This Week on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots: Jerry’s 3-Gun Challenge

Impossible Shots!
Impossible Shots! on Sportsman Channel

Nashville, TN -( It’s multi-tasking with multiple guns! Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek is playing with pistol, rifle and shotgun on a seemingly Impossible stage of fire. The world champion must tackle all reactive targets, and do it fast. It’s a race against the clock with his M&P15, M&P Pistol and Mossberg 930 shotgun.

Then, Master of the Longbow, Byron Ferguson picks up a new hobby. Byron is playing Frisbee, with a tiny target on the spinning disc. Tune in Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to Sportsman Channel!



Eastern Time:

Thursday: 2:30PM & 6:30PM; Saturday 9:00PM; Sunday 7:30AM

Central Time:

Thursday 1:30PM & 5:30PM; Saturday 8:00PM; Sunday 6:30AM

Mountain Time:

Thursday 12:30PM & 4:30PM; Saturday 7:00PM; Sunday 5:30AM

Pacific Time:

Thursday 11:30PM & 3:30PM; Saturday 6:00PM; Sunday 4:30AM


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