Customs & Border Protection Officer Jumped In Robbery by Teens, 1 Suspect Dead

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15 Year Old Darius Smith
One of two teenage suspects shot by the officer died from his injuries. That 15-year-old robber was pronounced dead shortly after 5 in the morning at a local hospital.
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( CBS TV 2 in Los Angeles reports 05-27-2017 in Arcadia, California a male individual was walking along the sidewalk on First Avenue, just south of Colorado Boulevard, when he was attacked from behind by the three teenage boys, the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department reported.

The incident happened just after 8 in the evening. One of the suspects hit the victim in the head several times while another pointed a handgun and demanded his property. Turns out the chosen victim was an off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer.

Sherriff’s Spokesperson Deputy Caroline Rodriguez said “The victim thought the subjects were going to rob and shoot him so he retrieved his department issued handgun. The victim shot at the subjects in an effort to defend himself.”

One of two teenage suspects shot by the officer died from his injuries. That 15-year-old robber was pronounced dead shortly after 5 in the morning at a local hospital. His 14-year-old partner also suffered gunshot wounds but is expected to survive.

A third teen suspect, another 14 year old, who fled when the shooting started, was in custody following the incident. The officer was not shot but did suffer some bruising to his face and head during the attack. He was treated at the scene and released.

The Officer works at San Francisco International Airport and lives in Arcadia. The suspects’ names were not released because they are juveniles.


Three young criminals pick the wrong victim. The Officer showed great restraint in not shooting all three young street criminals immediately. No one really wants to shoot at children but the decision is to risk your own life?

A valid shooting by all standards!

Statement from the dead robber mother:

The teen who was killed was identified by family as 15-year-old Darius Smith. The boy's mother Reshawna Myricks said she cannot believe he'd be involved in a robbery.

She said the officer should have fired warning shots — instead of aiming at the boys.

“It's not right. And I want to know what happened because the story you said ain’t the truth,” Myricks said. “The crazy part is they let you walk on … my baby is not walking on no more.”

Uhh? Like the warning they gave the victim before they hit him in the head several times?

The Customs and Border Patrol Office of Professional Responsibility says it is working closely with the Investigating agencies. No doubt to be sure policies were not violated by the victim’s self-defense.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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  • 57 thoughts on “Customs & Border Protection Officer Jumped In Robbery by Teens, 1 Suspect Dead

    1. Roy D you want me to dazzle you some more with my brilliance? Okay… And no, I don’t know the laws of every state or jurisdiction and I am not saying someone shouldn’t use lethal force when imminent. I’m not saying what to do or what not to do. All I can say is from cases I have studied,read. For instance, I admit, I forgot what state this happened in. This comes from an actual case, a man owned an auto shop, a disgruntled customer came in and started arguing and picked up a tire iron and started beating the owner with it, the auto shop owner managed to retrieve his revolver and the disgruntled customer stopped, at that time the owner told the customer to get on the ground and the auto shop owner held him at gunpoint while calling the police, when the police arrived guess who went to jail? The owner of the auto shop, why? Because in his state it is illegal to detain someone by use of lethal force. Now, when the shop owner retrieved his revolver and the customer stopped please tell me would the owner be justified to shoot? Here’s some more brilliance, when calling 911 that’s when the investigation starts and many 911 calls even start recording when the phone is ringing. Here’s some more brilliance, without looking it up can you please tell me the definition of “Exaggerated Udderance”? Can you tell me the true definition of the Castle Doctrine? I am not watering down use of lethal force, I am just saying be ready for the aftermath. Here’s another one, You are walking down the street, a man pulls a knife on you, you pull out a gun, the man drops his knife and gives up, so you go ahead and shoot him anyway because everyone here on this post evidently thinks all thugs should die, even if you call the police and with an attorney you say a man pulled a knife on you and you had to shoot him yet witnesses and a traffic cam shows the man dropped the knife put his hands up and backed off and you shot him anyway. Please tell me, are you going home a hero because you got a thug off the street? Also all these comments about mom and dad not raising their kids right, many parents do all they can for their kids yet many times the kids do what they want anyway,and just think, this whole conversation started when all I posted that people shouldn’t post certain comments and if something does happen and lethal force is involved and the attacker dies, forget scrubbing your hard drive if the investigators want your computer that is bad news for you. I do agree the system is sometimes messed up and bad people are on the street when they shouldn’t be yet people with signs on their property like, “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again” or comments like ” all thugs should die” or ” this man should have done society a favor and killed them all” go ahead and keep posting those comments all over social media and when something happens I hate to be you.

