SureFire Partners with Shinola to Create Special Edition Flashlight

SureFire Partners with Shinola to Create Special Edition Flashlight
SureFire Partners with Shinola to Create Special Edition Flashlight

SureFire Tactical Lights

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. -( SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the SureFire Shinola Flashlight.

Shinola is a modern design brand out of Detroit that’s known for its dedication to creating thoughtful manufacturing jobs and producing watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals, jewelry, and audio equipment of the highest quality.

With its signature orange top ring, the Surefire Shinola flashlight utilizes a high-efficiency, virtually failure-proof LED to deliver 600 blinding lumens of tactical-level light, as well as useful 15-lumen beam on its low setting.

The flashlight’s precision-manufactured, micro-textured reflector shapes the LED’s light into a smooth, comparatively wide beam with a bright central area and generous surround light to accommodate peripheral vision.

Powered by two 123A lithium batteries and activated by an ergonomic click-type tail cap switch, the flashlight features a high-strength aerospace aluminum body that’s hard anodized to military specifications for extreme resistance to scratching, abrasion, and corrosion.

The Surefire Shinola Flashlight is designed, machined, tested, and assembled, right here in the U.S. – in California.

The Surefire Shinola Flashlight retails for $195 and will be available at Shinola retail locations and their website.


About SureFire:

Located in Fountain Valley, California, SureFire, LLC is the leading manufacturer of suppressors, high-performance flashlights, weapon-mounted lights, and other tactical equipment for those who go in harm’s way, or anyone who demands the ultimate in quality, innovation, and performance. SureFire illumination tools are used by more SWAT teams and elite special operations forces than any other brand. SureFire is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company.


About Shinola:

Shinola is founded in the belief that products should be well-made and built to last. Across a growing number of categories, Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft, and the beauty of industry.

Of all the things we make, the return of manufacturing jobs might just be the thing we’re most proud of.

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Whatever you feel about Surefire, it is a good product, however, it’s too expensive for me. So is Shinola, that being said, I own two Surefire lights and eight Streamlights along with six Pelican lights all with a mix of power sources. If I was promoting Surefire, I would certainly not advertise it on a crate that said Clinton on it. Is that the box that the skeletons are buried in?


I personally am a stream light man, at present I own four of their flash lights and one lantern, and anybody that knows stream light knows the flash lights are about forty bucks a piece, and the lantern as well. I have dropped them, ran them over, dropped in water, and had them for years with no problems ever. We know the cr123 batteries are quite expensive, but I found a reasonable supply for about a buck apiece. Now I’m not bashing this company, but like I said, I have four of stream lights flash lites, and one lantern, and… Read more »


Sorry, buying stuff made in California to me is like buying stuff made in China, the OTHER communinst state.
I do my best not to buy things made by either…