Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast- Episode 62 with Jeff Street

By Rob Morse

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( The Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast brings you recent examples of civilian self-defense.  Episode 62 features self-defense instructor Jeff Street.  Ordinary people protected themselves and the people they love.   Were these gun owners lucky, or were they trained and prepared?   What should we do if we were in their place?  Listen and find out. (15 minutes)

All three victims survived lethal attacks..

because they had a gun.

Self Defense Gun Stories
Self Defense Gun Stories
  • First story- Are you armed at work? You work on the back dock of a roofing supply company.   It isn’t unusual to yell so you can hear each other over the noise of the equipment, but this yelling is different.  One of your customers is yelling at one of your co-workers.  You see the customer pull a firearm and point the gun at one of your co-workers.  He isn’t showing off the gun, he is threatening to hurt your co-worker.  Now you’re the one doing the shouting as you yell for someone to call the police.
  • Second story-Are you armed at home in the evening?  Your daughter wanted to buy a cell phone.  She found a used one at a price she wanted to pay.  She agreed to meet the buyer at a public place.  The police have an area of their parking lot set up with cameras for trades like this.  They seller was late, so your daughter agreed to meet the seller at your home.Your daughter asked to see the phone and make sure it worked before she handed over the money. Your wife was standing nearby, and the buyer grabbed your wife.  He grabbed your wife  by the hair and demanded the money.  Your wife yelled and you looked from inside your house.  Your daughter yelled that she’d go get the money from inside the house.  You saw the stranger with a gun pointed at your wife’s head.
  • Third Story- Are you armed when you walk to your car?  Your car is parked on the street.  It is almost noon, and two men approach you as you reach for the car door.  One of the men has a gun.  They demand your car keys and wallet.  You are licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Chicago.  You’re armed.  You reach for your keys and then present your firearm.  You shoot the armed robber.  He drops his gun.  Both men run away.  You stop firing and call the police

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Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.