      1. @Rkn, I agree with everything you’ve said, with the exception of shooting the guy who has dropped the knife and backed away. There is nothing in that statement that justifies pulling the trigger. Yes, I have seen those individuals who were provided the solid foundations of childhood by parents who did everything right, their kid was a bad seed and refused to live their life the way they were taught. In the military, if you have your rifle sighted in on a target and you know it is a “righteous kill”, then you take the shot, otherwise your conscience will haunt you for the rest of your life. Just because we as civilians can legally carry a firearm, does not mean that we have the right to be judge and jury either. It is up to every individual to know every detail of their state’s conceal carry laws as well as those applied to the castle doctrine. You are right, if you carry, if you use your weapon, you had better have the financial resources available, along with a lot of grit to get through the aftermath.

        1. Hi Don, I am glad we can comment each other. When I said about if the guy drops the knife and backs away, or should I have said given up, as a civilian we must stop. Some times just the sight of a firearm will make them stop. I have spoke with my brother who was in The Mogue and the battlefield is a little different. For instance, if we as civilians pull a firearm and they run and hide behind a wall or car that means we must stop and run away if we can then always best to call police because it happens all the time, the bad guy runs away then calls police and lies and says you were the aggressor. People also have to realize we cannot use lethal force just by a feeling or a thought, the attack must be imminent. I will chat back later, now I got to go. Good day…

        2. Hi Don, I just want to add. All these protests when police shoot someone in the back. If someone is crazy enough to try and kill a cop or take their firearm what is this person going to do when they run away and hold someone hostage? People need to think when they come to conclusions that a cop may have just saved someone’s life by shooting them in the back. Same with us, if we’re in a store and someone comes in and starts shooting and killing everyone they see we can either run or try to stop them. This is in my opinion a curcimstance that if we are capable, take the shot, in the back, however. But one on one if they run away we must stop and there is no, I couldn’t see him but I just started shooting, no, we must see our target and each shot must be intentional. I don’t want to come out confusing about military and civilian. Yes, on the battlefield if you have someone in sight take the shot, yet in civilian, if the bad guy is 50 yards or so away we more than likely can run, take cover etc… In the military you run toward danger, threat. In civilian, if we are capable and can, we must stop. I know most times we will be caught off guard then lethal force sometimes must be used yet it doesn’t mean we have to pull the trigger. If the bad guy stops, we must stop. Sounds easy right? (sarcasm)…

          1. I’m sorry Rkn, the more you write the more I realize that either English isn’t your first language or you are culturally or mentally handicapped. In either case it is wrong of me to expect you to converse about any subject, much less this one, with a semblance of knowledge of the subject. Once again, my condolences.

          2. Rkn, Discussing the “what if game” and attempting to be prepared for just about any given situation, can almost become circular in thinking. You do make valid points, but in the end, during those moments when the adrenaline is pumping, it comes down to judgement and making a good call. As I said earlier, you can make a decision that you may have to live with for the rest of your life.

      2. Well off hand I would say that “Exaggerated Udderance” would indicate a female with big breasts. Now if you meant to write “exaggerated utterance” that would be a statement made under excited condition, or something like that.
        For your amusement I’ll tell you a true story: Four years and one month ago a black male aged 21 snuck in a roundhouse right fist to the left side of my head. As I turned to the right I retrieved my LCP from my right rear pocket and chambered a round. As this was happening the thug saw the gun and made and “Exaggerated Utterance” to whit; “Oh shit, he gots a gun!” At that point he took off running away and I yelled after him that if he came back I would shoot him. The police came and took him away and he is still making payments to the County Court Clerk. The police Officers and I had a great time while I filled out my statement. But then what the hell do I know about anything.

