Outdoor Adventure Course Saves Lives

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Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation has learned their CPR courses has helped save a young life…
Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation
Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation

DALLAS, TX (Ammoland.Com) – Teaching children and young adults life-saving techniques is a regular occurrence in hundreds of Outdoor Adventures classes promoted by Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, based in Dallas, Texas.

Recently, they learned just how their teachings saved a young life from a family’s firsthand account. Due to the first aid/CPR class offered in the course, a student was able to save the life of another from drowning.

In April, a 5-year-old girl was found lifeless in a neighbor’s swimming pool, Upon hearing the news, a girl who had attended Outdoor Adventures class last year as an 8th grader rushed over and administered CPR until the paramedics arrived, according to the email written by the family of the young girl who gave CPR.

“She helped to force blood to her brain and played a crucial role in saving her life,” the email read. “The little girl was taken off the ventilator yesterday and will make a full recovery.”

According to the family, this was an invaluable lesson that changed the life of not only the daughter, but also that of the girl who nearly drowned.

“We are eternally grateful for your class and all she learned from you, which has left a lasting impression on her,” the family continued in their letter.

“We take great pride in the positive impact Outdoor Adventures has impressed upon thousands of students, we are delighted to have aided in saving a young person’s life,” said Sean McLelland, executive director of Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation.

Outdoor Adventures is a physical education course through the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation that offers girls and boys the opportunity to learn life-long skills that affect daily life and may even be lifesaving, as in the case of this 5-year-old girl. The course integrates science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology and with real-world application. The education course focuses on a myriad of outdoor activities from archery and planning to life-saving survival skills.

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About Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation

Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation began as Dallas Ecological Foundation (DEF) with the primary purpose of receiving funds to fund grants to teach outdoor education and to promote and fund conservation of wildlife worldwide. In addition to the course curriculum, OTF has provided equipment grants to schools that have adopted Outdoor Adventures and teacher training and workshops have been provided without charge. From 300 plus schools in Texas, 30,000 students currently enrolled and more than 150,000 student participants , OTF looks to further expand the Outdoor Adventures curriculum across the U.S. OTF also makes a limited number of grants to qualified applicants in support of wildlife conservation projects. Learn more at http://goOTF.com