Woman Arrested For Shooting At Teen Who Tried To Rape Neighbor’s Dog

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Woman Arrested For Shooting At Teen Who Tried To Rape Neighbor’s Dog
Woman Arrested For Shooting At Teen Who Tried To Rape Neighbor’s Dog
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- KFSM ONLINE reports 05-08-2017: a middle aged woman from Centerton, Arkansas, was charged with a felony after she fired a warning shot at a 14-year-old boy who she caught having sex with her neighbor’s dog.

The woman was charged with aggravated assault, while the teen boy was charged with two counts of bestiality and one count of criminal trespassing.

She was alerted to the teen after she heard her own dogs barking. When she looked out of her window, she saw the teen outside with “the dog he raped last time.” She went to her safe, grabbed her gun, went out of the back door, aimed the gun at the boy and told him to “get on the f***ing ground.”

At that point, the teen, who was wearing boxers and no pants, took off and jumped over a fence to get away, leaving behind an iPad and his clothes. Meanwhile, She fired a single shot into the ground.

She later said she was wasn’t trying to shoot the kid, but rather attempting to detain him. According to the woman, she previously reported the boy for having sexual relations with the neighbor’s dog, but police told her he needed to be “caught in the act.”

Her lawyer, Shane Wilkinson, thinks the charges against his client should be dropped. “There’s a difference between pointing a gun at a 14-year-old kid for no reason and pointing a gun at a 14-year-old kid because they’re having sex with a dog,” Wilkinson said. He noted that (his client) believed she was “doing the right thing.”


The actual Police report added that the when the boy saw the gun, he asked if it was real and she replied “what the f**k do you think?”

The Attorney may believe his client was “doing the right thing”, but I must disagree. The kid deserves some discipline like a week in juvie and a serious mental evaluation but a warning shot? The volume of this that might go wrong is staggering.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Amanda Thomas

To me she still locked up I think the kid got wat he deserved but I guarantee that same demented kid is doing the same shit right now the kid should had a felony as an adult


What a waste of a bullet Yet another failure of the justice system. Turn him loose so he can move on to even worse crimes.

Einsteins Brain

who has a wee wee so small they can rape a dog….


Never mind.

/S/ Stud mouse


The dog’s name was “Chelsea” and refused to file a complaint!

Jo Flowers

Not funny at all i think she did the right thing i would she shouldn’t be charged and the boy should be punished severely not just a slap on the wrist say ok then just go right ahead and do it thats what is wrong some justice system we have

M Reyna

Yeah the dog was the second animal he raped. He did pig the first time and the pig refused to squeal on him.


Well, guess we know now that Gil lives in Centerton, Arkansas!


What would the dog have done? Take it from there.


Ask for a diamond ring.


Everybody in town and the surrounding communities should know who this boy’s name, so they can protect their animals. Someone needs to leak this boy’s name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drop the charges on this woman! A warning shot fired into the ground gets a person charged with a crime? If the police had done their job the first time this was reported, we probably would not be posting comments on this today!


God forbid that my goat has an actual KID!


Seriously! If I saw a kid raping a frigging DOG I would’ve put a round in his ASS! Why they even charged this woman is beyond me!! All she did was shoot a round into the ground!! I mean REALLY the kid was raping a dog! That kid needs to be in a home for the mentally deranged!

Kevin S

A neighbor was sexually assaulting dogs in our neighborhood. I choose to shoot pictures instead of a gun. The pictures got a confession and a conviction. Think first what needs to be done to bring about the best results. Discharging a firearm wasn’t saving a life in this instance.

Wild Bill

S, You were lucky. There is no rule that one can only discharge a firearm to save a life. That is not the law of self defense. And maybe the rapist was going to kill his victim to keep it from talking.


If he did that in a Muslim country, would they drop the charges against the boy if he married the dog ? That is how they handle rape in Pakistan. The wack job sexually confused liberals may need to take a page from the Pakistany play book.

Heed the Call-up

That’s funny! I thought that was only acceptable if it was the neighbor’s goat. Would he still be required to produce offspring for the marriage to be validated?


I know it was Arkansas, but sex with a dog? Them hillbillies have sunk to a new low. Musta run outta cousins!


Hillbillies don’t f’ck dogs, they do their moms and sisters, this had to be a swamp-simian!


Should have called the police, then shot him with a camera, kept the gun holstered for protection in case the kid objected to her photo/video efforts. Never a good idea to shot without good cause.


