No Charges For Laundromat Owner Who Shot Robber, Bystander In North Philadelphia

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Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( WPVI TV 6 (ABC) reports 03-27-2016 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the owner of a laundromat who shot both the man who robbed his store a well as an innocent bystander, will not be charged, according to police.

The incident happened after 4 p.m. Sunday along the 2800 block of North 5th Street.

According to detectives, it all started when the suspect with a knife walked into the store. He pointed it at the owner and demanded the owner give him cash said a Philadelphia Police Captain.

The owner gave the cash, but then gave chase. But before running after the bandit, police say the owner grabbed his five-shot revolver, for which he did have a license for.

Detectives say the owner fired all five bullets (cartridges) in the gun.

A witness said, “Next thing you know, I just hear ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. People ducking bullets in the air, and I’m like, “Whoa what’s going on?”

Just before the owner fired, the suspect tossed the cash on 5th Street. The suspect took the money, which is about $2,000 according to the owner, and basically tossed it into the air,” said the police spokesperson.

“People running north, south, east, west, and then all of sudden I’m like, ‘Wait – why are people coming back?’ Because they seen (observed) the money flying through the air,” said a witness. Surveillance video shows bystanders grabbing cash tossed by a would-be robber. All the cash was stolen by bystanders.

Police say the suspect, a 40-year-old man, was shot twice in the chest. According to investigators, the suspect turned and raised his hand while being chased by the owner. The owner said he feared the man had either a knife or a gun, so he opened fire.

Media spoke with another 5th Street store owner, who supports what his neighbor did. “Hey, he needs to defend himself because he just threatened the store owner” he said.

In the laundromat, the incident a bystander, a 52-year-old woman, was also shot twice in the hand. Both she and the suspect were rushed to Temple University Hospital.

The suspect was last reported to be in critical condition, while the bystander was said to be in stable condition.

The police captain called the shooting of the robber self-defense, and the shooting of the bystander an accident.

Not So Innocent Bystanders Grab up Cash
Not So Innocent Bystanders Grab up Cash


Not really a good self-defense case, just a comedy of errors I had to share and an example of how things can go wrong fast.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Robert Hartwig Jr.

I would put the photo’s of all of the peoplke who stole the thrown cash up in ALL of the local stores and on the nightly news for at least a month so everyone could see these a*sw*pes faces and get a chance to confront their neighbors as the thieves they are. I say bring back the public stocks of pilgram days for people like this.

Robert Hartwig

I would put the photo’s of all of the peoplke who stole the thrown cash up in ALL of the local stores and on the nightly news for at least a month so everyone could see these a*sw*pes faces and get a chance to confront their neighbors as the thieves they are. I say bring back the public stocks of pilgram days for people like this.


Fight back against evel no matter the consequences. Thats how we became a free people. The criminals need to fear the honest. The lefties will paint the store owner as the criminal. The bible says in the end times good will be called evil and evil will be called good. Sure looks like whats happening now.

Mark Are

If the guy had a knife, confront him THEN and shoot him if you have to, don’t go running down the street with people all over the place and then end up shooting the robber. The guy who did this was an idiot. They should have charged him with being an idiot. Oh, wait, there is no charge for that…sorry.


Not so sure this is a failure. Sure, the owner lost his money…. direct result of the robber’s action. But one robber is at least for a few weeks off the streets… and word WILL spread. I suspect he’s local to the area, in any case, such news will be ‘on the street” and work against anyone else considering such income-generating activity. Too bad the perp did not get more seriously hurt, as in dead. Now the government will have to bear his medical expenses, incarceration, court system processing, and, hopefully, some jail time. Digging a hole and planting an… Read more »

Pistol Pete

I think anyone using a gun to commit a crime should get the death penalty in two weeks of being convicted !!!!!!

Mark Are

Why just a gun? And what kind of crime? Geezzz…

Roy D.

I think anyone committing a crime during which the victim of said crime could have legally used deadly force to prevent/stop said crime should be put to death soon after conviction.


He will not be charged “according to police” – not according to the prosecutor. There is a glaring difference between the two.
I Would like to hear a follow up – say in 6months.
Just saying………

Wild Bill

Did anyone tell those people that Barry Soetoro (aka Bayrack Obama) devalued the money by half at the beginning of his first term so they were risking their lives for just paper with pretty pictures on it?

Roy D.

After looking up news about North Philly, it sounds like South Chicago. Both places are better avoided.


Some of those bystanders were not so innocent if they were grabbing stolen money. They were as guilty as the thief who took the money in the first place.

Pistol Pete

Bud I agree with you / that’s why I choose to live in the south
Most people in the south are honest law abiding citizens.
Most law breakers in the south are gang members or drug dealers


As was stated in the article.

The Revelator

Before the Resident idiot gets a hold of this story, invariably to make a comment defending the criminal and demonizing the store owning victim, I’d like to make a legal point about this story. As the criminal was in the commission of a crime which caused for the accidental shooting of a bystander will be adding charges to the perpetrator of the crime, since it was his commission of the crime that caused the bystander to be wounded when the owner acted in self defense. There are some murky aspects to this case as well, since the article did not… Read more »


Here is a real legal legal analysis. Were they in the process of, or in flight from, a crime against persons, which is violent by definition absent a weapon? Otherwise known as a “forcible felony”? Yes. Were they able to be prevented from flight with less force, or otherwise able to direct police to the criminal in order to bring the complaint into a court and be made whole again through democratic principles? No. Then it’s outside of the law to bring that man to court and question his actions. Actual violence is not, nor can be a factor. This… Read more »