        1. Yes, utterance. I have a tough time spelling I have what’s called left brain thought –
          speech impairment, I will try and explain after my comment of utterance. sometimes and sometimes some words spell different than I want. Anyway I was referring utterance in reference to when someone calls 911 or talks too much to police, for example when calling 911 when involved in a shooting instead of just stating I was a victim of an attack, my name is… I am wearing whatever color clothes, shots fired send police and ambulance, then if can hang up. So I was referring the utterance when someone just keeps going on and on in an exited emotion and doesn’t realize what they are saying. Sorry, I don’t want to start a debate or battle with anyone here, I am here to give and receive opinions and I welcome your comments. Sorry for coming off like a blowhard my last couple comments my thinking was somewhere else and sometimes it is tough for me to type or speak, I was born with a left brain, thought – speech impairment. That means my mind knows what I want to write or say yet it doesn’t make connection with what I try to write or say, if that makes sense. Usually this happens to people who had a stroke. I , at an early age had a high I. Q. for how old I was yet I really had a tough time getting out what I want to say yet my creative mind was at a very high level, I had a tough time and to this day, I don’t mean to but I correct people but I don’t mean to, if that also makes sense. So if I make a comment that to you or other people sound garbled or doesn’t make sense, to my own mind it does, it’s kind of like dislexic people, if I spelled that correctly, to them backward letters etc… Looks normal. So if my comments look like a robot typed them that’s why. I am not trying to make excuses for myself so I will try to make more sense and be more clear. I am actually a likeable dude and I would never intentionally bash someone or their comments I believe, especially in our community, people as you and me need to get along. Though I might not agree or you or others might not agree with opinions here that, to me isn’t personal, just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we can’t get along. So I will try not to come off like I know everything, I do educate myself with lethal force and the laws, I believe we all should. So how about I be the one who stops trying to correct people’s comments and what they should or shouldn’t say and from now on we (I) just have friendly chat? My wife even tells me to stop being so technical. Thought-speech impairment isn’t fun because to me it makes sense because I think I am speaking or writing what my brain is thinking. I have an Autistic nephew and he is very smart and he is constantly correcting people and I don’t want to be like that so I apologize for being or coming off like a jerk and I apologize to everyone here. So from now on I will just try to friendly chat. Okay? We cool? Really, I am a likeable guy and I am not trying to make excuses for my comments it’s just the way my brain is…

    2. Remember four words when and if you have to use deadly force. It was taught to us at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Artesia, NM:


      Period. Dot. End of discussion.No bragging. No trying to answer, WHY?. Same response to EVERY question from the police, the reporters, the public, the parents, the court.

    3. To boil it down, 90% of the time these “thugs” don’t carry the same last name as the “mamma” or “daddy”.or newest current “daddy”. Could this possibly be a cause? I will bet out of these three wonderful examples of morally grounded “beings” this will be the same state. Continuity in responsibility as a parent absent. The behavior of just “breeding”. What a sad joke BLM, just a vehicle for angry irresponsibility with little if any evolved behaviors.

    4. I think they were turning their lives around, oh wrong excuse, aspiring artists no wrong again, were is blm to explain what went wrong on our part or the victims fault

      1. No, you’ve got it all wrong. These were good kids who were never any trouble to anyone. They were out on the town when they saw this cocky dude was wearing the wrong colors and they immediately got stirred up. It was the supposed victim’s fault. See, you can create all kinds of fiction to fit the narrative. But, aside from that, what a shame for everyone involved.

    5. Yo, Mama, you listening? Warning shots have been being fired all across the nation for many years and many generations. Is is YOUR responsibility to have taught your son to heed the warnings. YOU failed your son. And you’ve failed our nation. You killed your son, not the victim or the gun. Nobody owes you anything. You owed it to your offspring to be a parent. FAIL!

