Burglar Shot 3 Times By Homeowner

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Burglar Shot 3 Times By Homeowner
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Troy News reports on 05-29-2017 in West Milton, Ohio, a burglar found himself with three gunshot wounds after breaking into a home in the 4600 block of Kessler-Frederick Road early Monday morning.

According to Miami County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Eric Lachey, a call came in from a woman homeowner at approximately 5 a.m. Monday that they believed someone was in their home. While the woman was on the phone with 911, her husband went to the garage and encountered a burglar.

The Lieutenant said, “The homeowner had a gun and was confronted by the burglar and shot him.”

The male suspect was shot twice in the leg and once in the hand. The intruder, who as of this report was not identified, is in Miami Valley Hospital. He was scheduled to have surgery for a shattered femur.

As there was no sign of forced entry, investigators believe the male suspect entered the home through a “doggie” door.

Lieutenant Lachey added this is the second time in a matter of months this home has been invaded and police believe this suspect could be linked to a string of issues in the area.

For several months, there have been numerous reports of suspicious activity, people lurking and home and car break-ins in this same area

“We’re hoping that comes to an end now,” he said.

Charges are pending and the investigation continues.


Entering a residence through a pet door is a common burglar tactic.

In this incident, looking for an intruder while another family member is calling 911 is reasonable. He was certainly prepared for whoever he might encounter at 5 in the morning.

Perhaps a crime spree has been ended by an armed homeowner? A fine job!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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  • 19 thoughts on “Burglar Shot 3 Times By Homeowner

    1. @Vanns40. If what you day is correct, then 60% of the states have arrest laws and most likely these states are in higher population states. So for the average reader of this site, the probably of an arrest is much higher than you would lead to believe. Actual feedback from people that have been through an arrest process will confirm my statements.

    2. The first thing an intruder has to do when entering my home is figuring out how to deal with the four canines that will take exception to his being there. If there is any “mopping up” needed, I’ll take care of that.

    3. Again, not convinced the home owner needed to shoot. He went hunting for the guy. Bad idea. Better to protect and defend family than to go after the criminal. Glad he was armed and glad things worked out, but we should not be so quick to fire just because we have a loaded weapon. Some years back when we lived on the beach in a community of town homes, my wife heard our back living room window explode. It was 3am. I grabbed my Sig and turned on the lights. A drunk college kid was literally falling into my home. He wanted to know why we locked the front door. He was cut up pretty bad. My wife came downstairs and cleaned him up. We found where he was staying (on the other side of the property) and the parents of the other student who has hosting friends that weekend paid for our window. Had I been a little trigger happy…just saying.

      1. then the guy got hisself so drunk he was wasted would have paid a higher price for his folly. Seems the kid busted the window is the one should have paid. But then, the parent across the way, in hosting a drink-in on her home WAS culpable. At the least, I’d have called the coppers to come pick up the dishrag and sober him up overnight in the GreyBar Hotel. Then charge him with drunk in public, breaking and entering, and malicious mischeif/property destruction. THEN go after the hostess for the drink-in, and if any were minors, charge HER with contributing to the delinquency of…..

        The REASON this sort of nonsence goes in is that too many folks shrug their shoulders and say “so what?”. The nonsense won’t end till the tolerance of it does. The security of a free state rests upon ALL of us., That home was NOT secure that night. Nor was the stupid college brat got his besotted self in his pickle. Well, at times the best cure for such pickles is a good dose of pickle juice.

    4. Looking for an intruder is never a good tactic. Have a place in the home where you have the advantage, get there and then call 911. SWAT, OPS teams, etc. don’t use one person to “clear a room”. When you go looking you are at a definite disadvantage…you have given the intruder the advantage of “angle of shot”. I’m not going onto going to get children ,etc….Just a thought.

      1. Not so certain.. when MY place is compromised, no intruder will know it as well as I do. HE is at a disadvantage. I know he’s there, HE does not know I am. And HE does not know what is where at MY place. The security of MY place is MY responsibility. Sure, the sheriffs might come in time to draw some chalk marks, take some photos, blood samples, try and find some shell casings in the tall grass…. and allow me to present a WRITTEN statement briefly outlining my story.
        I live in a fairly large county, there is only ONE sheriff deputy on duty all night for the entire northeast corner of the county. Twent, thirty minutes can easily elapse between wphone time and cop time. No, I’ll go secure my premises, thanks all the same. HOW do I know whether, having got what he wanted out of my ched./barn/trailer, he won’t decide to come on inside and help himself? And THEN what happens when he discovers ME…. WHO will have the advantage then? There is no question I will do all I can to take, and maintain, the advantage. And that includes neutralising the threat he comprises as soon as possible. Any consequences will be HIS to bear, not mine. He chooses to put himself at high risk by HIS OWN behaviour,

        1. I agree that you know your place better than an intruder. The problem is that if the intruder hears you and positions himself properly and just waits…you’ll never see him/her before he or she has the opportunity to fire at you. In home invasion situations the one in the best “in place ” position generally wins. I don’t care how long the response time of the LEO is…I will be in a position to protect me and mine in such a way that an intruder will not be able to get to me without coming into “my” line of fire with out the intruder being able to see me.

          1. Go to the animal shelter. Get a dog. They hear better. They sound off to any potential intruder. They are more courageous than any other partner that you will ever have. Man and dog(s) are an unbeatable fighting team. I have eight inside the perimiter, and two “guest dogs” that patrol out side the wire all day and all night. My AO is littered with dogs. Sorry, I just had to make a pun.

    5. I am very glad the bad guy was shot 3 times but maybe work on his aim a little bit…leg and hand, Center Mass my fellow citizens! And do society a huge favor and end that waste of life.

      1. I agree. The more of the bad guys that get taken out, the less likely your neighborhood will be a target, as word will spread that death is probable if you break in to a home there. Just try not to take them out on your carpet, as you will be stuck with the clean up.

        1. And in some cases where the intruder is only wounded, they have sued the homeowner for medical expenses from the injury. Toss up, take them out or possibly pay for their medical………………

          1. Minimal cost of taking out an intruder is $100,000 when you consider bail, lawyers, court cost and possible civil suits by the perp’s family. Additionally a year’s worth of time.

            Not saying don’t defend yourself, just understand the consequences.

            1. Not true in many States. Depends entirely on where you live. More than 20 States have laws preventing criminal arrest OR civil suit in a lawful self defense shooting in the home.

            2. Just another person pontificating about that which they know little to nothing about. Thanks for playing.

            3. Not a problem where I live. As long as I can show why I felt my life was in danger, I am good to go.

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