Video Shows Smoke Shop Clerk Getting the Jump On & Shooting 13-Year-Old Robber

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Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Las Vegas Review Journal & KLAS TV 8 reported 04-01-2017, a 24 year old clerk in a local smoke shop has been bound over for trial in case wherein he shot and killed one of three juveniles that charged into his store last December 3rd. The charge at the moment is Open Murder. (degree to be decided later)

The other two suspects fled as the store as the clerk fired.

“I was petrified beyond comprehension,” he said during an interrogation played in court on Friday. He said he did not know whether the boys were armed, “So I drew and fired.” The suspects, it turns out, were not armed.

In a series of surveillance videos, which were not accompanied by audio, he was shown firing his weapon at the boy, who appeared to be running away before he collapsed on the floor of the shop near the entrance.

Homicide detective Dolphis Boucher ask him why he fired at (the suspect).”He was the one coming toward me first” defendant said. “I felt my life was in danger….I was afraid of dying.”

Raad Sunna appears during his preliminary hearing at the Regional Justice Center on Friday, March 31 2017, in Las Vegas. Sunna, Las Vegas smoke shop clerk, is charged with murder in the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @bizutesfaye
Raad Sunna appears during his preliminary hearing at the Regional Justice Center on Friday, March 31 2017, in Las Vegas. Sunna, Las Vegas smoke shop clerk, is charged with murder in the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @bizutesfaye


This case is lot more complicated than my short version here. My concern is that if this case stands as a murder, any shopkeeper must wait until a gun or knife is clearly shown before firing in self-defense. So how do we present that in training? If it turns out your decision to fire, in the split second you had to decide, was wrong, you might face decades in prison.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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First of all what were 13 year olds doing in a smoke shop. The prosecutor will probably present them as innocent kids just looking for a smoke. As a retired teacher I can tell you that I have been openly threatened by 7th grade boys who were as big as me and I’m 6ft. 200 lbs. I have seen four kids gang up on one and had to intervene for his safety. My point is, there is a small but vicious group of young kids out there who would think nothing of bringing you great physical harm. If three of… Read more »


Not enough information to say if any charges are warranted. Three juveniles charge into a smoke shop. One can easily guess that they were not there to do legitimate business because they are juveniles. as for the video showing the juvenile running away before he collapsed. Anyone ever shoot a big deer that was coming towards them and capture it on video. Your video also will show the deer running away before it collapses.
Note to Bob Irwin, fire your editor and proof reader!


I want to know if the other 2 robbers were also charged with felony murder. Even when one of the bad guys die during a robbery, the accomplices can be charged with the homicide of the co-accomplice. Or is this just a prosecutor who wants to have gun control and allow the criminals a free pass?

John Moore

Mr. Irwin, I investigated my first Homicide in 1973. In one of the many homicides I’ve investigated the deceased was struck once in the head by a closed fist. One fist, one hit, one man dead. Most police officers, and most prosecuting attorneys and (hopefully) most defense attorneys know this. I have not seen the video. However, it would seem the issue is whether or not the attacker had ceased his attack and was in retreat when he was shot. If that be the case, then the prosecutor should file a charge of manslaughter, and a second lower charge of… Read more »


okay just watched the video. considering how fast things occurred by the time the clerk knew the criminal had turned around he would have been pressing the trigger.

Also it took months with a justice of the peace having to approve the charges. Seems strange. I wonder if community pressure was involved in having the charges come out now. they had months to watch the video.


I haven’t been following this case but you may have touched on a key point earlier, paraphrasing, “when he talked to police”. STOP right there. Did he follow the cardinal rule, shut up and don’t say a word until you have an attorney right by your side? This is the most difficult thing you will ever have to do after a shooting and also the absolute most important. Everything inside you says EXPLAIN why you just did this. You’re right, just tell them. So you do and you wind up in prison for 20 years. Right after a self defense… Read more »


The clerk has to have had said the wrong things or this wasn’t able to be shown as a robbery situation. Did they get the other two and question them? If it turns out this was not a robbery at all but a group of juvies entertaining the shop and the clerk opened fire for no reason except misguided fear then a murder charge is justified.


Age.. don’t care if you do the crime then you may get the time. The problem is and I do agree with Charles L is that there is no consequences to anything any more. We have moved from the entitlement generation to the demand generation, all in my lifetime. Things are progressing faster than I could of ever thought. I have seen a few cases were the perp was fleeing and was engaged, this is problematic but in the heat of the moment only a court will judge. I will say that if this person did (or was allowed to… Read more »


They shouldn’t be able to charge murder if the killer was being robbed. Even if it was a bad shoot they should be limited to manslaughter or negligent homicide. It’s silly to expect a victim to use good judgement to that degree. Robbing somebody carries a built in risk and the responsibility should be on the person committing the robbery.

Clark Kent

Except that you can’t claim you are being robbed if the suspect is running away, especially if the suspect is unarmed.


It’s. It so cut and dry. In the heat of an actual robbery it may be hard to tell if somebody is running away or runing for cover to be able to continue a fight. Plus one can assume that a person who is robbing you has the intent and ability to sonyou serous bodily injury , especially if it’s three guys. Three men or even teens represent a disparity of force without being armed. I think in this instance the robbers may have claimed to be armed for the purpose of intimidating the clerk. This happens , but a… Read more »


Not true. I have fired at fleeing robbers and had no charges against me. It is in fact quite legal to shoot fleeing criminals if you say the right things to the police who then forward the info to the DA. You have to state you fired to prevent them from pulling out a weapon and then either using it there or coming back to attack you. The only issue if there are innocent bystanders in the line of fire when the criminal doesn’t have a weapon out. You could be chargd with reckless endangerment or murder if one of… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

I would think disparity of force, three on one, would be enough justification. “Juveniles” these days can easily be much larger than most adults in height and weight. Shooting someone “as he/she flees” has been shown to be a natural reaction, the time it takes the mind to realize the “threat” no longer exists is much longer than the time it takes an assailant to “turn and run” from the victim’s unexpected use of force. If they were willing to assault/rob, they were willing to incur any injury the victim provided them.

Paul G.

Excellent point!! Something our “mindless” society would never dare to consider.
And a point that ought to be stressed in all carry permit classes.

Charles L

The juveniles thought it was going to be an easy hit, I would have fired also. If you wait too long your dead. Juveniles are getting more brazen nowadays, they have no fear of repercussions. Juvenile detention 2 years probably tops. They would have thought nothing of killing the clerk. Hooray for the clerk.


No repercussions, no honor, no respect, no justice… No one cares or fears anything anymore, the liberalization of this nation has created a thug mentality across the country… It is pushed and nurtured by the nightly news, movies, videos and video games. This is a FACT that many chose to ignore. You want it, just take it, someone says something you don’t like, kill them… NOTHING will happen to you, you have been given more rights that the victim… This ALL has to change.