This Week on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots: Jerry Goes Long Range

Impossible Shots!
Impossible Shots! on Sportsman Channel

Nashville, TN -( It’s a long-range shot in 25 mile-per-hour winds. A 400-yard shot with an AR-15 is hard enough, but it’s even harder with changing wind gusts. Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter, Jerry Miculek attempts the shot off-hand with his M&P15.

Plus, a classic shot from the late Bob Munden. A 200-yard shot with a revolver. And, Randy Oitker pays tribute to Bob Munden with his compound bow. Tune in Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to Sportsman Channel!



Eastern Time:

Thursday: 2:30PM & 6:30PM; Saturday 9:00PM; Sunday 7:30AM

Central Time:

Thursday 1:30PM & 5:30PM; Saturday 8:00PM; Sunday 6:30AM

Mountain Time:

Thursday 12:30PM & 4:30PM; Saturday 7:00PM; Sunday 5:30AM

Pacific Time:

Thursday 11:30PM & 3:30PM; Saturday 6:00PM; Sunday 4:30AM


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Why do these “Impossible Shot” postings never mention how to actually ACCESS the video footage to which they refer? I’d love to see some of them.

Please post links to the web site from which they can be viewed!

Old Curmudgeon
Old Curmudgeon

These are upcoming TV shows and all the days and times are listed in the article…


TV? Oh … then I’ll never get to see them. I have a job & kids, so would never get to see them at those times. I’d record them, *but* our TV service has over 200 channels but apparently does not include the Sportsman Channel :-(. It includes channels like Bravo with insane shows like “Real Housewives”, but not the Sportsman Channel? Bummer.