This Week on ‘MojoTV’ – Days of Texas Thunder

Mojo TV Turkey Decoy
Mojo TV Turkey Decoy

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USA -( Gobbling long beards keep spirits high as Mike Morgan and Preston Pittman compete in the Clay County Turkey Fest Competition in Texas.

Both Preston and Mike get a shot behind the Stoeger but which will put down a hammer? Gobble Gobble Bang!

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Wild Bill
Wild Bill
4 years ago

Mullins, Yep, just a nice Stoeger shotgun, and welcome to the site.

Bill Mullins
Bill Mullins
4 years ago

Just a question from a non-hunter (by choice not any “ethical” issues).

What are they using to hunt those birds? I saw the photo of a camo gun of some sort but could not see enough to know what they use. Is it a shotgun? A rifle of some sort? Just curious.