Texas House to Vote on License to Carry Fee Reduction Bill

Permitless Carry
Texas House to Vote on License to Carry Fee Reduction Bill

Texas State Rifle AssociationTexas-(Ammoland.com)- On Tuesday, May 2, House Bill 300, TSRA-backed legislation sponsored by Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford) that significantly reduces the cost of a License to Carry (LTC), is scheduled to be considered by the full Texas House of Representatives.

The identical Senate companion bill SB 16 is over and eligible for consideration in the House, so it will be substituted in for HB 300 on the House floor. This means that if the House approves the measure with no amendments, it will head to Governor Greg Abbott for his expected signature!

Let’s get this done – please contact your State Representatives on Monday or Tuesday morning and urge them to “Support HB 300/SB 16 with no amendments” Add this language to your subject line.

If you don’t know your State Representative, click here and find Who Represents Me on the website. The information will provide contact info for your State Rep.

At $140, the fee for an original Texas license is among the highest in the nation. HB 300/SB 16 would bring the fees down to among the lowest in the country, slashing the cost of an original license by $100 to just $40, and cutting the cost of a renewal license from $70 to $40. In other words, the annual cost of a five-year LTC would now be just $8 per year. No law-abiding Texan should be priced out of the ability to exercise his or her right to self-defense!

Thank you to Rep. King for sponsoring and working to pass this important legislation in the House, and to Reps. Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock) and Kyle Kacal (R-College Station) for sponsoring similar measures HB 339 and HB 1024, respectively. All versions of this important legislation helped raise awareness of the need to address the high cost of a license in the Lone Star State!

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Rascal Jasper

Go Longhorns! The Peninsula State (Michigan) still wants $115.00 for a renewal, plus NRA approved refresher class, and proof that you have spent x-amount of hours practicing handling and firing your handgun; not really what I consider “CPL Friendly”!

Mark Are

No law abiding Texan should have to pay 1 cent to exercise a RIGHT. If you have to PAY for it, it is a PRIVILEGE granted by those in “charge”. UNALIENABLE rights are non negotiable.

Jim S

Mark makes a great comment. We have become pretty happy with some of these onerous laws being rescinded or relaxed so we ignore that this is supposed to be a right (of course as a right it is open to interpretation by Congress and SCOTUS). Do you have to pay a fee to parade or protest? In California people would pay hundreds per year to get a carry license in many of the west coast counties and they would accept those fees and rules.

A.X. Perez

The original versions of both bills reduced the fee to zero. With permitless carry (HB1911 And HB375)
likely to be adopted this session, HCL becomes useful as a picture ID to buy beer, cash checks, and vote. OH yeah, also obviates NICS.
Used mine to vote against that woman.


You are right of course but once politicians get a revenue stream going they just can’t turn it loose. I’m amazed that they would even reduce a source of revenue.

Wild Bill

, the Texas LTC also serves as a background check, that you would not have w/o the Texas LTC.


Go Texas !