    6. It was in Los Angeles County so the two survivors will be supported by the taxpayers. These two thugs were juvy’s so they will be free to rob and kill in a couple of years. Yo momma, you done raised your boy to be a thug and he performed as raised. Warning shots my a$$. Did they warn the victim they were going to beat him to death. The victim should have killed the other two to save court costs. Maybe momma should be jailed since she trained that boy to be a thug.

    7. He did fire a warning shot, right into your thug son. It’s a warning to every other would be dirt bag; the next victim you choose might just be the “Angel of Death”.

    8. “No one wants to shoot at children”? They weren’t children. They had a gun and they attacked. They were feral dogs and the survivors will attack someone else in the future. The officer would have done society a favor by killing all three.

    9. As someone who has retired from the criminal justice system, it did not take long early on to understand that the offenders coming into the system, never had a chance before they were even born. They came into the world destined to be losers, it was their lot in life because there would never be a role model for them, no one to tell them right from wrong, but they would have everything provided for them by our government to allow them to live feral their entire lives until the rules and regulations that they refused to abide by, came crashing down on them. The first time someone asks them to bend the rules of the law, they would eagerly do so to make a few extra dollars, no matter who it hurt because no one matters to them. Each time they get away with breaking rules and laws, leads them further down the alley of more wealth and prestige, more wealth. Yes, a good thug is a dead thug. But, another one will just take his/her place. We have a real crisis in this country. Our politics have got to come to a common ground to find a solution because it is multi-headed and faceted.

      1. The only ‘multi-headed and faceted’ concern is WHY DON”T BOTH MOM AND DAD TEACH THEIR KIDS MORALS? That is the solution.

      2. Don Bailey: U R Exactly Right. Sad, honestly. Yes, we’d like ALL thugs put down, some of them permanently. But it IS sad we have come to this. A whole group of people – NOT being responsible for themselves nor their young kids.And THAT is sad.

    10. California Felony Murder law should put the two surviving teenage muggers who were armed with at least one firearm, in prison at least 25 years.
      Did the mother have pictures of her child at church in his vestments, saying prayers?
      Does the mother have a picture of the father? Is that picture a mug shot?

    11. Please folks, I am not trying to preach or think I know it all so please don’t take this comment wrong. Remember, on social media what we comment stays forever, therefore, when comments like “They all should die” or comments related, if something happens and we have to use lethal force, what we comment can and will be used against us. These comments could be argued that if you are a concealed carrier an attorney could try to prove that the reason you have a firearm is because you want to kill. With using lethal force by law you are trying to stop and attack by use of lethal force, not kill. In my opinion it’s too bad this boy didn’t live his life long enough to change to the better. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hesitate to protect myself and my loved ones yet I also don’t have the attitude that they all should die.

      1. I’ll tell you what Rkn, I am not afraid of posting anything that I post. It is too bad they all didn’t end up dead. There, I’ve written it twice. You can try to sell that to some here and, where some of these people live, your concern may have some merit. I am not concerned. The test is whether or not deadly force was justified. Where I live and am likely to go, that is all that matters. It is nice to live in a state that voted solid red in 2008 and 2012 and 2016. That’s Oklahoma for those that don’t know.

        1. I agree with you Roy. It matters whether deadly force was justified. Yet in some, many cases it could cost the victim thousands of dollars. I am not saying I would rather be six feet under, what I am saying is if an anti gun prosecutor has a political agenda they will try to dig up anything, for instance, say I have to use lethal force and my attacker ends up dead and I am clearly justified a District Attorney can and will look at my social media to find my character. So if I am constantly posting, I would have killed all of them or if I post certain people should die a Prosecutor can turn my justifiable homicide (and a lethal force case is always treated as a homicide), into bringing up murder charges against me. I also live in a free territory, Indiana. I am not trying to argue or be a know it all, all I am saying is people need to be financially prepared for the aftermath and not a good idea to post stuff like “I would have made sure they were all dead”. You can do what you want but I hope you never have to use lethal force and I am not slamming your opinion. I believe we all should get along and even though we might have different opinions to me it isn’t personal. I am glad we can have different opinions without fighting among each other. So, if you can, ask any criminal defense attorney and ask their opinion if it is wise to post stuff like ” would have killed him, them” and see what the attorney answer is. By law, killing someone is illegal, what does have to be found is if the action of killing someone was justified. With lethal force, the force is used to stop an attack and if they die in the process so be it. Lethal force doesn’t give us the right to shoot someone and if they fall and drop their weapon doesn’t mean we have the right to shoot them again. If the attacker is stopped we must stop or then that’s when homicide becomes murder.