Most states have laws allowing folks to shoot and kill when something is attacking an animal. Seems this perverted little twit was attacking the dog (charges indicate the coppers figured the same way). I think she did well in NOT shooting him, though… she’d face some reprisals from the townfolk for offing “one of their model children”, have the burden of having played cop, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner on the rat, but now she’s handily exposed this pervert for what he is, his punishment and shame will be a heavy burden upon him as long as he lives in… Read more »

Bob Shell

The old saying that truth is stranger then fiction. This seems to prove that point


She fired a shot into the ground to scare him and try to detain him. She DID NOT fire a shot at the kid. In Texas, I am pretty sure you can legally shoot anyone in your neighbor’s yard abusing the neighbor’s yard. Whatever, she did not shoot at the kid!!


A better choice would have been for her to get video or photographic evidence as proof of what the perv was up to. Of course then she would run the risk of it being flipped back on her for recording child porn.


That would be the way of the liberal!!

Wild Bill

@NoBull, and suppose she chose the camera, what would prevent the teenager from taking it away from her and hurting her in the process? Her instincts were correct.

Chris Stadler

The ONLY thing she did wrong was not take deliberate aim and end that little sicko.


Hope he was using a rubber… Last time that happened, NOT using protection, we ended up with HILLARY !


Followed by Pelosi, Fienstein, Boxer, etc. One UGLY half human, dog faced BIATCH after another…


Good One!

Heed the Call-up

I understand his point, “warning” shots are unwise, either shoot at the perp or not at all. The other issue is, it probably isn’t legal to shot because he was attacking the dog, since dogs are property, and most states do not allow you to shoot in defense of property, unless both you and the perp are inside your home.


Irwin is wrong…once again…

Jeff D.

She should have shot him right in his nut sack taking care of problem#1 This f*ck-in a*shole has had sex with the dog before? We do not need people like this walking around in public. If there going to charge her than it should at least be a worthwhile charge. Sounds like the cops don’t want to deal with it! I agree with Lou Kocon Jr.

Lou Kocon Jr

Good for that lady. She deserves a medal not an arrest warrant. Arkansas, huh?


Was the dog cute? Just asking.

Todd Jaffer

Sorry Bob you got this wrong. You must not have pets. I am not a pet nut, but animal abusers become people abusers. All research shows that someone who will abuse an animal will have no compunction about hurting a human. Juvie? Sorry, the penalty for RAPING a dog should be the same as for a human, 20-life. A dog is in many cases the same as a mentally challenged human, trusting and loving and along comes this mental nut case.


Bob, if this was your statement: “The kid deserves some discipline like a week in juvie”, you need professional help. You have lost some credibility over this.

This woman deserves an award for not killing the little bastard.

Allan Morrison

The kid needs to have the sh*t kicked out of him. The woman is a hero. Whoever approved the charges against her is a government control freak. The lazy cops who told her to catch the perverted punk in the act didn’t want to do paper, i.e. they didn’t want to do their job. It’s prosecutors looking for scores, not justice, in some (that one too) jurisdictions that put charges on people where there should be none.


This is waste of public time and money! Her a lady trying to what’s right and you arrest her ! What if ithad been your daughter he was raping? Lordy, what’s this world coming too!

Roy D.

Who knew; Bob Irwin a leftwing shill.

Wild Bill

, I don’t think that Bob is left wing. He just has a really tough job reporting on all the facts in the many cases; the facts left out of the many cases; and the disparities in the law of the various states that the many cases occur in. I do wish that he would refrain from coming to conclusions in all these mushy incidents.

Wild Bill

“…she fired a warning shot at a 14-year-old boy…” and “… the teen… took off and jumped over a fence to get away, … Meanwhile, She fired a single shot into the ground.” are not consistent fact statements.


Where do you see that she “fired a shot at the boy….” or are you pointing out the difference between the two?

Also, I find it rather “catch 22” that the police tell her they can’t charge the boy unless they catch in the act and then, when the woman tries to hold him to accomplish exactly that, she gets charged! Yeah, warning shots are a no no, perhaps a little remedial gun safety course would be in order.

Wild Bill

@Vanns, The very first line reads, “USA –-(Ammoland.com)- KFSM ONLINE reports 05-08-2017: a middle aged woman from Centerton, Arkansas, was charged with a felony after she fired a warning shot at a 14-year-old boy who…”


And now you expect me to follow a link? That’s like expecting me to follow Democratic lines of thought! 🙂


since the operant factor of a “warning shot” is the noise clearl signalling the ability to fire AT the intended warnee, one could accurately say that a shot fired by turning round, facing the other direction, and pointing at the ground five feet away would still be “fired AT” the miscreant in need of warning. The article also says she fired AT THE GROUND, but did not specify how close to her own position, or to the criminal’s position. Had the warning shot struck ground two feet in front of the dirty little kid, then it could be said she… Read more »


Please, Sign up for the Free Grammarly.com app so we can read and understand your gibberish.

