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USA – -( Armed American Radio with Mark Walters – This week Armed American Radio took to the airwaves within hours of the closing of the National Rifle Association 2017 Annual Meetings, held right down the street from the safest studio in the country.

The Sunday monster broadcast reflected the “goings on” in Atlanta with the primary focus being what was said, heard, seen, tasted, and smelled in the Georgia World Conference Center over the entirety of the three-day event.

This week we heard from a couple of the amazing folks I ran into over the weekend. They included Marcus The Santa Shooter” Weldon and host of Lock n’ Load radio, Mr. Bill Frady. Also, the great AWR Hawkins, my weekly contributor from Breitbart News joined me, and I held another follow-up discussion with Dr. John Edeen representing Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership.

If you’ve never heard the story of Marcus Weldon, make sure to pay attention in hour one to segments three and four as Marcus describes in harrowing detail his self-defense shooting that resulted in his being charged with seven felonies, count em, seven! You’ll hear how he was given the moniker “The Santa Shooter” by the New York Times and what happened at his trial. Suffice to say, it’s a helluva a story.

AWR Hawkins made it home from Atlanta in time for his regular segments in hour two, and as usual, he brings it. Having just seen him over the weekend, we had a great conversation about the NRAAM as well as some “happy ending” stories of good guys winning fights that bad guys picked.

Dr John Edeen joined me for a third appearance in as many days. He had appeared on the daily show leading up to NRAAM and it was only natural to bring him to the monster show to give us his take on what he had just seen and heard.

Next up was Bill Frady from Lock n Load Radio. I ran into Bill while tending to the Second Amendment Foundation booth with Alan Gottlieb and the great folks from SAF and CCRKBA. It had been a while since I had the chance to talk to Bill and it was wonderful to catch up. Of course that lead to invites to appear on each other’s shows and well, why wait? Bill was awesome as usual and I won’t wait years to bring him back to AAR again, I promise.

The show was a good one, as usual. Education, information and entertainment for lawfully armed Americans.

I love that!

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