NRL Announces XLR Industries as Official Chassis Sponsor

NRL, XLR Partnership
NRL, XLR Partnership

SANTA ANA, Calif. -( The National Rifle League is pleased to announce that XLR Industries has agreed to sponsor the NRL’s 2017 season as the official Chassis Sponsor.

The company offers tactical bolt action rifle chassis for Remington Savage, Howa, Tikka, Surgeon, Defiance Machine, Stiller, Barnard, and more; made from 6061 T6 aluminum.

“XLR Industries collaborates with some of the top precision rifle shooters in the nation to build the best possible chassis out
there.” Stated Travis Ishida, President of the NRL. This kind of action shows how much XLR Industries cares for the growth of
the sport, and the NRL is grateful to have their support.”

“XLR has been committed to supporting the precision rifle community since our inception,” stated Kyle Miller, Owner of XLR
Industries. “We are excited to work with the NRL and its shooters for the further expansion and development of this exciting

XLR Industries is working to bring a great experience to the 2017 season of precision rifle matches and the community.

This includes presenting chassis for the prize table at each match, including the 2017 Season Championship match held in January
2018 in Las Vegas, NV.


About XLR Industries:

XLR Industries is a US manufacturer of tactical bolt action rifle chassis and rifle chassis accessories. XLR manufacturers multiple
modular rifle chassis systems for over 50 different bolt action rifles. XLR also manufacture a line of adjustable butt stocks that
are widely used for AR applications as well as being used on other rifle chassis systems.

For more information, visit their website.


About the National Rifle League:

National Rifle League is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting
through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities. These activities are designed to develop marksmanship skills for
those participating in the shooting sports, promote firearms and hunting safety, and to educate the general public about

Its mission is to enable growth in the competitive shooting sports, for those who have aspiration for their communities, their
businesses, families, and themselves. National Rifle League supports them on their journey from ambition to achievement. And
this is why it is so proud to support match directors and competitive shooting athletes as they represent all of us over the
United States.

For more information, visit their website.