Choice Ammunition Corporation Partners With Three New Firms

Choice Ammunition
Choice Ammunition

Choice Ammunition

VICTOR, Mont. -( Choice Ammunition Corporation, continues to expand it’s presence in the shooting world by partnering with three highly respected rep group firms; The Dolph Company in the Western region and Alaska, Frontier Sales & Marketing Group, located in the South Central TALO Region and Alliance Sports Group, covering the entire East Coast.

“Our new partners fit perfectly into our sales strategy by expanding our placement with independent dealers, box stores and buy groups” said Jon Wemple, President/CEO at Choice Ammunition. “We are super excited to partner with each of them.”

Choice Ammunition, manufacturers of premium, 100 percent hand-loaded ammunition, use only the highest quality components available, including; Nosler, Berger, Swift, Barnes, Hornady and others, along with top quality new brass, and powders loaded with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

From the weekend hobbyist, recreation shooter, the hunting community, as well as home defense and law enforcement, Choice Ammunition raises the bar from traditional factory loads.

“Cowboy Choice Ammunition” has recently been launched as well, offering extremely mild shooting, highly accurate ammunition for the fastest growing shooting sport in the country.

“Our load technicians emulate the same loading and development process of ammunition that you will see in the finest private loading rooms across the country. Yet, we have the production capabilities necessary to service our dealer network due to the number of technicians we employ at Choice” said Wemple. “Some of the most accomplished hunters in the world are now shooting Choice Ammunition exclusively, yet we take the same load process to our range and practice ammo as well.”

Shooters will have the option of purchasing Choice Ammunition at sporting goods stores across the country, as well as big box retailers with the assistance of these talented sales teams.

Look for the dealer locator function on their website as Choice Ammunition expands their distribution throughout the U.S. this summer of their 100 percent hand-loaded ammunition.

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