Past Time to End This Democratic Witch Hunt

By David Limbaugh

Donald Trump Stare
Past Time to End This Democratic Witch Hunt
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -( I don't deny that President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey was handled poorly, but it pales in comparison with the Democrats' ongoing partisan witch hunt against President Trump concerning Russia.

That should be the story.

Shortly after Trump's dismissal of Comey, Trump defenders had plenty of ammunition. Widely respected and nonpartisan Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had reportedly recommended that Trump fire Comey.

But then the communications from Team Trump on the matter seemed to muddy the waters. Though maintaining that Rosenstein's recommendation was pivotal, Trump spokespeople added other reasons. They claimed that Trump had fired Comey based on his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and because numerous FBI agents and employees were dispirited by Comey's actions.

Then acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified, “The vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep, positive connection to Director Comey.” A number of retired FBI officials also apparently showed solidarity with Comey by using his face for their Facebook profile photos. And though Rosenstein has contradicted mainstream media reports that he was contemplating resigning over the narrative that he had recommended Comey's dismissal, he reportedly claims that he did not expressly recommend the firing. Oh, boy.

Trump added more to the mix when he told Lester Holt in an interview that he had decided to fire Comey irrespective of the reported Rosenstein recommendation. Media outlets are having a field day with this alleged contradiction. Trump has thrown his communications team under the bus, they say, because his spokespeople clearly said that Trump's firing was a response to the recommendation. Trump's tweets concerning possible recorded conversations between him and Comey didn't help, either.

What a mess.

Though it doesn't look good that Trump's version arguably varies from that of his spokespeople, I don't see any major inconsistency here.

I suspect that Trump was increasingly frustrated with Comey and wanted to fire him and that the recommendation helped justify it. Either way, Trump had the constitutional authority to fire Comey, and it would be scandalous only if he did so to impede a legitimate investigation into his alleged collusion with Russia, which is not the case.

Trump is obviously exasperated that the Democrats are impeding his policy agenda with their obsessive hammering of the bogus charge that he and his team conspired with Russia to interfere with the presidential election.

Despite the incessant media reports and congressional investigations, not a shred of evidence has emerged to substantiate the charge of collusion. We keep saying this, but the media and Democrats keep pretending otherwise. It's unconscionable. Even James Clapper, former President Barack Obama's director of national intelligence, has admitted that there is no evidence of collusion and that he has no reason to suspect it.

The real scandal is not Trump's firing Comey — even if Trump's supporters are unhappy with the timing and the way it was handled and communicated.

The scandal is the liberal establishment's coordinated conspiracy to falsely allege that Trump stole the presidency by colluding with Russia. Liberals absolutely know that it's not true, but they will not quit bearing false witness. How dare they posture indignantly about Trump's supposed dishonesty?

The Democrats know they are fabricating this whole thing, but they figure this is the best way they can thwart Trump's efforts to move the country forward and out of the multiple quagmires Obama landed this country in. Their constant laments about the democratic process are laughably belied by their refusal to accept the results of the presidential election.

It is the Democrats' prerogative to act as the opposition party and to try to impede Trump's agenda. But it is reprehensible that they are doing so through fraudulent means and further dividing the country with their lies about Team Trump and Russia.

Their counterfeit hysteria knows no bounds. Not long ago, Democrats were demanding Comey's head, alleging that his public announcements had sabotaged Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Now they are claiming the firing is a “constitutional crisis” and a “coup.” Not only did Trump have the authority to fire Comey but also the termination does not end the investigation.

Author Jon Meacham claimed on “Morning Joe” that Trump had removed someone “in charge of an investigation that could lead to treason.” Sen. Richard Blumenthal said the firing may well lead to impeachment hearings. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, said: “We have a deeply insecure president who understands that the noose is tightening because of this Russia investigation. And that's why I believe he has let Jim Comey go.”

Obstruction Of Justice Democrat Indifference
Obstruction Of Justice Democrat Indifference

Kaine knows better. There is no evidence that there is any noose, much less that it's tightening, and the media's claim that Trump fired Comey because he was seeking more funds to investigate him has been expressly denied by acting Director McCabe. CNN's Van Jones said that the only people who are happy about the firing “are sitting in the Kremlin.” MSNBC's Chris Matthews claimed that the firing was “a little whiff of fascism.” Countless liberal media and political figures are comparing the Comey firing to the Saturday Night Massacre, in which Richard Nixon fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

The way this firing transpired is unfortunate, but we wouldn't be talking about this if Democrats and the media weren't lying every hour of every day about a nonexistent scandal. This bogus investigation should end forthwith, no matter who is heading it, because it is based on nothing but innuendo and partisanship.

You conduct an investigation not because you want something to be true but because you have some evidence suggesting it may be. There is no such evidence here, and they've admitted it. Let's move on.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

  • 9 thoughts on “Past Time to End This Democratic Witch Hunt

    1. During my career in the US Navy I along with every other swab jock was told by our senior officers at situation reports that any contact with any Russian, Soviet official we were immediately to report it to NIS. This contact in itself is considered to be serious effort by soviet agents to turn any sailor for their intelligence purposes.
      I have to assume that elected officials have accesses at the very least to “For Official Use Only”. There are 5 levels of classified material. For Official Use only, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, and Cripto or Special Compartmentalization.
      My Question for the Dumeycrats is, has anyone come foreword to report a contact with a Russian Official? Is there any smoke, is there any fire?
      Why has Hillary Clinton not been investigated? Her crimes against the security of the United States is well documented and too numerous to mention here. Why did not Congress open an investigation into her activities?
      Why is Trump being investigated, it truly is a witch hunt and speaks badly of the intelligence of many of our elected representatives, Can you say Nancy Pelosey, Chuckey Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Maxine, invade North Korea, Waters? All idiots and I suspect that they have mental health problems as well.

    2. Comey should of been fired on Jan 20….Day 1 for not finding Hitlery guilty. Since when are you guilty on all accounts but not arrested & prosecuted because you did not intend to do it. To the common man ignorance of the law is not an excuse, but we know clinton is not ignorant she just thinks she is Above the law. It’s apparent she is!

    3. “Though it doesn’t look good that Trump’s version arguably varies from that of his spokespeople, I don’t see any major inconsistency here.” How about night and day repeatedly…

      Talk about self-inflicted wounds.

      If the President would simply not comment most of the stupidity would be diminished.
      He seems incapable of not sticking his foot in the middle and swishing.
      Can he please step back from the twitter? Its for twits not Presidents.
      If you hire people to handle the demorons, let them do their jobs and get on with actually running the country.
      If not, then fire their butts, save us the tax payer funds and carry on in your own time.

    4. All of conservative America needs to get used to this nonsense. Unless and until we get, and use, a megaphone that is louder than the MSM, we will not be heard by the majority of America. Just my opinion.

    5. Trump’s way of dealing with decisions is not a very common one…. he seems to rely on his gut telling him “DO THIS”, then ponders the details. Since the POINT is Comey has to go, and since it is HIS decision as Chief Executive Officer to retain or release him, the details don’t matter. Did the plane hit the dirt because the RIGHT wing hit a tree, or because the LEFT wing hit the cliff? It doesn’t matter, does it? Either one, or both, would have it going in. These clowns are camels scratching at fleas. Let them scratch, but don’t stop the caraven to accomodate their follies.

    6. If the AG were to look into podesta’s financial records they will find that podesta had an income from the Russians totalling over 35 million just last year, talking about collusion, how much of that money did he put into the hitlery campaign funds. Yeah the demoncrats keep screaming about collusion on Trump’s part but forget about their own collusion with the Russians.

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