            1. Thank you Billy Bob. Finally someone who understands what I’m talking about. I think what many don’t realize even if it an open and shut justified self defense and that win a criminal investigation then there will most likely be a civil lawsuit and even if they win a criminal case they could lose at civil. So, in my opinion many posts I read about how thugs should die or they would have killed the thug if I were a prosecuting attorney I could argue that this person posted all over social media that they would kill a thug that would lead me to argue this person already had premeditated intent and just waiting to be attacked so they could kill someone. Whether, firearm, knife, hasp, whatever by posting those comments could put some in prison even if they were in the right to use lethal force.

            2. You really believe that Billy Bob? Rkn displays his ignorance of the law where I live regarding the possibility of a civil case after a finding of innocent on criminal charges. It just can not happen; that’s the law. Perhaps Rkn will dazzle us some more with his stellar knowledge and you can agree with him, again.

            3. Au contraire. Righties have successful have watered down the lethal test for shooting others dead legally. Hence you are no longer restricted to taking someone’s life via self-defense and can also legally cite property defense in some States.

            4. Roy D.

              Do you expect Rtn – or ANYONE to be able to state what the Law will do to everyone – in every jurisdiction – with every DA – and every jury? Come on, man! You MAY be right – or think you are, But what he is talking about is applicable to a whole lot more places than your singular place. Don’t attack him just because YOU have a Local Law Degree. It’s different rules, judges, DA’s, juries everywhere – and his is good advice. YOUR emails, blogs, etc., etc, WILL be dug up and used against you – whether you think it can, or not.

              So, yeah, I agree with him, again.

      2. Hate to burst your bubble, but if the suspect dies during a defensive shooting that is the fault of the ER doctor(s), not the shooter. So no need to lose any sleep. P.S. The concern regarding living a long life should be with the VICTIM, not the SUSPECT.

        1. California Felony First Degree statute
          The felonies that support a charge of first degree felony murder are arson, rape, carjacking, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, mayhem, train wrecking, sodomy, lewd or lascivious acts on a child, oral copulation, and sexual penetration. (See Pen. Code, § 189.)

          540A. Felony Murder: First Degree – Defendant Allegedly Committed Fatal Act

          The defendant is charged [in Count ______] with murder, under a theory of felony murder.

          To prove that the defendant is guilty of first degree murder under this theory, the People must prove that:

          1. The defendant committed [or attempted to commit] ;

          2. The defendant intended to commit ;


          3. While committing [or attempting to commit] , the defendant did an act that caused the death of another person.

        2. OK Clark I don’t want to start a debate all I am saying is you shoot to stop and if they die in the process so be it. Also where someone lives if a DA or someone in law enforcement has an anti gun political agenda they can turn a defensive encounter around into murder real fast. I certainly don’t want to be six feet under yet people also need to be ready to spend money defending themselves. It’s not what the law is its how the law works. Comments like they all should die, OK, say I shoot one and he falls and I think they all should die so I pop one more in him to finish him what is going to happen to me? So evidently maybe I’m wording my comments so some don’t understand so I’m gone have fun posting thugs should all die. I’m out…

    12. Hey MODERATORS… there used to be a set of “share” buttons at the bottom of every article. They’ve been gone last couple of days. What gives? Can we have them back? Pretty please……….

    13. This thugpunk is dead for precisely the same reason Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and a few of their ilk are also dead…. their DADDIES never taught them to respect other people OR their stuff.

      Simple as that.

      And with his pappy gone out of the scene, Mama never manned up and taught him those things either.