Grammarly Expert

Idadho, pot meet kettle. “Please, Sign (sic) […]. It’s always amusing when the grammarian tutoring someone makes grammar errors. The word sign should not have been capitalized in that sentence.


I considered that but wanted to emphasize sign. Either one cap or all caps. ‘Please, Sign up…’ is not common style, it is not wrong. And, it does not change the readability.

Grammarly Expert

Idadho, aka pot, no, your explanation does not make your grammar error correct. You also capitalized the word free. That is two grammar errors in one sentence, and you made comments about the other poster’s grammar?


I wasn’t saying my use of capitalization improved readability. Tionico needs to improve the readability of his post, including capitalization, spelling/completed words, etc. Some of his comments do not even make sense, ‘someone could accurately say….’ ? Some could claim. And, you need to learn to recognize satire. I was satirically comparing shooting into the ground as safer than Uncle Joe’s instruction to shoot into the air. But then, it appears you just established Grammarly Expert as a screen name to jerk people around. Whatever floats your boat. Instead of capitalizing just the F, maybe I should have capitalized all… Read more »

Grammarly Expert

Idadho, everyone else was able to understand him. It appears to be you, the grammarian, that has the difficulty with cognition.


I could figure out what he was trying to say. It was just annoying to have to wade through his babble. Plus, he did not make sense with some of his comments. He said less by trying to say more.


I hope that she has that statement from the cops in writing. It would make a pretty compelling argument, should this case go to trial………………at least if I were on the jury.


what the ppolice told her is nothing but a cop-out. What are the real chances THEY would actually catch him with the dog? Slim to none. Perhaps a video camera with a nice long sharp lens could have been better used. BUT, she still knows what is morally right and morally rotten, and refused to stand idly by as this perverted punk dod his thing. I suppose a lot depends on preciselu WHERE she fired that single round. If she turned off to the side and aimed at the ground close by on HER property, so far engled away from… Read more »


Vanns, Read the 1st paragraph and the 4th paragraph. The 1st says she fired a warning shot at the boy. The 4th says she fired a single shot into the ground.

Like you, Bob Irwin is not always fast on the uptake.

She needs her attorney to claim the Biden defense. But, instead of firing into the air which in not safe, she contained the round by firing into the ground.
Sound righteous to me.


Oh great, someone else to pile on me. That’s fine, go ahead, I can take it. One miss step and you’re on a cross for life! Geez, tough crowd.

It’s all @Wild Bill’s fault, I blame him for all of this. 🙂

Wild Bill

@Vanns, that is the most humorous of the morning! I hope that you are feeling better. Have a good day and may more humor come to you! : )

Heed the Call-up

Vanns, no worries, you will be resurrected in three days.


Being resurrected is what I’m afraid of. Let me Rest In Peace. 🙂

Grammarly Expert

Idadho, in most states “warning shots” and shooting a firearm in defense of property not in one’s home is not legal. So, which is it, did she fire a “warning shot” at the child or into the ground? Please go to grammarly.com and learn proper grammar, word usage, and capitalization, so that we may be better able to understand your gibberish. Either that, or refrain from being the grammar tutor until you learn proper grammar yourself. The word “Read (sic)” in your first sentence should not have been capitalized. Also using abbreviations is not proper written English (“1st”, and “4th”).… Read more »


Then, I should have put a carriage return in after Vanns. It was used as a salutation. Capitalizing after a salutation is common practice.
My comment to Tionico was about readability, not perfect English. Abbreviations are totally acceptable online to save space.
Whether a discharge is legal or not was not the issue. The poor reporting was.
If Bob’s source of information was inconsistent, he could have stated such.
And, I was being sarcastic about Biden. His ‘shoot into the air’ comment is not safe. Shooting into the ground is much safer.
But then, you just like to find arguments…..

Grammarly Expert

Pot, aka, Idadho, you were wrong and aren’t man enough to admit it. You always have an excuse as to why your errors are “correct”. Shooting into the ground is possibly safer, but that, too, is frowned upon.


Sounds like maybe she was pissed that the teen preferred the dog over her.


3manfan, Congratulations! You win the moron comment of the day!

Grow up.


I think the kid deserves the death penalty but administered by the court, this lady should not have fired off the gun since there was no immediate threat to human life.


Yes bestiality deserves the death penalty