MT2, Range Filter Technology to Dispose of Lead Contaminated Hazardous Range Waste

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MT2, Range Filter Technology to Dispose of Lead Contaminated Hazardous Range Waste

MT2 LogoU.S.A.-( In a February 13, 2017 news report, former employees of an indoor gun range in PA detailed that they were exposed to high levels of lead while working, at 4 times the acceptable OSHA limit.

James M. Barthel, President of Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2), responded by stating, “We are disappointed when news like this comes out because improper regulatory compliance at firing ranges jeopardizes the personal safety and well-being of employees, shooters and possibly neighbors. Hearing the employee in the video state that they would throw buckets full of spent shells out back in a bin on the property is unimaginable.”

Barthel warns that improperly managed range solid waste like filters, debris, soil or other backstop material like rubber, along with incorrectly collected, containerized and stored lead bullets or shot can trigger RCRA hazardous waste requirements and obligations for a range. Comprehensive written work and health and safety plans specific to the range and a detailed waste-management plan describing actual activities to occur must be completed as well as providing written certification for all transport and disposal of range waste.

It is for this reason that MT2 has launched a brand-new service based on their patent-pending technology that is proven to properly treat and dispose of lead contaminated hazardous range waste as well as improve the range’s hazardous generator status and streamline their paperwork requirements.

Barthel continued, “Over the past decade, we have recycled over 12 MILLION pounds of lead, returning over $4,000,000 dollars to ranges owners in lead credits. Based on our commitment, proven track record and adherence to compliance, we are excited to announce our new “Filter Defender” technology where we are able to save a firing range an average of $10,000 or more in management and disposal of their lead contaminated hazardous waste.”

Range owners or managers interested in the “10K Filter Defender” Report can get more information at:

About MT2:

MT2 is the #1 and Largest Nationwide Professional Firing Range Lead Reclamation and Maintenance Contractor for both indoor & outdoor ranges; having provided professional, high-integrity solutions to over 1,000 public and private indoor and outdoor firing ranges for military, law enforcement and municipalities nationwide in all 50 States since 2000. MT2’s proven record of services includes: complete firing range maintenance & improvements, lead remediation services, lead reclamation, OSHA & environmental consulting, operational maintenance and range closure.

MT2’s zero-tolerance for regulatory violations gives range owners the peace of mind that their project will be successfully completed on a guaranteed schedule. No one can complete an Environmental or firing range lead reclamation project quicker and safer than MT2.