be a habit, Thanks again.
        @WildBill – Been on road all day did you get that answer on your reload question, never could tell if they posted it.

    1. So… am I to understand that the folks on this forum are:
      FOR corruption?
      FOR Benedict Arnold Visas and Traitorsourcing?

      I don’t think that is correct. Frankly Bernie is now irrelevant as is any discussion regarding him. I’m actually NOT against Trump although it’s hard to be for him. He’s a loose cannon. Hard to know what to expect from him. What I want from him though is for him to restore honest Capitalism. He’s made a baby step at it earlier when he made “Programmer” et. al. no longer subject to H1B visas because they are not considered “special” these days. There are other visas that cover special situations. This one is only good for abuse. I want it gone. America first! Is that so terrible? I tell you what. That is one way he can get Californians to vote for him.

      1. Xaxon – yes in your IDIOT mind we are for corruption!! The only corruption is in the media and liberals wishing something so much that it’s true to them no matter what. If you can’t figure that out then you are correct in the last part of the second sentence, you are not for Trump AT ALL!
        Most of on here like the unexpected nature of Trump. Keeps the politician (both sides) wondering! Amazing that the markets seem to like what he’s doing. Jobs up, 401K up, unemployment down, but I guess you miss all that!

      2. @Xaxon, We agree that the H1B visa should go because it is the most abused visa category, but that was a democrat backed change to the immigration law, and was payback to the Silicon Valley California computer industry. So Trump can not get that eliminated for you. By the way, what is an xaxon?

        1. Wild Bill – Only place I’ve ever seen Xaxon is a OOOOOOOOOLD computer game! It was great, unlike it’s namesake!

          1. Macofjack, I believe that was Zaxxon, but it seems his name is a derivative of it. Based on the name-play, he is stating that he appears to be real (3D), but is in reality 2D, as are his posts.

    2. Those foreigners are all socialists from socialist countries BTW. They got their education for free and can work for cheaper because they don’t have to figure that cost into their paycheck. They can’t vote with a ballot but they ARE voting with their dollars by donating to socialist causes and political candidates. As for the rich, they are the architects of modern socialism because without jobs what else is there?

    3. It’s something that didn’t happen but should have and was before they sold out their country for money.

      The way things were: Certain fields become high-demand and business partners with education to make sure enough people are getting into those high-demand fields. I cite skilled trades as a historical example.

      The way things are now: Certain fields become high-demand and instead of hiring Americans, business goes whining to Congress that they can’t hire enough people and would you please let us hire some more foreigners without lifting a finger to help train Americans. There are hundreds of thousands of foreigners in the US right now and it’s perfectly legal. Not only are they not Americans but they don’t even want to be Americans and the visa they are on forbids them to emigrate. They also cannot change companies without being sent home in what Asians would consider to be “disgrace”. Because of their culture, they do exactly what they are told without ever complaining regardless of how badly they are treated. I’ve seen it. I worked for a company called Infosys. I was the only non-Asian in the whole damned company. I didn’t last long. They needed to be able to say they hired an American but they also didn’t want me to stay. There are oceans and oceans and oceans of these people here in the US occupying jobs Americans should have been trained for.

    4. He’s dirty. She’s dirty. Most all of em are. Despite the fact that he’s a socialist, I was willing to vote for Bernie because he’s the only honest politician I’ve ever even heard of. Socialism doesn’t work in the US, however, for the same reasons Capitalism doesn’t. The foxes are guarding the hen house which is the reason for all the corruption and it won’t stop until we decide we are done with it.

      1. Xaxon – So if capitalism doesn’t work, why have we prosper doing it for 225+ years? Guess it just a fluke!

        1. You clearly haven’t looked at the statistics for the last 30 years. The ones that show American incomes flat while rich people’s incomes go through the roof. Capitalism is no longer working. Used to, though. Then there’s that whole Bankster thing from 2008 where nobody went to prison. Then there’s Benedict Arnold Visas and Traitorsourcing. There’s a thousand ways the middle class are getting screwed although maybe you aren’t right this second. Don’t turn your back on em though.

