Naked Islam in Manchester

By Rob Morse : Opinion

Manchester Arena May 2017
Manchester Arena May 2017
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (  We were told that diversity is a virtue.  We invited people to live with us who wanted us dead.  Who benefits from this?  We were lied to by politicians who wanted more power over us.

We were told that Islam is a religion of peace.  By its own admission, islam is a religion of conquest.  Why were we lied to?

A muslim deliberately killed a score of children at a concert in England.  British Prime Minister Theresa May called it barbaric.  What does the PM want us to do with barbarians who kill our children? Theresa May told us to pray.

That is an insult to our intelligence and our integrity.  If you’re not enraged by the murders of innocent children then you are already dead inside.

Other public figures were busy dispensing platitudes.  Pope Francis was “deeply saddened by the attack.”  It isn’t a “sad event.”  It was a deliberate act of murder that precisely struck its intended target.  Muslim organizations celebrated and many muslims celebrated with them.

We were told that the murderers are fringe elements of islam.  I don't believe it.  If you remember, we were also told that attacks by muslims were the result of an online video.  We were told that muslim attacks were workplace violence or the actions of a lone wolf.  We were lied to, and none of the excuses are true.  The Manchester murderers were trained to kill.  They were known to the British security forces.  The murderers were equipped to inflict death and injury to a large number of people.  These muslims chose their targets precisely because they were innocent children..and not muslims.  The murderers chose their victims on purpose.  That is a big deal.

This attack in Manchester took thousands of man hours to plan and execute.   People paid lots of money, often with petro dollars, to finance the murder of our children.   People who say otherwise are lying to us.  Let that sink in.

It can’t be an “unfortunate attack” because it wasn’t a chance event.  You didn’t hear the heads of muslim organizations from around the world condemn the attacks did you?  ISIS claimed credit, and so did its supporters.  Our political leaders wiped their eyes on camera.

Katy Perry, "No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist."
Katy Perry, “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

Bishop John Arnold of Salford  said, “We must all commit ourselves to working together, in every way, to help the victims and their families and to build and strengthen our community solidarity.”  

Why should we stand together, Bishop.  We need to stay together do do what?  Share tissues?  Sing songs?

The lies and misdirection get deeper. Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury said, “I ask the prayers of your parishioners for peace and solidarity in all our communities that the hate which inspires such indiscriminate violence may be overcome by that love which faith and prayer inspires in our hearts.”  How is that love working for you, Bishop Davies?  Your “love” left your children to be murdered.  How about protecting them instead.  Remove the threat, you idiot.

It is outrageous.  We’re being told to blunt our reactions because politicians are scared.  They should be scared.  Politicians deliberately disarmed us.  Politicians and their sycophants invited murderers to live with us.  Politicians and pretty celebrities now tell us to sit down and quietly accept our subjugation because our outrage is politically inconvenient.

I don’t care.  I don’t care who it offends or disrupts as we make our society safe and protect our children.  We can level every mosque in Europe and the US.  Muslims lost my sympathy when they advocated murdering innocents.  Not sorry.

We get the life we deserve.  Politicians offer up unacceptable excuses, but the fault is ours.  We didn’t carefully examine our politicians, and now our children are dead.  There are no victims, there are only consequences from our past decisions.  Islam has said it is our enemy and we deserve to die.  We chose to ignore that threat.  Listen to what the imams preach.  Stop foreign funding of mosques and tear them down if need be.  


The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 42 thoughts on “Naked Islam in Manchester

    1. Candles, flowers, and tears.
      ANY thought of fighting back – IS OUTLAWED!
      Every MEANS to fight back – IS OUTLAWED!
      Calm passive sorrow – DO IT – calm passive sorrow.


      Calm passive sorrow – YOUR GUNS ARE GONE – YOUR KNIVES ARE GONE – morn peacefully
      come together – as mandated by law

    2. Consider ….Two major problems in this country are Hollywood and the Main Stream News. Both are intended to influence the masses. Possibly the best way to provide feed back is through their advertisers. Again it goes to follow the money. Look at who owns the news media and who donates to election campaigns of the liberal democrats. Who purchases the crap coming out of Hollywood and goes to the movies.

      1. @ W. Bill, you forgot votes. They vote for the Dems. remember Barry told them they could vote. A bigger voting base that makes them very tastey.
        Katy Perry is trying to be a modern day hippy and promote free everything including love. Unfortunately, she is too dumb to know what she is saying.

    3. The Peoples of the Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA have been hearing for years from our political parties, governments, business leaders and religious leaders the we must open our borders and hearts to millions and millions of people into our cities, towns and villages, who really hate everything we stand for, have no intention of assimilating into our cultures and really want to replace our systems of governments with a system similar to those governments from the 7th Century.
      This article does a great job of describing the atrocities of the past and what our leaders are telling us how we must respond to these atrocities. This is a great article and we all have read many like like it.
      Here is my question and please will someone respond!
      Why are our political parties, governments, business leaders and religious leaders putting our lives and cultures in peril to continue import these dangerous people into our lives and more important into our children’s lives?

