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Armed American RadioU.S.A.-( This week was a little different. Let me explain. Have you ever been in a time zone that threw off your schedule? I have! Now, that was back when I was traveling more than I am now but, yeah, I can remember calling home thinking it was 7AM and no-one was answering the phone. That’s because it was 10AM and the kids were in school and my wife had been at work already for three hours. What does this have to do with Armed American Radio? Admittedly not much were it not for the fat that messed up time zones shifted the AAR radio schedule up an hour when regular contributor AWR Hawkins moved into the third hour due to the time zone “shift.” Here’s how the three hours broke down on this weeks MonsterCast.

Hour one saw analysis of the Barry Loudermilk interview with Breitbart News’ Washington, D.C. correspondent and long time Armed American Radio fan favorite, Neil W. McCabe. Neil is simply the ultimate source for all things going on inside the beltway. He didn’t disappoint. As always Neil’s analysis gives the AAR listener the opportunity to think about things in ways they might not have before. In this case it’s CCW reciprocity.

Hour two was the weird time zone shift as AWR moved to the third hour from his regular slot. Not a bad thing. It enabled some of my affiliates who only carry the second hour to get a little change of pace. Hour two enabled me the chance to spend more time with fans without a guest. If you listen to the daily show, you’ll know what I mean. Enjoy.

Hour three brought AWR Hawkins! Yeah, we just moved him an hour north! Dr. Hawkins and his award winning analysis and writing. Say no more!

Hour one

Hour two

Hour three

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