    14. 1) Sign at the USBP range at F.L.E.T.C, Glynco, Georgia “If more than one, go for your gun.”
      2) Try the others as adults.
      3) Since a life was lost during the commission of a felony, the surviving hoodlums should be charged with murder in the FIRST degree.

    15. The family will say this turd and his pos friends were just walking down the street minding their buisness when they were attacked by a crazed officer with a gun for no reason. And that the bruising the officer has sustained must of been inflicted by his own hands to cover up the ” MURDER” of these wonderful teenagers. I say good riddance to worthless trash

    16. The teen picked the wrong line of hobby to get into, Guess that puts to bed the theory about good guys with guns being a danger to other bystanders.

    17. Unfortunately a group of teens decided to rob and harm someone. Highly doubt this was the first time. One having a firearm while another assaulted the victim. Even worse yet. The two that got away have now learned not to underestimate the victim. At which point they might choose the higher road and be productive human beings. (Highly doubtful). As we train and practice, learning how to defend ourselves and loved ones. In our spare time. Raising our ability to stop threats. There are predators​ being shaped and hardened. Constantly learning skills needed to survive, steal, evade capture, inflict harm, and even death. Everyday training and learning. Having the advantage.

    18. Always the same old story, my child is a very good kid and would never do anything like that, should not have shot at him should have waited till he shot you first then fire a warning. Fact is if the parents knew where and what their kids where doing and actually were parents there wouldn’t be as many of these stories. Anyone remember the old ads that asked it’s 10 pm do you know where your children are?

      1. Hi Tim. No doubt. Also obviously the mother doesn’t know lethal force laws either. Warning shots will put you in jail. Self defense by use of lethal force one thing must be intentional and sights on target. So, if he fired warning shots and a round hit an innocent bystander then what? Like you said, same ol’ song and dance, my boy is a good boy… I am sure we need to get ready for riots now from peaceful innocent people…

    19. Someone should inform Mother Myricks that if she had raised her boy not to be a street thug…. he’d still be alive., But, as it is, his leaving this world is classified as: DSAF!

    20. These thugs will no longer threaten or harm any one else. Hope they put the survivors in max security where some big stinky barn boss takes responsibility for their welfare.

      1. The best thug is a dead thug! Plus all the money saved on trial, lawyers and incarceration. Plus future victims. Job well done sir. You have our gratitude.

          1. WOW! I do believe this is the first time I have ever heard this much down right honesty and clarity from a Negro concerning the true un-evolved nature of his kind. I will not believe that every single Negro living upon our Earth fits into this slot of human depravity. There are exceptions of which I am grateful for. Yet this gentleman presents some very truthful and (events occurring in that time frame) were factual down and dirty comparisons. Katrina effected ALL races and nationalities of people. The storm knew no “color”. Why do we not have evidence of “other” races and nationalities behaviors like rabid animals? Why did we not have other masses roaming like hopeless violent predators and when they did not get the immediate “help” they demanded, they sank into complete violent civil chaos? How did all the other masses “make it” without such behavior? I know this won’t be “PC” and I could not care f***ing less, yet witness today’s Africa. How many prosperous or even “normal” civil countries are there? How much total barbaric violence is there? Instead of the men even just scratching in the dirt to grow a garden with the years of repeated billions of $$$ in relief and human investment to “help” these people, yet they can buy AK’s at age 10 and murder and slaughter eachother, slaughter to the point diversification of marvelous “one of a kind” animals and then continue to over breed with no responsibility or even common sense. It is the sadest most tragic repeated history on Earth. No one albeit very few will even address this even in abstract references. One would suppose it will just “cure itself or go away”. Sad and horrifically disturbing.

            1. There is a reason that negros do not act like any of the other races and that explanation is found in the Bible. Sadly, man (especially Christians) has been indoctrinated, during the last 500 years, to believe that negros are part of their ancestry and ignore God’s word by not giving up that belief for fear of being labeled racist, bigot, hater, and/or white supremacist. God doesn’t lie!

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