      1. They are putting the sovereignty of our nation and the lives of all in peril because they are pure evil…they are disgustingly worthless sons and daughters of _itches and _astards and not deserving of life. They are Godless, corrupt, money and power hungry pieces of excrement! To Hell with all of them!

      2. @Matt, Out political parties, governments, business “leaders”, and religious “leaders” want to continue to import people because they can sell something to these new imports, and it is too difficult to sell bs most ordinary Americans.
        New imports have nothing, but to buy everything for life in America. That means increased sales. The parties give the new imports money through welfare programs, and that means more and new supporters at election time. Government social workers, that hand out the money, get job security, their agency gets bigger and more powerful, they get promoted to supervisor. Everybody wins except the American people.

    4. This was a false flag event, just like all other mass shootings and bombings. No one died. Watch this before it’s taken down. We have all been deceived. Don’t continue to fall for the BS.

      1. @informed human – I suspe4ct you are actually a badly Misinformed human. Before you get too involved in your belief system, you might want to google the logical concept of “Falsifiability,” which works well as a check on beliefs and helps to avoid getting into a delusional thinking trap.

    5. Why don’t they just invite them all to the Vatican ? Oh wait, there’s a big wall around it that was built to keep them out….


      1. Pedace,

        The essay was in English not Spanish. So, why do you comment in Espanol ?

        I am fed up with the bilingual bullshit being foisted upon cittizens of this country by Mexican invaders. I have no use for the attacks on this former United States of America by the hordes of Latin Amerikan and moslem invaders demanding the demise of our culture, our Christian beliefs and our English language.

        It will be interesting to read the forthcoming remarks by the leftists and pantywaists who will most assuredly chastise me for my comments. You whining Marxists are everywhere. So, without further delay I’ll just bid you treasonous scum a hearty FOAD. In particular the ass clown JorgeNorberto Pedace. Step to the devil.

            1. @ DanIII, George was just making a humorous play on words. Oh, and you should know that JorgeNorberto Pedace is not in the U.S. He is staying put in his own country of Argentina.

    7. Where are all the non ratical Muslims? Why aren’t they out in the street protesting ? Why aren’t they reporting those who are Raticals ? You don’t see them in the streets complaint about those cowards, murders!

      1. Hundreds of thousands have marched against ISIS and their ilk. The mainstream press doesn’t show it.

        1. Marched, how well is that working? Why not post signs forbidding muslims entry…that should work…don’t you think Larry?

          1. Georgie,

            Maybe it is time for Caucasian, Christian nationalists to march in the streets and confront the scum federal politicians demanding they support POTUS Trump, and ban not only moslem invaders but ALL invaders ! You know them as “immigrants”.

            Whaddya think there Georgie ?

      2. What I think, is that virtually all federal politicians do not deserve and should not be allowed to flagrantly waste perfectly good oxygen…there should be an enforceable ban against them breathing altogether!

        1. G,

          Here is my argument regarding politicians….

          We wouldn’t be M-F’ing them to the extent we do if the electorate would cease re-electing them time and time and time again.

          The problem is the citizen, the voter, IMO.

          1. While it is true that there exists a gigantic problem with the hoard of dumb’d-down voters and those too lazy to vote, the malodorous p’sos running for office are all corrupt criminals.

    8. [Quran 49:13] O people! We created you from a male and a female, and made you races and tribes, that you may know one another. The best among you in the sight of God is the most righteous. God is All-Knowing, Well-Experienced.

      1. @Talal Itani, Hey Talal, I’d like to tell you about a guy named Gil that would really be a blot on Islam…

    9. If Christians can distance themselves from a criminal act by using the “a few bad eggs” argument so why can’t Muslims?

      1. Gil, what Christians are targeting for death random crowds of nonbelievers in the name of their God or religion?

      2. @Gil, You, willfully ignore the facts that the purpose of Christianity is not to take over the world and force everyone to act in a certain way, but the purpose of Islam is to take over the world and force everyone to act in a certain way. When one of your moslem buddies cuts your head off, I’m sure that it will only be one bad egg

        1. I got a kick out of a video when some guys were pranking people as to how violent the Koran is by actually citing the Bible.

          1. Gil, and yet what group is making the news daily for their acts of violence in the name of their God and religion?

      3. its not eggs, its apples, the whole barrel is rotten, the women and children hide their suicidal men until its time for an attack

    10. I have been informed by a well known gun forum that my views on certain topics are not welcome. I have also been informed likewise by a local “radio talkshow.” So I won’t share them here because the SJWs wouldn’t like it. I remain radio silent and keep my powder dry and my skill levels up. Of course my close acquaintances share my views and I can talk freely with them. Thankfully I am in the latter years of my life and won’t have to deal with it like my children and grandchildren. I am also thankful that my father, a WW2 veteran, did not see all that has transpired since his death in 1994.

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