          1. Xaxon, bankster? Using that term diminishes your argument. As far as only the “rich getting richer” claim, I find that difficult to believe considering the low economic strata my wife and I originated from. We would probably be called upper-middle-class, based on our incomes and accumulated wealth, and our daughter will never have any foreseeable monetary worries. This is why people want to live in the USA. Prosperity is readily available to those willing and able to grasp it.

      2. @xx, If Socialism does not work, and Capitalism doesn’t work, then what economic system are you advocating?

        1. My point is that we will get screwed regardless of what system we choose if the foxes are guarding the hen house. Socialism works in some countries but in ours a rich guy who sells hammers and toilet seats cuts a dirty deal and then the hammers he is selling cost $500 a piece. On the flip side of that, is capitalism. …but only when it benefits the rich. For example, we have to pay outrageous fees for drugs, health care and education but when it’s time to pay salaries to the middle class, they manipulate the job markets with Benedict Arnold Visas and Traitorsourcing to make sure we are working for rock bottom prices.

          1. Oh and unless you dug up your money a capitalist pays your check. Without him you have NOTHING. A socialist will just let you starve and put another pion in your place. Capitalism is not perfect, but it better than anything else that has EVER been tried!

          2. Interesting name Xaxon. Two XXs in it. Socialism does not work in any country (e.g. USSR and its client states, PRC, Cuba, NoKo, Ven. and on and on). Capitalism does not only benefit the rich. Capitalism benefits those with something to sell. There were some persons that practiced capitalism that figured out how to capture whole markets, but it would be an error in logic to judge the whole system by a few pirates.

      3. HEY Xaxon;
        Me thinks thou needst to taketh thou a journey to Venezuela and SEE Socialism in full power economically.
        Old Bernie Has NEVER earned an honest living and went into politics at 40 years of age to sponge off the tax payers. He is nothing more than a greedy Socialist/Communist/Fascist pig of a loafer.
        DO get something to priovde you with a bit of intelligence.
        BTW, ALL those things listed as problems caused by OUR system are do to GREEDY left winger democrat politicians.

        1. Really? Specify which ones and exactly what they did. …or is this just a belief and not a fact?
          While you are at it, tell me about your IT experience. I’m a pro of 10+ years and a military veteran from a family of military veterans. I’ve a pretty good idea of what is going on in my field.

          1. @Xaxon, The Social Security mess is one. The SS Act passed by Democrats. Increased from not more than 2 percent of earnings to todays 7.5 of your salary plus 7.5 from your employer. Farmers who never paid in to the system were able to buy in to SS for a one time $300 payment (my farmer great grand uncle paid in $300 and collected SS for 36 years) was instituted by Democrats. Congress’ ability to borrow SS funds and issue an IOU to the SS Adminsitration…passed by Democrats. SS disability income extended to drug addicts who voluntarily disabled themselves by drug use…Democrats. Foreigners who make a claim that they worked for cash only need not even leave their country to receive benefits sent to their foreign bank is a Democrat law change.

            1. @Wild Bill do you have access to radar? Look up this way. Vance AFB at Enid always gave a good picture but I cant get it any more.

            2. @Wild Bill You should see this pup he runs out into the rain . Then he comes tearing back in so I can towel him off. He wiggles and dances so much about the only thing I have to do is hold the towel close.

            3. @oldvet, just weather radar. There is nothing better than a puppy. What are you going to call him? The people of Texas have been very generous leaving me their extra live stock, but they keep driving away before I can thank them.

            4. @Wild Bill His paper name is Samuel Adams call name is Sammy. Brittany Spaniel 7 1/2 months old. Terror on wheels.

            5. @Wild Bill They do that here thus some of the rescues, Had two nice chocolate labs luckily I still have a large circle of old Young Hunter Safety Instructor friends so I can usually match up the type of dog with the right people. The labs found a good duck and goose hunting home. The thing that bothers me most are the cats they turn feral so easily. I have counted as many as fourteen in one neighbors drive, they do no control at all.

          2. Hey Xaxon, I’ve got 40+ years in IT and I can spot an idiot for a mile away. You are the type. All talk and no backbone. Oh and while your at it I’m retired military as was my father. Your bluster it worth nothing!

            1. Thats why I’m holding this mirror in front of you. Doh! < — See how easy the "Your a big dooty head" argument is? Now try some facts and I might listen.

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